A high-flying realtor who worked for Coldwell Banker and Berkshire Hathaway in California has been revealed as the ‘Delta Karen’ who was arrested by the FBI for attacking an 80-year-old passenger on a plane after he removed his face mask to eat – while she was herself maskless. 

Patricia Cornwall, a real estate agent previously based in Los Angeles, who in the 1990s was – according to TikLeak – a member of the Raiderettes cheerleaders for the then-LA-based NFL team, was identified as the unruly passenger on the Thursday flight from Tampa to Atlanta when the altercation took place.

Heavy.com reported that Cornwall moved recently to Florida.

She posted on a website looking for a room to rent for $1,200 a month in Okaloosa County, in the Florida panhandle. 

“Moving From California. My husband and I are single. We have two children, who live in the UK. My experience in residential realty has been 13 years. 

“I also have lived in Florida over the years. I am excited to return Florida into my life. I will settle in my new home by renting a bedroom. It is preferable to be furnished. 

She describes herself on LinkedIn as a luxury property specialist at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties 

Cornwall (51 years old) was not wearing any face masks on Thursday’s flight.

She was not happy when an 80-year old man took off his facecovering to eat and drink at his table. 

Both men exchanged profane insults. Eventually, violence escalated to the point that at least one member of crew was injured trying to rescue Cornwall. The man has not been named.  

Patricia Cornwall was arrested on Thursday after attacking an 80-year-old man on a plane

Patricia Cornwall was detained on Thursday for attacking an 80 year-old passenger onboard a plane.

Cornwall was a reportedly cheerleader for the then-Los Angeles Raiders in the 1990s

Cornwall was, reportedly, a cheerleader for the Los Angeles Raiders of the 1990s

Cornwall was captured hitting and scratching the passenger during the altercation

During the altercation, Cornwall was caught on camera hitting and scratching one of his passengers.

Delta passenger Patricia Cornwall was captured getting into a violent altercation with a man on a flight from Tampa to Atlanta on Thursday after he refused to put his mask up

Patricia Cornwall, a Delta passenger was caught in a fight with an Atlanta man while flying from Tampa to Atlanta. He refused to remove his mask.

Cornwall was arrested on Thursday after attacking an 80-year-old man on a plane

Cornwall was caught on Thursday following an attack on an 80-year old man aboard a plane

Cornwall (center) is pictured in an image from her social media with friends

Cornwall is shown in the center of an image taken from social media.

Cornwall, 51, is seen at the Grand Canyon in an image posted to her social media

Cornwall (51), is captured at Grand Canyon in an image that she shared on social media

Cornwall captioned the photo from November 2018: 'Missing my buddies at Coldwell Banker'

Cornwall captioned the November 2018 photo: ‘Missing friends at Coldwell Banker.

Cornwall, left, is seen in a photo she posted to Instagram of her at work several years ago

Cornwall is shown in this photo that she uploaded to Instagram several years back of her working.

After he refused to wear his mask, Cornwall began hitting and scratching at him.

After a brief, violent exchange, the flight attendants escorted her to the rear of the aircraft and she was taken into custody by Atlanta police at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

The extent of injuries sustained by the flight crew and passengers remains a mystery. 

According to DailyMail.com, Cornwall will make his first appearance Monday at Atlanta’s Federal Courthouse.  

DailyMail.com reached Delta Airlines to request comment.

The older male passenger had been eating at the time when he was approached by Cornwall who told him to 'mask up'

Cornwall approached an older passenger, who had just finished eating and told him to “mask up”. 

ATL Uncensored captured Cornwall angrily confronting the man over his inability to wear his mask even after he removed it for food.

‘Put your f***ing mask on,’ Cornwall tells the man as the pair continue to go back and forth with another.

After continuously refusing to comply with her demands, Cornwall then aggressively tells him ‘stand your a** up!’

“Sit down Karen! He shouts at the flight crew to calm him down.

As she continues to bark, she asks her crew for help.

As Cornwall continues to ask for her to put on her mask, a male crewmember demands that he also wears his.

‘You put your mask down, b**ch,’ he tells her. 

‘Did you call me a b**ch?’ She asks him as she moves closer to him.

He responds: “Yes I did.”

Next, you can see her smacking him and scratching his forehead.

The man said, “Now you’re going into jail.” ‘That’s assault.’

The pair had gotten aggressive over the course of the fight as they shouted expletives at one another

As they shouted insults at each other, the pair became increasingly aggressive throughout the fight.

Cornwall also spit on the man as flight crew members attempted to pull her away

As flight crew tried to take her away, Cornwall also spat on him 

As a female flight attendant pulls Cornwall away, the pair keep shouting expletives at one another.

The attendant, along with other crew members, attempts to get her back on board.

She asks the flight crew to help her get her mask off, as it is still under her chin.

“I will take my mask off when you take mine off! She screams in anger before she is escorted off by the flight crew and other passengers.

After passengers had informed the police about Cornwall’s actions during flight, Cornwall was taken into custody by the police upon her arrival.

She was taken to the precinct, where she was kept in custody.

Since Friday’s posting to Twitter, the video has been viewed more than seven million times.

Cornwall repeatedly demanded that flight crew members force the male passenger to put his mask up

Cornwall demanded repeatedly that male passengers be forced to remove their masks by flight crew members

Despite her demands, she was also reminded to pull her own mask up as it remained below her chin during most of the fight

She was reminded, despite her protests, to take her mask off so it would not be below her chin for most of the fight

The police record states: ‘On December 23, 2021, after Flight 2790 landed, Atlanta Police Department (APD) officers boarded Flight 2790 at the arrival gate, at the request of Delta Airlines. 

RSM and Delta Airlines representatives informed APD that CORNWALL was attacking him during his flight.

After the plane touched down, ‘CORNWALL’ was taken into custody. RSM was called by the person in charge to speak with him. RSM revealed that a passenger had recorded a phone video of an interaction between CORNWALL (and RSM) and I reviewed the video, which confirmed the information RSM gave. 

“Additionally, CORNWALL hits RSM in the face. 

‘Based upon the above, I am happy to announce that PATRICIA YANNETCORNWALL is likely to be charged with violating Title 18, United States Code Section 113(a(4)) where PATRICIA YANNETCORNWALL attacked RSM under the US special aviation jurisdiction.

As with all Delta flights, you must wear a mask at all times, except for eating, drinking and taking orally prescribed medication.

You must remove the mask from below your nose and mouth, and it should be properly put on between bites.

It is acceptable to remove it for an emergency, or medical exemption.

After Dr Anthony Fauci, an American doctor who spoke out on Sunday about the dangers of flying with masks removed on planes due to the increase in Omicron cases and new Omicron variants, this incident is now being investigated. 

 ‘We want to make sure people keep their masks on. Fauci said that he doesn’t think it is a good idea to remove masks.

Fauci mentioned also the possibility that a mandate could be issued for vaccines in order to increase safety.  

“A person can only get on a plane with a vaccination requirement. This is another way of encouraging people to get vaccinated. 

“So, what I’m saying is that anyone who can get more people to be vaccinated would welcome it. Concerning the spreading of the virus, however, I feel that a combination of wearing a mask as well as the filtering in planes is reasonably safe.

A recent Omicron variant saw thousands of flights cancelled or delayed, leaving passengers stuck at airports all over the country.      

Delta's mask policy only allows masks to be below the chin for eating, drinking and taking oral medication but must be put on properly between bites and sips

Delta only permits masks below the chin to be used for drinking, eating and oral medication. However, they must still be properly applied between bites.