Jonathan Sapirman, 20, is the gunman responsible for yesterday's attack at the Greenwood Park Mall in Indiana. He had recently been evicted from his apartment, according to his family. He was killed at the scene by a bystander carrying his own weapon

Jonathan Sapirman (age 20) was the gunman behind yesterday’s attack on Greenwood Park Mall. His family claims that he was recently evicted out of his apartment. The victim was shot to death by an unarmed bystander. 

Yesterday, the shooter who shot at three victims in an Indiana mall fired 24 shots with a legal rifle. After having waited for one hour in the bathroom of the mall, he was stopped by a Good Samaritan and killed just two minutes later. 

Jonathan Sapirman (age 20) was the gunman behind yesterday’s attack on Greenwood Park Mall. His family claims that he was recently evicted out of his apartment. 

Sapirman waited at the mall restroom for about an hour, before he began to light the grill in the food court. He was using a Sig Sauer 400M gun that he purchased legally in March from a local gun dealer. 

He killed Pedro Pineda, 56, Rosa Mirian Rivera de Pineda, 37, and Victor Gomez, 30. They are not known if he killed them randomly or if they were his intended targets. 

Elisjsha, 22, shot Sapirman and then killed him. Dicken was going shopping with his girlfriend when the gunman opened fire. 

Police named Dicken Monday, hailing him as a hero because of his quick thinking.

“His heroic actions are nothing short of extraordinary. Greenwood Police Chief Jim Ison stated that he engaged the gunman at great distance using a handgun. He was also very skilled, which he shared with reporters on Monday. 

  •  Sapirman was recently evicted from his home in Indiana, according to his family
  • Legally, he owned two guns: a Sig Sauer 400M he got in March and a gun he bought last January 
  • Sapirman did not have an adult criminal record, but was reported to police by his school as having been a minor for trying to escape and fighting in class. 
  • He left his phone at home and went to the bathroom. There he spent about an hour, before waking up ready for action.
  • The hero who stopped him was 22-year-old Elisjsha Dicken, who was shopping with his girlfriend and who pulled out his own weapon when he saw the gunman open fire 
  • Dicken didn’t have military or law enforcement experience, but he was proficient in taking down the gunman 

Dicken claimed that he had never been trained in military or law enforcement. However, video shows him calmly asking for people to leave while he trains his weapon against Sapirman.

Guy Relford (Dicken’s lawyer) said, “He is an American hero who saved many lives during a horrible event that could’ve been so much worse but for Eli’s courage and preparedness to protect others,”. Out of respect for victims and the ongoing police investigation, he declined to speak further.

Sapirman did not have an adult criminal record, but police were aware of two incidents that took place when Sapirman was just a child. One involved a fight at school; the other was where he ran away from his home. Sapirman’s family did not comment on the incident. 

Good Samaritan Elisjsha Dicken, 22, pictured, who was in the mall with his girlfriend stopped Jonathan Sapirman's killing spree by shooting him with a handgun

Good Samaritan Elisjsha Dicken (22), pictured stopped Jonathan Sapirman’s murder spree when he was walking in the mall together with his girlfriend. He shot him with an assault rifle

Jonathan Sapirman, 20, opened fire on the crowd in the Greewood Park Mall food court, seen here, killing three people before he was brought down by Elisjsha Dicken, 22

Jonathan Sapirman (20 years old) opened fire at the Greewood Mall Food Court crowd, as seen here. He killed three before Elisjsha Dicken (22), brought him down.

'His actions were nothing short of heroic. He engaged the gunman from quite a distance with a handgun and was very proficient,' Greenwood Police Chief Jim Ison said at a press conference on Monday afternoon.

“His heroic actions are nothing short of extraordinary. Greenwood Police Chief Jim Ison stated that he engaged the gunman at great distance using a handgun. He was also very skilled, describing his actions during a Monday press conference.

The man who shot the suspected mass shooter dead has been identified as a 22-year-old mall

Mall owner, 22 years old, was the one who killed the mass shooter suspect.

Emergency personnel continuing to work through the scene at the Greenwood Park Mall in Greenwood, Indiana

Greenwood Park Mall is Greenwood in Indiana, where emergency workers continue to assist the victims.

ATF officers arrive on the scene arrive at the scene of the deadly shooting

ATF officers arrive on-scene at the site of the shooting

In total, four people were killed in the shooting at Greenwood Park Mall, including the gunman

The shooting at Greenwood Park Mall resulted in four deaths, the gunman included.

The shooter was shot dead by a good Samaritan who witnessed the shooting, according to Greenwood Police Chief James Ison

According to Greenwood Police Chief James Ison, the shooter was killed by a good Samaritan witnessing the shooting.

Speaking to the Indianapolis Star, James Arthur, who was in the mall with his family, said the gun ‘sounded like a big gun.’ Arthur stated that at most 20 shots were heard. 

Abigail, a mall worker, said to Rafael Sanchez that she was also a witness. She stated: ‘I stood at the gate ready to close for the day. There were 30 shots and people ran towards me. I just wanted to allow as many people in as possible before closing my gate.

She said, “I was tempted to close it but the people kept coming at me… She said, “I wanted to close the gate but people kept running at me…

Chris Roy, assistant manager at the Vans shop in the mall relayed an identical story. 

Roy stated that he would see people run and jump over the counter to lock the door. He then gathered his associates, as well as other managers, at the back of the house. He stated that although they didn’t hear gunshots from the street, just seeing people running was sufficient.

The Vans employees met customers and staff from other shops through the interior corridor at the back. Roy stated that Roy hid with 50 others. He said, “We only instructed everyone to be quiet. 

They were eventually found hiding for about 10 to 15 minutes and then police removed them from the corridor before they were escorted out of the mall.

Reporters were informed by the chief police officer that it appeared that he carried a firearm with several ammunition magazines, and entered the food court to begin shooting.

A thorough investigation is underway, and all parties involved are cooperating with FBI, ATF (Department of Homeland Security), Department of Homeland security, and the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police.

Chief Ison indicated that officers are reviewing security footage showing moments prior to the shooting. 

The Greenwood Park Mall was the scene of gunshots, according to Chris Bailey (assistant chief of police), who called officers shortly before 6:45 p.m. 

Bailey stated that he believed the shooting occurred at the food court. 

Bailey stated at the press conference that he was proud to say, “You’re seeing all the public safety can offer right now.” Another incident such as this has left us feeling sick in the country and in our community. He said, “We are sickened yet again by another type of incident such as this in our country.” 

James Arthur and his family, including daughter, Madison Willoughby react after exiting the mall following the shooting

James Arthur with his family including Madison Willoughby, reacts to being forced from the mall after the shooting.

Greenwood Assistant Chief Chris Bailey said at press conference: 'You are seeing the best that public safety has to offer right now behind us'

Greenwood Assistant Chief Chris Bailey declared at the press conference, “You are witnessing all that public safety can offer right now behind me.”

A law enforcement officer attaches crime scene tape to a shopping cart after a shooting at a mall in the Indianapolis suburb of Greenwood, Indiana

Following a shooting at Greenwood mall, an Indiana suburb, police officer attached crime scene tape.

A view of Greenwood Park Mall, after a shooting, in the Indianapolis suburb of Greenwood, Indiana, U.S. July 17, 2022

After a shoot in Greenwood Park Mall (Indiana), U.S. July 17, 20,22, this is a view of Greenwood Park Mall.

Overhead viewed view of the Greenwood Park Mall in Indianapolis where Jonathan Sapirman, 20, opened fire on the food court, killing three people

Above is a view of Greenwood Park Mall, Indianapolis. This was where Jonathan Sapirman (20 years old) set fire to the food court and killed three people

Law enforcement officers walk near the crime scene outside the shopping mall

Police officers stand near the crime scene in front of the shopping center

Law enforcement officers walk outside the shopping mall near the crime scene

Police officers stand outside the shopping center near the crime scene

Law enforcement officers stand guard near the crime scene after a shooting at a mall in the Indianapolis suburb of Greenwood, Indiana, U.S. July 17, 2022

After a shooting at the Greenwood Mall in Indianapolis, Indiana (USA), July 17, 2022, law enforcement officers stood guard close to the crime scene

Officials claimed that the backpack was discovered in the bathroom near the scene of the shooting, right next to a Dick’s Sporting Goods shop. Before it was deemed not dangerous, the bomb squad examined the bag. 

Mark Myers, Greenwood’s mayor, stated in a statement that he witnessed a shooting incident at Greenwood Park Mall. 

Myers thanked the Good Samaritan and requested prayers for the first responders and the victims.

He stated that “this tragedy touches at the core” of his community.

Mayor said while we don’t know the motive behind the shooting, we do know that the “Good Samaritan”, who is what the city calls the Good Samaritan, was able shoot the suspect and prevent further bloodshed. He saved people’s lives. His quick actions and heroism during this difficult time are my thanks to the City Greenwood. 

Indiana Senator Todd Young is a Republican. He tweeted, “Terrible news tonight, my home county.” We pray for those who were injured in the Greenwood Park Mall shooting. Our law enforcement officers were very helpful.

Also a Republican Senator Mike Braun said, “Praying for those who were killed in the act of violence in Greenwood tonight and being grateful to the courageous citizen who took the necessary steps to confront the perpetrators and avoid further tragic losses of life.” 

Todd Starnes, Conservative Talk Show Host said that a mass shooter opened fire in the Greenwood Park Mall’s food court. A Good Samaritan was armed with a gun and took him down. You can use your Second Amendment to work. 

The authorities said that they will provide additional details on Monday. 

Officials also said that a suspicious backpack was found in a bathroom close to where the shooting unfolded

Officials said that an unidentified backpack was discovered in the bathroom near where the shooting took place.

In a statement, Greenwood Mayor Mark Myers said: 'This tragedy hits at the core of our community

Greenwood Mayor Mark Myers released a statement saying that the tragedy struck at the very heart of his community.

The town of Greenwood, Indiana, is located around 15 miles south of Indianapolis

Greenwood is about 15 miles from Indianapolis.

Stuff animals and flowers create a makeshift memorial for the three people killed at the Greenwood Mall by an active shooter on Sunday

A memorial is created using flowers and other materials to remember the three victims who were killed by the active shooter at Greenwood Mall.

Within hours of the Greenwood shooting, one victim was killed and three more were injured in another Indianapolis suburb. It happened in Beech Grove just 11 miles away from Greenwood. 

This shooting occurred in a public park.

The latest gun violence attack on the United States is Sunday’s shooting. According to Gun Violence Archive (GVA), approximately 40,000 Americans die each year from firearm-related injuries.

This attack comes weeks after an unidentified gunman shot at a Chicago suburb’s July 4th parade, killing 7 and injuring more than a dozen.

The incident came after two other massacres that occurred in May. In Buffalo, New York, 10 Blacks were gunned down and 19 children and 2 teachers were murdered at Uvalde Elementary School in Texas.

The Gun Violence Archive shows that 2022 so far has seen 352 mass shootings and 24,141 people have been shot to death by guns. According to the Gun Violence Archive, there have been 147 gun-related deaths in the last 72 hours. 

Gun violence is a major issue in the current debate on firearm regulation. The US House of Representatives has set a week-long committee to examine a bill banning assault weapons, for the first time since nearly twenty years. 

In 2004, a federal 10-year ban on assault weapons was lifted.