Yagmur Ozden, a 33-year-old beautician was the victim of A40’s horror crash.

After being driven by a Range Rover at speed, the mother of her 12-year-old daughter was thrown off and ended up at Park Royal Station in West London.

The police said that her next of kin was informed, and she had asked for privacy.

As a memorial, Miss Ozden’s family called her ‘an angel’. She was “very funny” and could bring joy to the most sorrowful.

She was described as having a kind heart and loved spending time with family and friends. 

MailOnline Ozden has been informed by a family member Rida Al Mosawi that the deceased woman was the one who died in the crash caught on dashcam.

Ozden was with Rida, the manager of the jewelry store. She met Ozden at the Wish Lounge on Sunday night. It is less than 1 mile from the location where the high speed accident occurred at 3:50 am on Monday.

Ozden was travelling in his £120,000 4×4 with her friend Zamarod Arif, 26, who also worked as a beautician.

The woman killed in the A40 horror crash has been named as 33-year Yagmur Ozden (pictured)

Pictured: 33-year Yagmur Ozden has been given the name of the victim in A40’s horror crash.

Pictured: Yagmur Ozden, the mother of a 12-year-old daughter, died at the scene after being thrown from a speeding Range Rover that ended up on the rail tracks at Park Royal station

Pictured: Yagmur Ozden, mother to a 12-year old daughter, was killed on the spot after she was thrown from her Range Rover speeding past Park Royal Station.

Arif, who suffered a broken arm and leg in the crash, was saved by her brother Raza. He insists that Arif wear a seatbelt to keep her safe.

Al Mousawi remains in a coma and in critical condition at St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington.

The family paid tribute to Miss Ozden by describing her as an “amazing, supportive mother”.

She added, “She shared an extraordinary bond with her daughter. Her daughter will forever treasure those special moments she shared with her mom.”

According to the family, the 33-year old was feared by speed and cars since childhood.

“She was a former lash technician, and she loved to do lashes. Everything beauty-related she loved.

Ozden was a specialist for eyelash extension at a Kilburn High Road beauty salon, North London.

The final lockdown in 2021 saw the salon close. However, Ozden was believed to have worked as a freelance beauty therapist from Maida Vale studio.

According to her family, when she was not working she “loved being with friends and family”.

She added that she was very funny, and could make even the most depressed person smile instantly.

“She was an angel. She was a caring angel, loved so deeply and had a passion for all people. Heaven has brought another angel into the world. 

She was often remembered by a neighboring shopkeeper calling in at his store when she went home.

‘She was very chatty and would call in to get food and say she is going home,’ said the shopkeeper.

‘It is tragic what has happened to her and I feel for her young child.’

On her LinkedIn page Ozden described herself as a ‘eyelash extension artist.

Two years ago, photographs were posted on the job website showing the My Studio beauty salon she had worked at for many years.

Ozden, pictured above, was in the car with driver Rida Al Mousawi and her friend Zamarod Arif

Ozden, pictured above, was in the car with driver Rida Al Mousawi and her friend Zamarod Arif

Zamarod Arif (above) was a passenger in the car which crashed in the early hours of Monday

Zamarod Alif was (above) a passenger in that car which collided in the wee hours of Monday

Police continue to ask for footage from dashcams amid speculations that some cars may have been ‘racing in’ the vicinity. 

As investigators await the release of the Range Rover vehicle driver, the appeal is made.

Rida Al Mousawi, 24, remains critically ill at St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington but his family insist he doesn’t drink or take drugs and that a mechanical malfunction could have caused his car to speed out of control. 

Iraqi-born jewellery store manager Al Mousawi was driving a super-charged 4×4 he at around 3.50am on Monday morning when he crashed into a Tesla charging station and parked car where a 56-year-old man was sat inside.

The car then crashed over the public footpath and onto the tracks at Park Royal station.

According to reports, he ran the Hiba Jewellery shop on London’s Edgware Road. He was known for his passion for cars and is still well-respected by other shopkeepers.

The driver, Rida Al Mousawi (pictured), 24, remains in a critical condition in hospital after his £120,000 car flew off the road and burst into flames on Monday, killing a mother-of-one

The driver, Rida Al Mousawi (pictured), 24, remains in a critical condition in hospital after his £120,000 car flew off the road and burst into flames on Monday, killing a mother-of-one


MailOnline received a statement from one: “He only just bought Range Rover after trading in his Mercedes. It was the SVR, which was the most powerful variant.

“He’s a good guy. We all knew him. He had a lot of social activities. He was single.

The family of Miss Arif who calls herself a personal trainer, body sculpting specialist and business student, stated last night that her arm and leg were broken and she is currently in hospital.

The dashcam video shows how the 4×4 performance vehicle smashed through an A40 barrier at 3:48am. It then rolled into a Tesla dealer, inflicting thousands of pounds of damage.

An ill-informed 57 year-old man was believed to be charging his vehicle at the Centre when the Range Rover collided with it. The injuries were not life-threatening.

Rescuers at the scene of the crash site where a Range Rover veered off the road onto the Piccadilly Line train track after colliding with a Tesla, at Park Royal Station in West London

The accident scene was rescued by rescuers. A Range Rover had veered onto the Piccadilly line train track following a collision with a Tesla. It happened at Park Royal Station, West London.

Pictured: Land Rover seen on the track after the horror crash in the early hours of Monday

Photo: Land Rover on track following the horrific crash that occurred in the early morning hours of Monday

Raza Arif was Miss Arif’s older brother and told The Daily Mail, ‘I discovered out at 8. My sister had been involved in an accident, and I received a phone call from police. This was very important to me that she survived. That is all I have, my blood, my flesh.

“I’m so glad to be alive and I thank God for it.” There is nothing more I could ask for.

“As her older brother, it makes you feel totally frustrated. All of us are in shock at the thought of someone driving 100 MPH in a 40-mph zone. It makes no sense, no sense at all.’

Jaguar Land Rover is the manufacturer of Range Rovers and a source has confirmed to the Mail that Range Rovers may have been traveling at greater than 100 mph as it flew off-road.

Nawaf Ali from Uber, who was present in the region at the time, said that a woman had been ‘ejected” from Range Rover as it flew through air.

MailOnline was told by him that it looked as if she’d been kicked out of her car. I could have been struck if I had been only a few steps away. It felt like something from a horror film, but worse.

The Land Rover is pictured from above on the tracks of Park Royal station in West London

This is the Land Rover pictured above, on tracks at Park Royal station in West London

The Iraqi-born jewellery store manager had only recently bought the super-charged 4x4 when it careered off the road on Monday morning, smashed into a Tesla charging station (pictured above) and slamming into a parked Tesla where a 56-year-old man was sat inside

Iraqi-born manager of a jewellery shop had just recently purchased the super-charged 4×4 and it crashed into a Tesla charging station. (pictured above). A 56-year old man was inside the parked Tesla.

Investigators trying to reconstruct the sequence of events that led to the supercharged Range Rover SVR leaving A40 at speed are working with crash investigators.

Witness Katee Moore (30) was awakened by loud engine noises a few hours prior to the crash. 

The BBC reported that she said: “About 2am, I was woken by the sound of cars for an hour and a quarter.

“There was an Range Rover sitting up, watching their friend spin around on a BMW.

Later, we heard a terrible bang. Then all of sudden, the police arrived.

“A lot of people went to place flowers down because apparently she is a young mother with her six-year old child.”

Police stand at the crash site where a Range Rover collided with Tesla and then veered off the road onto the Piccadilly Line train track, near Park Royal Station in West London

At the site of the collision between Range Rover and Tesla, police stand. Then they veer off the road onto Piccadilly Line track. This is near Park Royal Station in West London.

Pictured: The view of the horror crash from above with the 4X4 Range Rover was left crushed

Pictured: This is the view from the top of the horrifying crash with the 4X4 Range Rover.

Jim Hinchcliffe, Detective Sergeant at the Serious Collision Investigation Unit stated that:

“This investigation is ongoing and will continue to examine the entire incident.

“I understand there’s much speculation about the facts, such as whether racing was taking place in this area before. All of that is part of our investigation.”

Detective Constable Ben Simpson was his co-defendant and said: “It’s imperative that anybody who witnessed this incident or has doorbell video of any moments leading to it, or has CCTV, dash cam or other camera footage, get in touch with police immediately.

“A person has been killed and another is in serious condition. The public can help us build our understanding of the events.

Met Police spokesmen said that 33-year old victim’s relatives were informed about her passing and requested their privacy.

Al Mousawi’s relatives appealed for justice, claiming that his car was speeding out of control due to an accident.

The claim is that Mr Al Mousawi was not a drinker or drug user, and was aware of the speed cameras along the roads. Therefore there would be no reason for him to drive as fast.

Eye witnesses claim that the car was traveling at more than 100 mph.

Al Mousawi has not been allowed to give a statement by police.