Up until last night, I felt the most nauseated after having eaten a vegetarian sausage roll live in broadcast. It was a foolish decision which caused me to immediately throw into a bucket.

However, this grueling ordeal was insignificant compared to the hilarious, cringeworthy encounter between two of the most irritating, fake, and narcissistic female stars, Meghan Markle, and Ellen DeGeneres.

As they giggle, preen, and stroke their egos during the cheese-fests, it’s easy to believe that these people are some of the sweetest and most kind human beings you have ever seen.

It’s important to remember that both are accused of being little bullies and terrorizing their employees when cameras aren’t on.

It’s not surprising that bullying at work was not a subject of conversation last night.

Not even Princess Pinocchio’s deliberate destruction of Monarchy Royal Family and Monarchy.

The worst thing came when Ellen made Meghan literally dance for her book-plugging supper by taking part in one of the most embarrassing stunts I've ever seen a royal do on television.

Worst of all was when Ellen forced Meghan to dance in her book-plugging dinner by making it look like she was dancing.

Just when I thought things couldn't possibly get any more toe-curling, she shouted: 'Mommy needs some milk!' before pulling out a baby bottle from her purse and guzzling down the milk.

When I thought it couldn’t get more fun, she said: “Mommy! You need milk!” Before pulling out her baby bottle and drinking the milk, she sat down.

Oder her treatment of her family members, nearly all of which she has disowned because they threaten her constant climb up the financial and social ladder.

Instead viewers were subject to an infuriating exchange of fake-humble shmaltz to sell copies of The Bench, Ms. Markle’s poorly-reviewed children’s book.

In order to do this, she posted new images of Archie her son feeding chickens at Santa Barbara’s $11 Million mansion. She also spoke out about Lilibet’s difficulties with teething.

It may be surprising to some who believed Meghan had left Britain and dragged her husband along because she desired privacy from the British media.

However, it turned out that she did not want privacy. She just wanted to escape from people who might be offended by her constant whinings and hypocrisy.

She wanted to be free from the sometimes tedious and unexciting duties associated with a title such as the Duchess.

The 'Duchess of Sussex', as she so proudly calls herself at every opportunity, pulled a prank on a trio of street vendors, carrying out a series of orders from Ellen via a secret microphone in her ear.

She called herself the ‘Duchess Of Sussex’ and pulled off a clever prank on three street vendors. Ellen placed a hidden microphone inside her ear to give orders.

Meghan can now enjoy the best of both worlds. She is able to use her fancy royal name and make millions.

What cost will this all come to the Royal Family, which she also renounced with the same furious speed as her father who didn’t follow the lines?

Her Ellen appearance was not the worst, as her neighbor and friend’s show had been cancelled following the bullying accusations against her and her executive team.

It was a bad idea, but Ellen isn’t a true friend of Meghan’s like Oprah Winfrey. Ellen is just another celebrity with the resources to boost the Sussex celebrity brand.

The worst part was when Ellen forced Meghan to dance for her book-plugging dinner by making it look like she had.

She called herself the ‘Duchess Of Sussex’ and pulled off a clever prank on three street vendors. Ellen placed a hidden microphone inside her ear to give her orders.

Meghan reached for her elbow and rubbed her nose. She then performed a squat and held onto a large crystal above her head. My boo loves hot sauce!’

Ellen directed her to eat the sauce-coated chips, which she did. She told Ellen that it was not spicy. I want some heat, so let me give it a try! We need to get the most spicy, we want the hottest.

Ellen demanded Meghan shove another potato into her mouth. Meghan obliged and then began to furiously flaunt her face, exclaiming “Lordy! Lordy!

After that, she broke into singing “I’m Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!” As she moved around,

When I thought it couldn’t get more fun, she shouted “Mommy! Milk!” Before pulling out her baby bottle and drinking the milk, she sat down.

Meghan then asked another vendor if she’d like to make a joke.

“Why did the elephant stick his trunk into the cookie jar?” She said nothing, then she remained silent, refusing to divulge the punchline, before laughing out loud and telling the vendor, “It’s funny!

It wasn’t.

All of it was laughable.

All of it was incredibly and soul-suckingly painful.

Meghan donned kitten ears in the last scene and sang again. As she danced around her ears singing, “I’m a kitten,”

At this point, I was so sick that my sick bucket had to stop.

It made me want to puke, honestly.

The British Royal Family’s senior member, Harry, has this character. He acts like a desperate reality starlet on TV.

This is why Royals aren’t able to do it.

They are expected to act in a majestic manner by the public. This is what keeps the Monarchy mystic.

Although it may sound strange to Americans, it is actually quite practical. The Royals are a major source of tourism revenue to the UK. And the Queen continues to be the most revered head state.

Just as Prince Andrew's - far more serious - behavior in refusing is causing huge damage to that reputation, so Meghan and Harry's constant self-publicizing, royal-bashing antics are, in a very different way, doing consistent damage too.

As Prince Andrew’s refusal to comply with his request is doing serious damage to the reputation of that person, Meghan and Harry are also doing constant damage through their self-praising, royal-bashing antics.

The Monarchy’s future may not be secure if the mystery is gone, particularly since Her Majesty has recently been suffering from worryingly low health.

This is why Meghan Markle’s and Harry’s actions are significant and not to be overlooked.

Their behavior has a direct impact on the Royal Family’s reputation as long as they are still Duke and Duchess Sussex.

As Prince Andrew’s far worse behavior of refusing to interview the FBI about Jeffrey Epstein’s relationship to him is damaging that reputation in an even more significant way, Meghan’s and Harry’s self-publicizing royal-bashing actions are doing consistent damage in a different manner.

The Ellen scandal exposed Meghan Markle’s ambition to become a C-list celebrity jobbing on reality television, and not an A-list princess.

However, even Kardashians would consider this street vendor stunt below their level and branding-damaging.

It was so embarrassing and puerile.

This is unacceptable behavior for any British Royal to show her deplorable self.

This was not only because Meghan Markle looked ridiculous but also because it made British Monarchy seem ridiculous.

It’s something I have said before and it’s one I will repeat: The Queen must remove the Duke and Duchess Sussex from their royal titles. This is before her brazen, greedy, money-grabbing campaign for their duty-free royal title destroys all she has worked so hard at maintaining.