You have a narrow squeak The leopard makes a surprise appearance in long grass and ambush the warthog family, giving piglets a chance at a fortunate escape.

  • A sighting of leopards caught at Kruger National Park in South Africa
  • After waiting in the grass, the animal leapt at warthogs. 
  • They run when the leopard is near, but they are able to escape.
  • Jan-Louis Human, Moosa Varachia and Moosa Varachia called this sighting’special.

One family of warthogs was lucky to escape when a hungry leopard hid in the long grass and ambushed them. 

Mechnical engineer Jan-Louis Human, 36 and wildlife photographic guide Moosa Varachia, 30, filmed the family of warthogs trotting within a few yards of the perfectly camouflaged big cat in Kruger National Park, South Africa.

Their dramatic footage captures the moment the leopard sprang out of its hiding place and tried to snatch a warthog piglet for its dinner. 

Mechanical engineer Jan-Louis Human, 36 and wildlife photographic guide Moosa Varachia, 30, filmed the encounter while on a game drive near Berg-en-Dal in Kruger National Park, South Africa

Jan-Louis Human, 36, a mechanical engineer, and Moosa Vachia, 30, a wildlife photographic guide, filmed the encounter on a Kruger National Park safari near Berg-en-Dal.

They scattered along the track, and all were able to escape from the clutches of the cat. The footage was shared today.

Mr Varachia said that he and Mr Human were going on a drive in the area of Berg-en-Dal, when they heard a squirrel calling out to alert them that there was a leopard near by.

But they couldn’t find the big cat. 

Varachia stated that Moosa spotted the leopard relaxing on a tree branch. After searching, he stopped his car to get a better view.

The couple told that they then saw a family warthogs strolling down the road.

“The leopard raised her head instantly and kept her eyes on the camera. The leopard was a good sport.

Jan-Louis was driving when Jan-Louis saw the warthogs and walked by her car. After descending from the tree, she disappeared briefly into the grass. 

“As she walked along the path towards the road we could see the tip her tail there and there.”

The leopard springs out of the grass towards one of the piglets as the warthogs scatter down the dirt road in the footage shared today

As the warthogs scatter along the dirt road, the leopard leaps from the grass to one of the piglets.

The leopard was said to have crawled just a few yards from the dirt road edge, where she laid down. She then waited in tall grass until it became clear that her camouflage had failed.

Filmers said that the warthogs then turned and began walking in the opposite direction to where they were hiding. 

“In the next second, there was motion. She jumped out of the grass to chase one of the piglets. 

“All the warthogs fled in all directions. After chasing them for several metres, she finally gave up and stopped the chase. 

The leopards were then seen disappearing into tall grass, towards the riverbed.  

Varachia had seen many hunts, but he said this was his favorite. 

However, it was the first time Mr Human had seen a hunt. He was excited and said that ‘Sightings of this nature are what make it all worthwhile!

The leopard chases past one of the filmers' cars as she tries to catch the warthogs

As she attempts to capture warthogs, the leopard runs past one of the cars being filmed.