How to make your avocado seeds last forever: A plant enthusiast shares his tips on how to create stunning miniature trees inside your home.

  • TikTok user shared the steps to growing avocado plants from seed
  • Brad Canning has posted a tutorial that demonstrates how easy it is to do this.  
  • Brad uses the technique for several years now and is obsessed. 
  • They will eventually grow very tall, and produce large beautiful flowers.  

TikTok has made a plant fan viral after she revealed how to grow a beautiful avocado tree. 

Brad Canning (from Melbourne) said that this process does not require much maintenance. All you have to do is keep the avocado seeds alive. 

The plants will reach a height of about 3-4 inches in a matter of months and then produce large, beautiful leaves that will fill every corner. 

Brad is an avocado grower for several years. He has developed a passion for the fast growing process. 

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An Australian plant enthusiast and YouTuber has revealed how to grow aesthetically pleasing houseplants using avocado seeds

The plants grow to become very tall and have gorgeous large leaves (pictured)

Australian YouTuber, a plant enthusiast, has shown how to create stunning living rooms plants using avocado seeds 

Brad used a spoon to remove the seeds from the avocado and then ran the water under the container.

To ensure that the seed doesn’t turn mouldy, he dried it and then peeled the skin off with his fingers.

Brad used a wet paper towel to wrap his seed and then sealed it with a Ziplock bag. This will allow him to monitor the moisture levels and ensure that the seeds germinate. 

Brad Canning (pictured) shared a one-minute TikTok tutorial video and said the process requires little maintenance

He removed the seed from the avocado then washed and dried it before peeling off the skin with his fingers (pictured)

Brad Canning (pictured below) removed the seeds from an avocado, then washed it and dried it. He then peels off the skin using his fingers.

The seeds should crack after two-three weeks of storage in Ziplock bags. A root will then emerge.

‘Put the root in water and it will start to sprout … be careful though, this it a total addiction,’ Brad said.

You must ensure that the root or only half of the seed are in the water. Brad did this by placing the seeds in a vase roughly equal to the size of the seed.

Brad wet a paper towel to wrap the seed in and placed it in a Ziplock bag to boost the humidity

After two to three weeks the root will begin to grow

Brad soaked the seed with water and wrapped it in paper towels to allow it to germinate. He then sealed the bag in Ziplock bags to increase the humidity. The root should begin to grow after two to three weeks.

'Put the root in water and it will start to sprout ¿ be careful though, this it a total addiction,' Brad said

Unfortunately the plants won't produce any avocados for at least a decade and are only suitable as a lovely houseplant

‘Put the root in water and it will start to sprout … be careful though, this it a total addiction,’ Brad said

Christian Hull, a comedian shared another demonstration video via TikTok. He stuck toothpicks in the avocado seed to let it float to the top after removing its skin. 

Brad stated that the alternative method takes longer to root and grows roots than the Ziplock bag, which takes only a few weeks. 

The plants will not produce avocados in at least 10 years and can only be used as houseplants.

Australian comedian Christian Hull (pictured) also shared a demonstrative video on TikTok and stuck toothpicks into the avocado seed after peeling it to allow it to float on top of the water

But in another video on YouTube Brad said this alternative method isn¿t ideal as it takes months for the roots to grow

Christian Hull, an Australian comedian, shared his demonstration on TikTok. After peeling the avocado seed, he stuck toothpicks inside it so that it would float in water. Brad pointed out that it is not the best as roots take several months to grow. 

After the plant has reached the desired size, it can either be put in soil or left in a vase with water for continued growth.

Brad’s TikTok tutorial video quickly became viral, and it was viewed more than 64,000 time. 

“Finally, a great tutorial!” One person responded to Brad’s tutorial by saying, “So excited to try this.”

“I am currently trying this!” Another said, “My mine has just begun to crack open. I really hope I don’t kill them.”

One third said: “It was addicting to have 27 of them at the same time. However, once they’re planted, they’re so temperamental. 


Here’s what you need 

  • An avocado seed
  • Water 
  • Toilet paper
  • Ziploc bags
  • Vase or Cup


Wash the avocado under running water.

It should be dried and you can peel it off with your fingers and not a Peeler 

Wrap the seed in a dampened paper towel. 

Put the tissue paper with the seeds in Ziploc bags and keep dry. 

To check if the root has started to sprout, you should inspect the seed at least once per week. It shouldn’t take longer than two or three weeks. 

When the root has emerged from the seed and is visible, you can place it on top of water-filled small cups or vases. 

Water should be changed every 2 weeks, or whenever it is needed.  

Source: TikTok