After she had stripped down to look like a nutcracker, a Playboy model was thrown out of a shopping center. 

Francia James, 31 years old, has over nine million Instagram followers under the hashtag @francety. As she stood alone in a shopping centre in just her underwear, paint and gloves, people passed her by. Her outfit eventually got her asked to leave.

The original model was from Manizales in Colombia but she now lives in Miami. The look was completed with knee-high boots and a top hat as well as a golden stick. 

It was an act on No Nut November which is an online challenge, where participants must abstain orgasming in November.

Red and blue paint covered her body and she offered nuts to men as they passed her. This was before she was confronted by a security officer who made her go.

The whole event was captured on video by her and she uploaded it to Instagram, where it went viral quickly – receiving more than 1.6 millions views.

A Playboy model was kicked out of a mall after she stripped down and used just body paint to dress as the nutcracker

Playboy’s model, who stripped down and dressed as a Nutcracker in body paint, was kicked out a mall. 

Francia James, 31, stood in the middle of a shopping center in only her underwear and some paint, as she gave out nuts to people passing by

Francia James was 31 years old and stood alone in a shopping centre in her underwear. As she handed out nuts, others passed by.

The stunt was a play on No Nut November - an internet challenge revolving around abstinence, in which participants abstain from orgasming during the month of November

This stunt was part of No Nut November, an online challenge that encourages abstinence. Participants are asked to stop orgasming in November.

She offered men nuts as they walked past her, reminding them that it's No Nut November

Some of the guys took the treat, while others said they didn't want them

While they were walking past her, she gave them treats and reminded them that No Nut November was here. While some of them accepted the treats, others refused to take it.

Francia interacted with a few men before a security guard walked over told them they had to leave immediately. She said: 'I cant believe I got kicked out, I always get kicked out'

Francia had a conversation with several men when a security guard approached and told them to get out immediately. Francia said that she couldn’t believe she was being kicked, as I am always kicked.

‘Hello sir, do you wanna take a nut? It’s Nut November. Are you sure? Francia was heard questioning one man about it, “It’s No Nut Novembre,” Francia said.

He reached out for a nut and said “I have already failed,”  

Francia had a conversation with several men, some of whom wanted to eat the snack while others turned her down. A security guard then walked in and told them that they needed to go.

The 31-year old woman walked out of the shopping center looking angry. The 31-year-old woman said, “I can’t believe I got kicked off. It’s a habit of mine to get kicked off.”

Francia captioned Francia’s video with the following: “How many times have you failed this November – zero to 100?” 

Many commented in the comments section to share their opinions on her looks. Most thought that she did an incredible job.

She captured the whole thing on video and uploaded it to Instagram, where it quickly went viral - gaining more than 1.6 million views

This video was taken by the woman and then uploaded to Instagram. The entire thing quickly became viral, with over 1.6 million people viewing it.

The model re-created the famous Christmas character using body paint and decorative jewels, finishing the look off with knee-high boots, a top hat, and a golden stick

With body paint and ornaments used, the model recreated the Christmas classic character. He finished the look with knee-high boots, top hat and a golden stick.

Many people flooded the comment section with their thoughts on her look, and most thought she did an amazing job

A lot of people commented on her appearance, with many saying that she looked amazing. 

In the past, Francia has gone viral for sharing clips of herself doing things like wearing a thong as a face mask and using body paint to dress up as other famous characters

Francia shared clips in the past of Francia wearing a thong to disguise her face and applying body paint so that she could dress up like other celebrities. 

Once, she stripped down and covered her body in paint that looked like Spider-Man, and ran around a mall doing tricks like the superhero

She also used body paint to dress up as an alien from the movie Avatar once, and visited a gas station mini mart

Her costumes include Spider-Man, Spider-Man and an alien from Avatar.

Another person said, “Oh my god this is awesome.” One person added that it was a brilliant idea… I don’t know the originator. But I dig it! Super funny!’

Another person said, “This costume is really sick!”

A fourth individual commented, “You look like the Nutcracker mamacita.”

Another person exclaimed, “Your costume is incredible!”

Francia shared clips in the past of Francia wearing a thong to disguise her face and applying body paint so that she could dress up like other celebrities.

She once dressed up as a turkey to celebrate Thanksgiving. She also stripped down, covered herself in Spider-Man-like paint, and ran through a mall performing tricks similar to the super-hero.

Also, she used body paint once to look like an alien in the film Avatar. She even visited a mini-mart at a gas station.