“I am surprised that so many men want to you,” says a plus-size singleton. Her loved ones tell her they advise her not to wait too long before he catches her.

  • Mary Rose Madigan, a plus-size lady has candidly spoken out about her experience dating.
  • Australian writer. She said that people call her lucky for winning matches. 
  • Claim women feel ‘triggered by’ her confidence due to their own standards

The hardest thing about dating a woman who is plus-sized has been the expectation by those close to her that she will have limited choices due to her size. She should therefore settle.

Mary Rose Madigan, a Sydney resident, said that the stigma around plus-size dating is still prevalent. People assume they are less likely to meet a man than women who are slimmer. 

She said that she has never been unable to find a man and the only thing she worries about is people’s expectations and assumptions. 

While discussing dating within her workplace, she stated that while it was not questioned why men are interested in slim girls a few decades ago but comments were made by her coworkers about her height. 

Mamamia wrote that certain women were triggered to her confidence by it. Full-figured evidence is what I am. 

Mary Rose Madigan (pictured), who lives in Australia, told Mamamia about the stigma she experienced from other women while dating because of her size

Mamamia spoke to Mary Rose Madigan (pictured), a Australian woman living in Australia about how she was subjected to stigmatization by other women when she tried dating due her small stature 

Mary (pictured) said women who've worked hard to achieve traditional beauty standards are understandably frustrated when those who don't conform receive the same attention

Mary (pictured) stated that women who work hard for traditional beauty standards feel frustrated when they aren’t being treated the same way. 

Mary stated that she had received equal numbers of matches via dating apps to her friends, and was being pursued actively for more than casual sex.

Co-workers, as well as a relative commented on her surprise that she was getting so much attention for being such a large woman.

According to her, friends were surprised that she was capable of dating attractive men. Others suggested that she should get ‘locked down’ quickly as she felt ‘lucky to be able to attract a man to her.

Because plus-size women should not feel embarrassed, she admitted that the compliments from her fellow women regarding her worth were “endless”.

Mary said: You are meant to be quiet and dowdy and lack confidence and if you just allow yourself to exist as a normal woman, well that makes other people uncomfortable. 

Mary (pictured) said she received comments from co-workers, friends and family members who were surprised about the number of men she attracted

Mary (pictured), said that her co-workers, family and friends were shocked at the number of men who she attracted. 

‘If you don’t constantly make self-deprecating jokes about yourself, or constantly prattle on about a diet you are trying, or how you wish men noticed you, then you aren’t playing along.’ 

Mary claimed that even though patriarchy has created unrealistic beauty standards for women, they are better at upholding them. 

According to her, it is understandable that women have worked so hard to attain traditional standards of attractiveness and are frustrated to see other women achieve similar results when dating. 

Mary, after reflecting on her own life, revealed that the comments she hears about herself are more about women who have struggled to achieve impossible weight and spent years losing their bodies.  

Elle stated that she doesn’t have the power to make women feel better about themselves so they don’t get triggered.  

Mary (pictured) said the comments other women make about her size says more about them than it does her

Mary (pictured) stated that the opinions other women have about Mary’s size say more about them then it does about Mary.