Boris the booster army: The Prime Minister asks thousands of volunteers for 24-hour jabs – including on Xmas Day – as 1,000,000 Britons wait or book vaccinations in the first 24 hours following his TV appeal

  • Boris Johnson asked for volunteers to give Covid jabs round the clock.
  • To achieve the mission to offer every third adult dose, it was necessary that tens or thousands of people help.
  • In the 24 hours since PM address, over a million boosters have been booked or received one.  

Boris Johnson appealed last night for volunteers to carry out Covid jabs round the clock.

To achieve this unprecedented “national mission”, he said that tens to thousands of people were required in order for every adult to receive a third dose of the drug.

Since the Prime Minister’s TV appeal, to stop a “tidal wave” of Omicron cases from occurring in less than 24 hours, over a million people have received their boosters and booked them.

Yesterday, there was long waits to get jabs. The NHS booking system crashed under the pressure of increased demand. Up to 57,000 appointments were made an hour – 16 a second.

Plans are being developed by the NHS to accelerate vaccine delivery so that at least 20 million people will be vaccinated before January. Many ‘pop up’ centers will open, even in football stadiums.

Some websites will open 24 hours per day even Christmas Day. Pharmacies may be required to give jabs during non-business hours.

The 15-minute wait required after an injection may be ditched to increase capacity at small venues. Yesterday saw the call for assistance from 750 Armed Forces members.

Boris Johnson last night appealed for an army of volunteers to deliver Covid jabs around the clock

Boris Johnson appealed last night for a volunteer army to provide Covid jabs round the clock.

This deployment will involve 60 logistic experts and planners working at NHS England as well small units of soldiers supporting across the country.

Ministers think they have tens to thousands more volunteers needed for staffing pop-up vaccine centres. Johnson declared, “I am issuing an appeal for volunteers to participate in our national mission get jabs into arms.”

Many thousands have already donated their time. But, we still need your help to bring jabs into the world alongside brilliant doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other health professionals.

This booster push comes after evidence suggesting that three jabs may offer up to 70% protection from Omicron infection, as opposed to only negligible protection for people who received two doses. 

The deployment will include 60 planners and logistics experts working at NHS England, as well as small teams of soldiers helping out across the country

This deployment will involve 60 logistics and planning experts from NHS England as well small groups of soldiers who will assist across the country.

Other developments

  • Sajid Javid stated that experts believe up to 200,000 people could have contracted Omicron in the past yesterday, but it was later revealed this was due to “modelling”; 
  • Prime Minister was in line for the Tory Rebellion of His Premiership’s Biggest, when MPs voted tonight on vaccine passports at large venues and nightclubs.
  • NHS was put on an urgent footing. The hospitals were given permission to defer routine operations so they could focus on the booster program.
  • Johnson reported the death the first victim ‘with Omicron” in the UK. No 10, however, could not confirm if it was caused by the virus. 
  • South Africa has provided new evidence to suggest that Omicron strain cases have stabilized. The strain causes mild symptoms. 
  • Doctors will only be allowed to provide urgent and booster vaccinations. 
  • Sajid Javid Health Secretary, warned double-jabbed individuals will lose their “fully vaccinated” status next year. 
  •  Traffic congestion was reported to have dropped in several cities on the first day of official advice to work from home;

Site crashes during jabs stampede  

 By Daily Mail Reporter 

As Christmas approached, record-breaking numbers of NHS users tried to save their Christmas by booking a booster.

Boris Johnson’s pledge to give all adults a third shot by year’s end triggered an increase in demand, which left some parts of the UK’s healthcare infrastructure struggling to keep up. At some centres, waiting times of as long as five hours were common.

Also, on the edge of the new testing system being introduced, the government was forced to stop temporarily online access for home lateral flow kits. All contacts of people who tested positive to Covid will have to undergo a rapid testing every day for the next week to stop it spreading.

With 749,000 available slots, the weekend witnessed record numbers of booster bookings via the NHS website. Further 110,000 slots were also booked as of yesterday at 9am.

The site started to have problems on Sunday afternoon. After the Prime Minister’s TV speech, there was a surge in bookings. Many people were told that their names had been added to a waiting list. Other people were unsuccessful in reaching this point and received a message saying that technical problems had prevented them from getting there. No10 said yesterday that the site would have more capacity in the coming days to handle the growing demand.

The NHS website crashed yesterday as record numbers rushed to book a booster in the hope of saving their Christmas

Yesterday’s website crash of the NHS was caused by record number of people trying to book boosters in hopes that they could save Christmas.


The little-known minister who makes jabs is overlooked


Maggie Throup (Vaccines Minister) was left out yesterday when Sajid Javid announced that he will be ‘personally’ running the booster program.

According to the Health Secretary, he will take over rollout coordination and be accountable for it’s success.

While he maintained that Ms. Throup was doing a’really important job,’ his decision not to be the leader of the initiative could lead to questions regarding her future.

Nadhim Zhawi her predecessor was a prominent figure. He was often seen in TV and attended Cabinet. Following the promotion of Mr Zahawi to Education Secretary in September, Miss Throup was appointed as his successor.

Asking Mr Javid who was in charge of the vaccines, he said: ‘Maggie Throup’ is the Vaccines minister. It is a very important task.

Asked if she had any control over the rollout, Javid responded that she does.


  • CBI stated that government rhetoric could lead to ‘instilling an order mentality’.
  • Downing Street encouraged schools not to close for Christmas early amid reports of chaos and confusion in the classrooms.
  • After a photo of the PM hosting a staff quiz, it was revealed that he had violated Covid’s rules.
  • Omicron will be the predominant strain in London next week, No10 said after a spike in Omicron cases.
  • Because of the ‘exceptionally large demand,’ it was decided to temporarily suspend ordering lateral flow tests.

Following the announcement by NHS of a 10,000-vaccinators recruitment drive last week, over 4,500 registered interest. 13,000 people volunteered.

Jonathan Van-Tam (Deputy chief medical officer) appealed again to those who had volunteered for the jabs rollout.

At the moment, there are 3,000 vaccination sites that are staffed by over 90,000.

Amanda Pritchard, chief executive of the NHS, acknowledged in a letter that routine appointments might have to be delayed to respond to Mr Johnson’s challenge.

In a letter to health staff last night, NHS chief executive Amanda Pritchard (pictured) acknowledged that some routine appointments would 'have to be postponed' to meet the challenge from Mr Johnson

Amanda Pritchard, the chief executive at NHS, acknowledged last night that certain routine appointments would have to be delayed in order to respond to Mr Johnson’s challenges.

Then she added, “Some additional appointments will need be postponed until the new Year.” This is because the Omicron wave could become so large that disruptions and cancellations will be more likely if we do not act now.

Miss Pritchard described the NHS’s rollout plans.

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (M&HPA) has established a 15-minute wait after receiving a Moderna or Pfizer jab.

Last week, ministers asked the regulator to reject their request for a reduction in the time-limit.

Whitehall sources said scrapping it is essential for meeting jabs targets because small sites, such as pharmacies and general practitioners surgeries, did not have the space necessary to accommodate more patients. The group is also pushing for the regulator’s assessment of the need to vaccinate children under 12.

  • Visit or search ‘NHS vaccine team’ for paid or volunteer roles. 


 Why does the booster rollout get accelerated?

Because the effectiveness of vaccines against the virus diminishes over time, a third dose has been planned for the Covid vaccine. The booster was originally only offered to those over 40, however the Omicron variant’s rapid spread means that the scheme is being increased. The online booking system for those over 30 was opened yesterday. Those aged between 18 and 29 can book their appointment starting tomorrow.

Is there any way to book your hotel?

No fewer than 110,00 people visited the site yesterday morning to get a booster shot. Some people were stuck in the queue for hours after this happened. NHS Digital had no choice but to increase its capacity so that more people could book. According to a spokesperson, the vaccine booking service was experiencing high demand. To manage this demand, they have established a queueing system. People who are currently not able to book should try to do so again tomorrow or later.

Is it safe to walk in at walk-in clinics?

Many people have visited the walk-in vaccination centres across the country, with thousands of others joining them. Many people waited in long lines to receive their boosters. Many waited in line for hours outside of the Hungerford, Berkshire centre. Due to high demand, some people were turned away from certain parts of the country.

How soon will the third round of chemotherapy be finished?

Boris Johnson set a new goal to allow all adults to have a jab before the end of this year. However NHS England and the Department of Health say the target is that everyone should be offered the chance to book a jab by then – meaning some people may not receive them until January. Downing Street claims the Prime Minister was true to his word. The target will mean a million jabs will have to be given every day – many more than the previous daily record of around 850,000.

It is important to understand what this means for vaccination passports.

For those who wish to enter a club or other large area, they will need to present the NHS Covid ID card. Sajid Javid yesterday stated that the passports would require three jabs for entry.