Richard Osman from Pointless has opened up about his struggle with food addiction starting at nine.

He compared the desire to secretly eat snacks to alcoholism and said he had accepted that he would have to struggle for his entire life with this compulsion.

Radio 4 Desert Island Discs’ 51 year old interview revealed that food has been the root of his addiction. Since I was very young, it has been.

Richard Osman pictured with his new girlfriend Ingrid Oliver out together in West London. The Pointless star has revealed how he has struggled with food addiction since the age of nine

Richard Osman and Ingrid Oliver, his girlfriend in West London. The Pointless star has revealed how he has struggled with food addiction since the age of nine

‘It doesn’t have any of the sort of doomed glamour of drugs or alcohol or anything like that…

Since the age of nine, I’ve never had a day where I’ve not thought about the problems that food causes in my life. This will continue to be a constant part of my daily life for the rest.

It is clear that at any moment I can control it, or lose it. These days I have more control than ever before.

The alcoholic might not have enough alcohol in their homes, but he also said that he still craved food like chocolate bars or crisps.

He stated, “The addictions are identical.” He said, “The secretiveness of these items and the shame that it is a result.

The father-of-2 pointed out major differences in how he approached the issue. He stated that “Food is a complicated one.”

The TV host turned crime novelist, pictured, likened the urge to secretly consume snacks to alcoholism

The crime writer turned TV host, shown here, likens the desire to sneakily consume snacks to drinking alcoholism

‘Because booze and drugs you can just give up – unbelievably difficult – but, you know, a zero-tolerance policy.

‘Whereas if you are addicted to food or to love – all these things that are sustaining – you do still have to have them. This is a tough one to overcome.

“Because food is hard, sometimes it can be difficult. I always try to do my best, and it’s no shame that I make mistakes.

Osman is 6ft 7in tall and said that he felt awkward growing up because of his height. He also noted that “anybody who’s stupid will say something stupid about you”

Alexander Armstrong (left) and Osman, who opened up about his problems with food in an interview on BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs

Alexander Armstrong (left) and Osman, who opened up about his problems with food in an interview on BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs

The condition of nystagmus causes his eye to move in uncontrolled ways. He cannot drive as a result.

TV was the medium that enabled him to view a bird or cricket in a tree for the first times. His inability read an autocue, which he had to do, has been a blessing in disguise.

The BBC veteran said, “I’ve been able to utilize it to my benefit,”. “But, I would rather see well.”

Lauren Laverne, Osman’s host, also discussed the moment his father called the family into the living room to announce that he was having an affair.

Presenter: “My father left me when I was very young. I was nine years old.” This was likely to be the end, I believe.

Osman traveled by coach for several months from his Sussex home to Rugby in order to visit his father. But he quickly cut all ties.

He said that he had just said “Look, this isn’t for me.” After a brief tantrum, I said that I didn’t want anymore to be with you.

This, naturally, was to get attention, but it was assumed that he was just trying to attract my attention. I was unable see him anymore.

They were reconciled after Osman became father in his 20s. Osman was married between the late 1990s and 2007, and now he is in a relationship to comedian Ingrid Oliver.

Osman, pictured with his girlfriend, is 6ft 7in, said he grew up feeling awkward because of his height

Osman is 6ft7in tall and was pictured here with his girlfriend.

Osman attributes his success to his mother Brenda Osman, who is a primary school teacher.

He stated, “She was an exceptional woman. She did extraordinary works and I am so grateful for her.”

“Now my favourite part about my success are the things I’m able to offer her.”

Osman purchased a house for his mother in Sussex’s retirement community. This inspired the phenomenally popular Thursday Murder Club series.

Osman, along with his mother, said that he was also inspired by Mat, his older brother, who cofounded the hit-making rock band Suede.

“It was as though someone had made a hole in the sky just for me,” he said.

It’s as simple as that: You just have to think “Wow! We are so far from home!” and then you find yourself on Top Of The Pops, with all your friends, singing these songs.

“I was proud of him, and selfishly thought that we could do it. There are many opportunities. If you’re determined, it is possible. It will stay with me for all time.

Desert Island Discs airs on BBC Radio 4 from 11 AM today. It will also be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on Friday, September 9th at 9 AM.