Leeds police arrest Leeds fan after allegations that he racially abused Arsenal substitutes Nuno Tvares, Nicolas Pepe and others during Elland Road’s first-half win

A Leeds fan was accused of racist abuse at Arsenal players at Elland Road and police have now arrested him.

The Gunners reported it during their first-half win in the 4-1 Premier League on Saturday. According to the Gunners, the taunts were directed at Nuno Tavares and Nicolas Pepe.

Leeds stated in a statement that they are investigating claims of racism in the game against Arsenal. One arrest was made.

Police have arrested a Leeds fan following accusations of racist abuse in the Arsenal game

A Leeds fan was accused of using racist language at the Arsenal match and has been arrested by police

Arsenal winger Nicolas Pepe

Arsenal left-back Nuno Tavares

These alleged taunts are believed to have been directed at Nuno Tvares (R), and Nicolas Pepe, (L).

“Racism at Leeds United will not be tolerated. Any Leeds United supporter that uses racist language will face a lifetime ban from all Leeds United games.

About half an hour into the match, Arsenal’s sub Rob Holding spoke to John Brooks (fourth official) about the alleged racist comments made by a West Stand fan. The claim was brought up by referee Andre Marriner, who then went to the dugout to speak to Leeds coaches.

Police went to full-time to talk to Emile Smith Rowe (who was sitting on Arsenal’s bench in the first half) and other visiting personnel.

Referee Andre Marriner (L) was involved in talks after the alleged incident during the first half

After the incident in the first quarter, referee Andre Marriner was present to discuss the matter.

Police also spoke to Emile Smith Rowe (R) who was on the bench in the first half, at full time

Emile Smith Rowe (R), who was sitting on the bench for the first half at full time, was also spoken to by police

Mikel Arteta from Arsenal said, “Unfortunately, it was reported by the stadium manager. The authorities will investigate it.” The comments were heard by one of the bench players.

“I’m very disappointed, because I have tried so hard to prevent it from happening. However, it’s only one individual. A full stadium would be a better value.

“It was reported, and now authorities will need to work closely with clubs to determine what actually happened.”

Marcelo Bielsa, Leeds’ boss, said: “I oppose all forms of discrimination.”

Mikel Arteta, the Arsenal manager, claimed at full-time that a 'single person' was responsible

Mikel Arteta was the Arsenal manager.