Scotland Yard detectives arrest man, 52, in west London on suspicion of ‘collecting information likely to be useful to a person preparing an act of terrorism’

  • Today, terror police in London arrested 52-year-old man for terrorist offences
  • According to police, they are investigating “a variety of devices” found at an address.
  • Terror levels in the UK are at severe. This means that terrorist attacks are ‘highly probable’.

A man was arrested by terror police after he found ‘a lot of devices’ in a West London home today.

Met counterterrorism officers arrested a 52 year-old man for allegedly collecting information that could be used to aid a terrorist.

The man was transported to London’s police station and released under police bail. He will be returned on December 31st.

According to police, they stated in a statement that investigators were currently analysing various devices for their ongoing investigations.

Terror police arrested a man after finding 'a number of devices' at a house in west London today. Pictured: Armed police outside Downing Street, London

Police in London arrested terror suspect after discovering ‘a lot of devices’ in a home. Pictured, Armed police in London’s Downing Street

Armed police stand guard in central London this month after the UK's terror level threat was raised to severe, meaning an attack is 'highly likely'

Central London’s police are on guard after the UK terror level threat was elevated to serious. 

After the Liverpool Poppy Day explosion, Britain’s terror threat level was elevated to grave.

The threat of a terror attack has been deemed ‘highly probable’.

Counterterrorism officers have received around 10,000 public reports about terrorist activities in the UK over the last year.

About a fifth provided valuable intelligence that helped counterterrorism investigations.