After a double stabbing incident in Brentford, west London on Friday, a man was charged with attempted murder and murder.

Norris Henry (37), has been accused of the murders of Ali Abucar Ali (20) and Betty Walsh’s attempted murder (84). 

Henry will appear in front of Uxbridge Magistrates Court Monday, November 15.

The woman, according to police was in stable condition and not expected to survive.  

Betty’s family stated that Betty is now off the critical list following a devastating attack.

Because she was feeling well, she asked her family about the score of England’s 5-0 win over Albania. 

It was not yet known when the patient will be permitted to leave St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington.

Ali Abucar Ali, 20, was found dead by police and paramedics after they were called to reports of a stabbing on Albany Parade at 8pm yesterday evening

Paramedics and police found Ali Abucar Ali (age 20) dead in their pursuit to investigate reports of an attack on Albany Parade yesterday at 8pm.

Betty Walsh, suffered multiple stab wounds outside Brentford kebab shop Best Kebab and Fish Bar on Albany Parade

Betty Walsh, suffered multiple stab wounds outside Brentford kebab shop Best Kebab and Fish Bar on Albany Parade

Police at the scene in Albany Parade in Brentford, where Ali Abucar Ali was killed and pensioner Betty Walsh is in a critical condition in Paddington Hospital

The scene at Albany Parade, Brentford. Ali Abucar Ali was shot and killed. Betty Walsh, a pensioner is currently in critical condition at Paddington Hospital.

The 20-year-old victim, Mr Ali, was described as a hardworking man who had recently won a scholarship.

Ali’s mother had run to Betty’s aid before receiving the terrible news that her son was killed by a knife from police.

Betty (also known affectionately as Betty Boo) has lived in Brentford her entire adult life. Before retiring, she was a barmaid at four local bars.

Following the death of her husband more than thirty years ago, her sons and daughters have described her as a rock.

She has now 10 grandchildren, 12 great-grandchildren and one great great granddaughter.

Bridget, her 60-year-old oldest daughter, stated that everyone knew mom. Since 1960, she’s lived in Brentford.

‘She was lively and fit, she walked every day and was a strong woman and went out shopping a lot – she wasn’t frail at all.

“She was a football fan and Brentford FC-mad.

The double stabbing happened on Albany Parade in Brentford on Friday. Police are investigating what happened on Friday

On Friday, the double stabbing occurred at Albany Parade in Brentford. The incident that occurred on Friday is under investigation by police

Flowers at the scene in Albany Parade, Brentford, where the knife attack unfolded last night under cover of darkness

There were flowers at the site in Albany Parade Brentford where last night’s knife attack occurred.

The crimescene was being guarded by officers today as they collected evidence on the attack in Brentford

As they prepared evidence for the Brentford attack, officers were guarding the crime scene.

“She was a hard worker and she worked at four different pubs.

‘Sadly, her husband was killed more than 30 year ago. So she took us all in and became the rock of our family.

“This is likely to have shaken her quite a bit. 

She said, “After her surgery she was in a position to speak on the phone with us and ask about the football score today.”

“Last night, I returned from work to find that my mother had been stabbed. It was terrifying and I was in shock.

“I’m just happy she is still alive. 

“We are grateful to all those who have helped mum, including the police.

“They came to our aid immediately and kept us updated. They are heroes.

“We pray for our mom’s quick and complete recovery.”

Ali’s family refused to speak when Ali was approached.

Bridget stated that she knew both his mother and him. The family is very strong. 

To help Ali’s family, a GoFundMe page was created. 

Anybody requiring any additional information is asked to dial 101, quoting reference 6423 from November 12.