Extinction Rebellion overthrows the Lord Mayor’s Show. Eco-zealots fight with the police, and are taken into custody as the parade returns to London streets after being cancelled last year by Covid for the first ever time since 1852

  • A group of XR activists staged a protest at London’s annual Lord Mayor’s Show.
  • The delighted cheers of many people greeted the police officers that dragged eco-warriors off the street’s middle. 
  • Officials held back hundreds more eco-activists in other sections at the parade on Saturday 
  • The parade of the Lord Mayor, 800 years old, has been cancelled only twice: in 1852 due to pandemic and again in 2020. 


The moment Extinction Rebellion demonstrators were taken out of the parade route in Washington was captured by a cheering crowd.  

The clip was shared across many social media platforms. Spectators can be heard cheering for two officers as they sprint to four eco-warriors, who are kneeling down on the street with their hands above their heads as the procession of the Lord Mayor’s Show takes place in London.

A member of XR appears to have let his body limp while one of the officers pulled him over to the side to permit the Square Mile’s annual entertainment to go ahead.

A second officer of the police is seen calmly leading two elderly ecoactivists away from another constable.

XR protestors attempted to block the action on Saturday were stopped by police officers.

Only two times has the Lord Mayor’s Show been cancelled: once in 1852 in commemoration of the death of the Duke of Wellington and again in 2020 due to the outbreak of coronavirus.  

Two police officers are seen sprinting up to the four eco-warriors, who kneel on the roads with their hands raised above their heads as they prepare for the Lord Mayor’s Show.

One member of the XR group appears to let his body go limp as one of the officers pulls him to the side of the road to allow the annual show to continue

As one officer pulls the XR member to the side, he appears to be limping as a fellow member of the XR Group. This is to make sure the annual show can continue.

Eco-warriors with Extinction Rebellion are dragged out of the road by police officers at the Lord Mayor's Show in the City of London on Saturday

Officers from London’s Lord Mayor’s Show drag Eco-warriors who are fighting Extinction Rebellion out of the street.

Extinction Rebellion protestors hold a sign saying: 'Cop has failed' as the eco-warriors demonstrate during the Lord Mayor's Show parade in the City of London

Extinction Rebellion demonstrators hold signs that read: “Cop has failed” during demonstrations at the Lord Mayor’s show in London.

A woman can be pictured shouting (bottom right) as she is dragged away by officers

The activists are dragged onto the pavement by police officers

Officers from City of London force eco-warriors off the streets. Officers drag a woman away from her shouting, which can be seen below right.

Police officers hold back climate activists from Extinction Rebellion as participants of the annual Lord Mayor's Show march through the streets of the City of London on November 13, 2021

Extinction Rebellion’s climate activists were stopped by police as Extinction Rebellion’s participants marched through London’s streets on November 13, 2021.

Displaying banners and signs reading: 'Cop has failed', dozens of Extinction Rebellion activists were pictured at the Lord Mayor's Show in the City of London on Saturday

Extinction Rebellion activists displayed banners and signs that read: “Cop has failed” at Saturday’s Lord Mayor’s Show.

Extinction Rebellion activists were seen at the Lord Mayor’s Show in London, Saturday with banners and signs saying: ‘Cop has fail’

The group said that a COP funeral would be held simultaneously in Glasgow, to’symbolize failure’ from the historic global summit on climate change. 

As eco-activists wore lab coats and attempted to block roads, a group of cops set up a protection perimeter around the XR Installation.  

Another group of protestors was also recorded addressing large numbers with a microphone while large numbers booed Vincent Keaveny, Lord Mayor, as he was sworn to his new post.  

After more than 50,000 protestors marching in London on Saturday, November 6, demanding climate action, this is now the second consecutive weekend that climate campaigners descend on London.

A police officer clashes with a climate activist from Extinction Rebellion as they protest at the annual Lord Mayor's Show in the City of London on November 13, 2021

A cop and a climate activist representing Extinction Rebellion clash during a protest at London’s annual Lord Mayor’s Show on November 13th 2021

A large group of police officers also surrounded an XR installation featuring a large grey twisted hand and a disturbing-looking face as eco-activists wearing lab coats attempted to block roads

As eco-activists in lab coats tried to block the roads, a large number of officers surrounded an XR-installation. The installation featured a grey-colored hand with twisted fingers and a troubling-looking face.

It is the second weekend in a row that the climate campaigners have descended on London, after more than 50,000 eco-warriors marched in the capital, Glasgow, Belfast and other British cities on Saturday, November 6 demanding action on climate change

This is London’s 2nd weekend of climate protesters after over 50,000 marched in Glasgow, Belfast, and other British cities demanding that climate change be addressed.

A group of police officers hold back climate activists as members of the Armed Forces make their way through the annual parade

As Armed Forces members make their way through the parade, a group of police officers holds back activists who are concerned about climate change.

One spokesperson for the City of London Police said that they were aware of several protestors present in London today. The group is being managed by officers of the City of London Police. The group has been arrested.

The Lord Mayor’s Show was cancelled only once in 13th-century, just before the onset the Covid pandemic.

After Arthur Wellesley died, 1852 saw the annual parade be postponed in order to accommodate the funeral. He received a huge state funeral and is buried in St Paul’s Cathedral.