Angrily Britons revealed that they couldn’t see their loved ones except through the care home windows, while Boris Johnson and his staff had wine and cheese in Downing Street gardens. 

The Prime Minister and his wife Carrie were pictured sitting at a table with two people while another 13 were pictured with bottles of alcohol nearby at a table and on the lawn on Friday May 15, 2020.

Downing Street claimed it was not an event for socializing, and instead said that employees were out in the gardens in the afternoons and evenings.  

Dominic Raab, however, defended today’s Prime Minister by saying that a drink after a hard day or week was acceptable. When asked about the photograph, he pointed out that Johnson was wearing a suit.

It was taken in the UK while it was under lockdown. This meant that only two individuals from different homes were permitted to gather outside, even though they are socially distant.

However, the photograph shows three groups of people – including Boris and Carrie – with bottles of wine and alcohol on their tables.

Furious Brits now tell of their willingness to make sacrifices for the lockdown restrictions that were in place on that date. 

Stephen Laughton stated that he was unable to see his dying mother, as it was “against all the rules”.

He explained that the photo on the left was the last one I had of his mum in May 2020. She lived alone, with a serious illness. But she fought the pandemic with determination.

“We took a stroll around the local park. When she suggested sitting 2m apart in her garden, I said: better not, it’s against the rules.’

A gastroenterologist Dr Ajay verma recalled sitting in silence on a hospital ward for a minute in honor of the victims.

He said: ‘On Friday 15th May 2020 at 1pm we held a minute’s silence on our ward (and throughout our hospital) in memory of those who died from Covid – little did we know that the PM & friends were enjoying a garden party that same afternoon.’

The picture was plastered across the front page of the Guardian newspaper on Monday morning. Pictured on the right is Boris and Carrie, apparently holding their newborn baby, Wilf

This picture appeared on Monday’s front page of The Guardian newspaper. Boris, Carrie and Wilf are shown holding their infant son, Wilf. 



Brits have shared their anger on social media by comparing what they were doing on the same date as the apparent social gathering in the Downing Street garden

Brits vented their frustrations on social media, comparing what happened on the same day as an apparent gathering at Downing Street.

Two body boarders being stopped by police before entering the water in Wales on May 9, 2020

Police stop two bodyboarders before they enter the waters of Wales, May 9, 2020

Police officers in a patrol car move sunbathers on in Greenwich Park, London, using a megaphone

A police officer in a patrol vehicle moves sunbathers in Greenwich Park in London using a megaphone

Social distancing measures including floor markings and taped off gates in place at Westminster Underground station on May 15, 2020

Westminster Underground Station, May 15, 2020: Social Distancing Measures include floor markings and taped-off gates

An expert in lung cancer nursing added that she was “exhausted, physically and emotionally exhausted” when this picture was taken. 

‘I don’t have words for how I feel looking at Boris and his cheese and wine party that was going on at the same time. I mean, seriously what is the best way to make them leave?

The mother also posted a photo showing her son talking to his grandmother from a window. This was just one day before she shared the Downing Street image.

“May 14th 2020.” While my Son was accustomed to seeing her nanny from a window, before that he had been able to see her daily for cuddles. My heart broke. Heart is anguished now.

Also, pictures showed officers driving through Greenwich Park in South London with a megaphone in order to reach small groups enjoying picnics under the sun in May 9.

Two bodyboarders were stopped by officers from getting into the ocean on the same day that Downing Street staff enjoyed wine and cheese.

The tube station at Westminster was also empty on May 15, as most commuters work from home. 

The Prime Minister spoke to the nation five days earlier from Downing Street, May 10.

He described also the “tragic” death tolls and the “immense suffering” the country had to deal with.

The anti-lockdown protest took place in London’s Hyde Park one day after the meeting.

Piers Corbyn, one of the 19 protesters arrested, was joined by hundreds holding banners and placards with slogans like “freedom over fear”

Numerous officers from the police force, some riding on horses, patrolled the area and issued 10 additional fines to protesters who failed to comply with lockdown restrictions.

Police arrest a man after surrounding him with a large cordon at London's Hyde Park on May 15, 2020

After surrounding him in a cordon at London’s Hyde Park, police arrested a man.

A man is moved on by police during a mass gathering protest organised by the group called 'UK Freedom Movement'

Police move a man during an organized protest by the group ‘UK Freedom Movement.

An anti lockdown protester is detained by police officers during a demonstration in Hyde Park a day after the Prime Minister was pictured having cheese and wine in the garden of Downing Street with 17 other people

Police officers detain an anti-lockdown protester during a demonstration at Hyde Park. This happened a day after Prime Minister Tony Blair was photographed having wine and cheese in Downing Street’s garden with 17 others.

Laurence Taylor (Deputy Assistant Commissioner, Metropolitan Police) stated that the protestors violated clear guidelines, and “place themselves or others in risk of infection.”  

The Government had imposed some restrictions that would require them to be away from their family for more than one year.

A Twitter user shared a photo of himself in all their personal protective gear, recalling the time they had to stay in the garage in order to not put their loved ones at risk for contracting Covid.

They said: ‘This was me in May 2020, in the endless cycle of door-car-work-car-door, “don’t touch daddy ’till I changed and showered”.’

“After possible contamination, my family and I went to bed in our garage. Over a year later I would learn the Tories were laughing at us all…#cheeseandwine’

Mai 2020 saw the peak of virtual quizzes. Friends and families were forced to interact over Zoom because of restrictions that prevented the mixing of household members. 

Labour Councillor for Bilborough (Nottingham), tweeted a photo of her enjoying a drink with friends from home after a hard day.

She added, “Picture May 2020. That’s how it felt to socialize after a long day. 

“All of us had difficult days in lockdown. None more than the key employees we clapped to, but cheese or wine for 17 wasn’t allowed.






Twitter users have shared pictures comparing what they were doing on the same day as an apparent social gathering at Downing Street

Users of Twitter have posted pictures showing how they were doing the day before Downing Street’s apparent social gathering.

 Laura Smith shared a picture of her son seeing his grandfather for the first time after ‘months of lockdown’, but added the pair sat two metres apart and did not embrace, believing they were ‘doing the right thing’.

Kevin Pryce also shared an image of himself visiting his father in law through a window at a care home. He described the joy his relative experienced living in a room on the ground floor.

Another tweet posted a photograph of a play area that was locked down in her neighborhood estate. The children were not allowed to use the basic equipment, such as swings or slides.

The Guardian obtained the picture. It raises serious concerns about Downing Street’s claims of an ‘work meeting’ at that time, instead of a social event with wine, spirits, and pizza outside.

Sky News’ Mr Raab said today that it was not only a workplace for the employees at Number 10, and the Prime Minster, but also the home of the Prime Minister as well as his young family. 

“I honestly don’t believe it qualifies as a party, because Carrie came down and spent some time there with her husband.

They are mostly dressed in formal clothes, but they do wear suits.

This has put more pressure on Prime Minister David Cameron, as he’s accused of ‘haemorrhaging the public trust’. 51 percent of Conservative voters now believe he’s dishonest.

Angela Rayner was the Labour deputy leader and said that the photograph was an insult to the British public.

She said, “The prime minister continually shows us that he does not care for the rules he makes for everyone else.” People were accused of drinking late into the night and having fun. [at No 10]When the rest of us only just got one walk a day.

This is just the latest episode in a row about partying at No 10. Downing Street was accused of hosting four parties last year that violated Covid restrictions.