Greenwich police are hunting a sex attacker accused of attacking schoolgirls 16-17 years old in Greenwich, where Sabina Nessa was murdered and Khloemae loy was assassinated in 2021

  • Two Greenwich girls were abused by a male sex attacker in less than 24 hours. Police have arrested him.
  • Thamesmead attacked a 16 year-old wearing school uniform last Wednesday 
  • The girl, who was a passenger on a bus in Woolwich Town Centre the day before, was then followed and attacked.
  • High-profile attack on Greenwich has raised fears about women’s safety. 
  • Sabina Nessa (28), was murdered last September, and Khloemay Liy (23), one year earlier 

A sex attacker has been arrested by police. He struck two schoolgirls in just two days, sparking concerns that he may offend again.

Within a single day, two girls in Greenwich, south east London were sexually assaulted. 

On Wednesday, January 12th at 5.30pm Thamesmead saw a 16 year old in school uniform being sexually assaulted.

A 17-year old girl was sexually assaulted in Woolwich, three miles from her home.

Met Police inquiries led to the identification of the attackers and the belief that they were both carried out simultaneously. 

After the killings of Sabina Nessea, 28 last year and Khloemay Loy, 23 in 2020, there are increased fears about women’s safety at Greenwich.

Sabina Nessa, 28, was found stabbed in Greenwich last September. 36-year-old Koci Selemaj is due to stand trial for murder

Sabina Nessea, 28 years old was found in Greenwich last September stabbed. Koci Selemaj, 36 years old is set to be tried for murder

Geoff Warren from South East BCU’s Safer Schools Unit offered safety tips in a letter to parents so they can take’reasonable measures’ to keep their children safe.

He stated that if you are uncomfortable with someone’s behavior, don’t hesitate to dial 999 from your phone. Your call will be taken seriously and you won’t have to waste any time.

“Wherever you can, make sure to keep busy areas well-lit.

“I’d like to reiterate that I didn’t mean to be a source of unnecessary worry, and that these kinds of incidents are uncommon.

“We take this matter very seriously. There will be an increase in police presence around the area.”

Greenwich Council expressed its shock at the incident and said that they are working closely with police authorities to find the perpetrator.

23-year-old Khloemae Loy was stabbed in the neck in a Holiday Inn by boyfriend Taye Francis, who was found guilty of her murder last November

Khloemae, 23, was attacked in her neck at Holiday Inn. Her boyfriend Taye Francis was found guilty.

The statement continued: “Thanks to victims’ bravery, which allowed them to escape and then contacted authorities, we now have a better idea about the identity of the perpetrator.”

They described the attacker as slim, between 18-18-years-old and with long, dark hair.

Dan Thorpe, leader of the Council, posted: “We have unfortunately experienced two related incidents in Royal Greenwich of sexual assault over the past few day.”

“We ask everyone to remain vigilant, and immediately let Met Police Greenwich be aware of any concerns.

The move comes after Greenwich’s council conducted a safety survey for women and girls using public places. Responding to local concerns, the council adopted this action in December. After the deaths of Sabina Nassa and Khloemae Loy, the borough was rocked last year.

Police are looking for information to assist in the investigation into the arrest and location of the suspect involved in sex attacks.