This woman was seized by anti-vaxxers who stole her test kit and dumped it in a dumpster. They also ran rampage through the NHS Covid and trace centres.

  • On Wednesday, activists stormed the Milton Keynes site in Buckinghamshire.
  • Staff at the testing site were filmed by demonstrators shouting “shame on YOU” repeatedly.
  • Police are now asking for your help to locate a female they wish to talk to 

After anti-vaxxers stole the test kits, and then dumped them in a dumpster as they ravaged through an NHS center earlier this week, police are now searching for a female suspect.

Activists stormed the site in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, and marched through the facility where protesters tore down signs, threw traffic cones and appeared to steal medical supplies. 

Staff at the testing sites were repeatedly filmed by demonstrators shouting “shame on them” several times.

Police believe that information has been obtained from the victim by the female in the photo they published.

A criminal investigation is underway. At this point, no arrests were made.

Officers believe the woman in an image they have released has information about what happened

The officers believe the information they are able to reveal about the incident is available to this woman, as shown in their image.

The social media user who uploaded footage of the incident, which has been viewed 10,000 times, claimed that one protester 'stole testing equipment and dumped it in a bin outside the centre'

A social media user posted footage and it has been viewed more than 10,000 times. The protester claimed that he ‘tole test equipment’ before dumping it in the bin.

A demonstrator holds up a placard reading 'Reclaim NHS, end jab tyranny now' at the testing site in Milton Keynes today

At the Milton Keynes testing site today, a demonstrator held up a sign that read “Reclaim NHS. End jab tyranny Now”.

Chief Inspector Graham Hadley of Thames Valley Police stated that they are conducting a thorough investigation into what happened to the protest. [on Wednesday].

We believe that the woman shown in the photo could have valuable information to aid our investigations.

Please report this lady online or by calling 101, quoting the reference 43210583457.

“Furthermore we continue to appeal to witnesses to this incident. If you have any information, or videos, please make sure to report it to us. The following are the ways you can report it.

If anyone would like to remain anonymous they can call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 112 or visit their website.

During the protest, some activists held placards bearing slogans including ‘BBC: Just a bunch of WOKERS!Others threw cones at traffic and drove over signs, including ‘Fear is a currency of control’, and ‘Fear is the currency for fear’. 

Cries of ‘You murdering b****rds’ and ‘The wind is changing’ were heard as the crowd marches into the site, and one of the demonstrators appears to pick up testing equipment before carrying it out of one of the site’s tents. 

A protester is seen questioning a staff member in high-visibility jacket, “Have your had the vaccine?” 

One social media user uploaded the footage, which was viewed over 10,000 times.  

Alicia Kearns, Tory MP, called the scene ‘utterly unacceptable’ and added: ‘Thanks to all volunteers, staff, who deserve so many better than this shameful self-aggrandizing nonsense. 

It came on the same day that Boris Johnson visited a vaccination centre in Milton Keynes, urging people to get tested before New Year’s Eve festivities.