Police release CCTV photo in search for an arsonist that set fire to Land Rover near Springwatch host Chris Packham’s New Forest house, causing thousands upon thousands of pounds

  • Television presenter and 60 year old, John, claimed that his October home blew up a Land Rover.
  • His front gate was set ablaze by balaclava-clad men, claimed the man.
  • A CCTV picture of the man being sought by police in connection to an alleged ‘attack’ has been released.

A CCTV picture of the man being sought by police in relation to an arson attack on Chris Packham’s home has been released.

BBC Springwatch’s 60-year-old presenter said that in October, balaclava-clad hatred campaigners set fire to a Land Rover outside his New Forest residence.

After the late-night blast, the gate to his Marchwood home was destroyed. The broadcaster was alone at the time. This was a decision he called ‘vicious and cowardly’. 

Police have released a CCTV image of a man wanted in connection with an arson attack at Chris Packham's house

A CCTV picture of the man being sought by police in relation to an arson attack on Chris Packham’s home has been released.

The BBC Springwatch presenter (pictured in October), 60, claimed that a Land Rover was blown up by balaclava-clad hate campaigners outside his New Forest house in October

BBC Springwatch Presenter, 60 (pictured October), claimed that a Land Rover had been blown up in New Forest by hate-campers wearing balaclavas.

The incident was investigated by officers who today published a photo of a dark-haired male getting out of a vehicle wearing black jeans and a hoodie. 

Hampshire Constabulary called Packham at Packham’s Hampshire address around 12.45am, on October 8.

A spokesperson from Hampshire Constabulary said that police continue to investigate lines of inquiry to find those responsible. They believe the man shown may contain key information for their investigation.

“We are aware that it is difficult to see clearly, but who is this man?

It is important to remember that any information provided, even if it seems insignificant, may help our investigations and allow us to identify the criminals responsible. 

The gate of his remote Marchwood property was destroyed following the late-night explosion (pictured)

After the explosion at midnight, his gate on Marchwood was destroyed (pictured).

Packham tweeted images of the CCTV footage capturing the incident near his home

Packham posted images of CCTV footage from his neighborhood that captures the incident. 

Packham (60) vowed to not ‘buckle or be cowed in the face an arson attack at his house.

He said that he had been threatened with death for advocating animal rights. That’s a valid question.

“I won’t be intimidated, I will not give in to the pressure. I will not allow your intimidation to sway my decision.

Packham, along with Charlotte Corney, and Megan Corney were attacked at their home. Two large wooden gates had been destroyed.

He said that two men dressed in hooded masks drove up to his gate on Thursday night/Friday, 12:30am and set the vehicle on fire.

“They weren’t aware that there was CCTV and they tried to hide. Hampshire Fire and Rescue and police arrived quickly to deal with the car’s explosion.

“As always they did an amazing job, but it was not before it had caused significant damage to my property.”

The presenter of BBC's Springwatch said that balaclava-clad thugs drove his car to his remote country home and set fire to it, before fleeing in a get-away vehicle

Springwatch presenter BBC claimed that some balaclava-clad criminals drove his car into his remote country house and set it ablaze before fleeing with a getaway vehicle

Packham, who has in the past had dead animals strung up at his house’s gates, speculated on who could be to blame.

He said, “This leaves me with some more questions.” First, who were they? These two men were members of the RSPB. The Wildlife Trust Butterfly Conservation Bat Conservation Trust

“Were they part of the Countryside Alliance?” British Association for Shooting and Conservation Perhaps members of the hunting community?

“Or are they just some internet trolls that fill my timeline full of hateful comments? Ignorant comments and libellous remarks, but lots of hatred that is designed to harm me and my interests. “I don’t know.”

Packham said, “All I can do is to say that you’re whoever you want to be – they burned down the right gates.”

“Because you believe…that I am suddenly going to support unsustainable or illegal hunting, or unwarranted cruelty wrought upon foxes on our country’s countryside.