Police start hunt for the father of a missing schoolgirl aged 12 who hasn’t been seen since eight days

  • Devon police launched an investigation into the disappearance of a father in search for his daughter.
  • Leona Peach (12), was last seen in Newton Abbot on December 20th at 9.15AM.  
  • Police believe that she might have traveled to Bideford from North Devon.
  • White, slim and medium built, she is approximately 4 feet 9in tall, hazel-coloured eyes, and has a white hairstyle.
  • According to police, she had long brown hair with a small bald spot above her right ear. 
  • **If you see her, call 999 immediately quoting log number 0222 of 20/12/21** 

A 12-year-old Devon girl is missing. Police are now searching for her father. 

Leona Peach was last seen in the Hele Park area of Newton Abbot, Devon, at 9.15am on December 20 and missed Christmas Day with her family.

The officers said today that she could have been traveling to Bideford to visit her father Billy Peach.

Leona Peach (pictured) was last seen in the Hele Park area of Newton Abbot, Devon, at around 9.15am on December 20

Leona Peach (pictured), was last seen at Newton Abbot’s Hele Park on December 20, 2018, around 9.15am.

Leona is believed to be wearing grey-blue leggings or skinny trousers with a dark-coloured fur coat and flip flops

Leona was seen wearing gray-blue pants or thin trousers, a fur coat in dark colour and flip flops.

Police appealed to Leona or Mr Peach for assistance. Leona’s family was also asked by police.

Police officers also appealed to the public to help find Leona and Peach.

Dave Pebworth Detective Inspector stated that: “Enquiries continue in our attempts to locate Leona, and we are asking for the public’s assistance.

“We’d like to ask Mr. Peach to contact us as he might be able help with our inquiries.

“We are also open to hearing from anybody who might know their location.

We are standing by her and supporting all of her loved ones and asking Leona to get in touch with us so we can let them know she is well.

Leona would appreciate it if anyone is with him encourages Leona Newton Abbot to reach out to her family.

A locator map shows where the schoolgirl was last seen eight days ago. If you have seen Leona, or know of her whereabouts, please call police immediately on 999, quoting log number 0222 of 20/12/21

The locator map indicates where Leona was last seen 8 days ago. You can call police on 999 immediately to report Leona missing or any information about Leona.

“Leona, if this is you, we want to assure you that you’re safe. Please contact us or someone you can trust to let us know.

Leona’s description is that she is white, slim or medium built. At 4ft 9in, she has hazel eyes. Her long light brown hair reaches the middle part of her back. 

Above her right ear, she has a small bald spot.

Leona was wearing grey-blue or thin trousers and a fur coat in dark colours. She also wore flip-flops. A pink bag was hers.

Please call 911 immediately if Leona has been seen or you know her location.