Police officers Nicole Smallman and Bibaa Smallman were allegedly involved in a catastrophic Betrayal’ after they took photos of the sisters who had been murdered.

After Ms Henry (46), and Ms Smallman (27) were discovered dead in Fryent Country Park in Wembley in north-west London, Pc Deniz Jaffer, and Pc Jamie Lewis were sent to protect the scene.

Instead they broke through the fence to photograph the bodies. These photos were shared on WhatsApp with friends and colleagues.

The other was a “selfie-style” image with Lewis’s face overlaid on it. In WhatsApp groups, the officers described the victims in a similar manner: ‘Dead Birds’.

Lewis stated, “Unfortunately, I sit next to two dead birds with stab wounds.”

Jaffer shared the following message on another WhatsApp Group: “I have photographs of two victims who died.” Please let me know if you don’t wish to see.

Jaffer, 47 of Hornchurch in east London and Lewis, 33 from Colchester, Essex, both pleaded guilty for misconduct in public office.

They were sentenced Monday by Judge Mark Lucraft (QC) at the Old Bailey.

Family members described defendants in victim impact statements as an “evil” to both the police and the world.

Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman taken from Bibaa's phone. Two police officers who took photos of their murdered bodies are facing jail

Bibaa and Nicole Smallman, taken from Bibaa’s phone. Two police officers were arrested after taking photos of the bodies.

Pc Deniz Jaffer (left) and Pc Jamie Lewis, the two police officers who took pictures of murdered sisters Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman

Pc Deniz Jaffer (left), Pc Jamie Lewis and Pc Jamie Lewis are the two officers who photographed murdered sisters Bibaa and Nicole Smallman.

Mina Smallman, the mother of Nicole Smallman and Bibaa Henry, arriving at the Old Bailey, London ahead of the sentencing of Pc Deniz Jaffer and Pc Jamie Lewis

Mina Smallman (the mother of Nicole Smallman & Bibaa Henry) arrives at the Old Bailey in London, ahead of the sentencing proceedings of Pc Deniz Jaffer & Pc Jamie Lewis

Mina Smallman (the mother of the woman) said that her daughter was a victim to a betrayal in catastrophic proportions’ as well as an ‘act of sacrilegiousness’.

The family had been ‘horrified to discover that these men were taking selfies for their amusement,’ she explained.

Mrs Smallman stated that police officers had a feeling of safety and invincibility, which led them to take pictures of the bodies of our daughters. They dehumanized our children.

“If we hadn’t received an anonymous tip-off from the IOPC [Independent Office for Police Conduct], it would have been impossible to know.”

Elle added that officers’ actions were ‘pure misogyny.

Joel Smith, the prosecution’s lead witness stated that officers had made a gross breach of trust.

He said that they were supposed to protect the crime scene but instead took the victims’ dignity in their death.

They acted in the midst of public outcry about the murders, which were’shocking both in their ferocity as well as its nature.

Jaffer and Lewis arrived at the park around 3.30 a.m. on June 8, last year.

Jaffer snapped four photos of the dead bodies, while Lewis took two and Lewis added his own face to the second to create the image.

Jaffer dispatched a female inexperienced officer to the scene and took photographs of the bodies lying in the bush, with Lewis’s “selfie” included.

Jaffer showed images to 2 other officers. One was the female probationary officer Jaffer was supposed to mentor at Forest Gate Police Station. He was both shocked and disgusted.

Lewis displayed an image taken from the crime scene on his cellphone to another female officer. She couldn’t properly see it, according to the court.

Last June 19, police received an anonymous tip about Lewis from the watchdog.

Murderer: Danyal Hussein, 19, who killed sisters Bibaa Henry, 46, and Nicole Smallman, 27, seen here in his police mugshot

Murderer: Danyal Hussein, 19, who killed sisters Bibaa Henry, 46, and Nicole Smallman, 27, seen here in his police mugshot

Nicole Smallman, 27,

Bibaa Henry, 46,

Nicole Smallman, 27 and Bibaa Yergin, 46 were stabbed to death at Wembley in May last year.

The sisters (above), who had been celebrating Ms Henry's birthday with friends, were found the following day by Ms Smallman's boyfriend

Above are the sisters who were celebrating Ms Henry’s birthday with their friends. Ms Smallman found them that day.

Jaffer was arrested on the basis of his information three days after he gave it.

Jaffer explained to his wife why he was being held hostage. He said it was about the photograph that he had taken, and that he didn’t do anything intentionally.

Examining the phones of officers revealed that inappropriate images were shared via WhatsApp.

Both defendants belonged to A Team made up of 41 Metropolitan Police Officers.

Jaffer was also part of a WhatsApp group that included nine people not from the force.

Lewis, shortly after his arrival on the scene, posted an article to the A Team group about the discovery and said that he was ‘living the Wembley Dream’ with his coworkers.

Lewis stated, “Unfortunately, I sit next to two dead birds with stab wounds.”

Jaffer shared the following message on the WhatsApp group: “I have photographs of the deceased victims. Please let me know if you don’t wish to see.

Further investigations revealed that Jaffer had sent the photo of the bodies and the message, “This is what you have to do with,” to an ex-colleague.

He also sent photos to two more people, one of whom forwards it to his partner.

All the individuals who received the images were visited by officers of the IOPC, and they were then deleted. The court was informed.

An analysis of Lewis’s cell phone found that he had been sending messages to a third WhatsApp Group that contained seven people other than police.

The group was informed by him that he had been involved in a double-murder investigation. He incorrectly stated that the victims were 20 and 14, and the other was pregnant.

A tribunal found that the officers were guilty of gross misconduct last month.

Lewis was fired immediately from the Metropolitan Police. Jaffer also would have been dismissed if he had not quit the force.

Two officers will be sentenced later by Judge Lucraft. 

Danyal Hussein (19 years old) was sentenced to life imprisonment with a maximum term of 35 year for his murders. 

When he was sent to prison, the satan worshipper who had murdered his sisters reclined on the chair. 

He struck on Saturday, June 6 last year while the sisters were partying together in a north London to celebrate Bibaa’s 46th birthday.

Hussein was attempting to fulfil his ‘contract’ with a demon he had named Lucifuge Rofocale – signed in his own blood – in which he promised to kill six women in six months in return for winning the £321million Mega Millions Super Jackpot lottery and not being suspected of his crimes.

Such was his obsession with winning a huge sum, he spent £180 on Lotto tickets in the days before he struck. 

Because the police did not respond in a timely manner to the disappearance of these women, their bodies were eventually found by their family members and friends. 

Their mother, Mina Smallman, was the Church of England’s first female archdeacon from a black or minority ethnic background.

Her outrage at the lack of response to her murder has led her to say that she’s ‘convinced” that the delay in investigating their deaths is due to her daughters’ race.

Independent Office for Police Conduct’s (IOPC), a review of the Met’s services, concluded that they were ‘below standard’.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Dame Cressida Dick, apologized and stated that she would be happy to have a personal meeting with the families.