Moment: Police officers found an ENORMOUS knife inside the trousers of a youth when he was frisked on the Tube

  • Before finding the blade, officers pinned the young man against a shopfront window.
  • As the enormous weapon of search was located, many people gasped and shouted “Jesus”
  • The Woolwich Station station, south east London was raided by the police.
  • British Transport Police has arrested four suspects in attempted robbery
  • One of the men was arrested for carrying a weapon, according to a spokesperson.

Police take this terrifying knife from the pants of a teenager who climbed off the London Underground.

The officers threw the young man against a store window, before pulling the shank out of his joggers.

Onlookers gasped and shouted ‘Jesus’ as the huge weapon was found during the search at Woolwich Arsenal station in the south east of the capital.

British Transport Police stated that they were called by reports of a attempted robbery. Four men were arrested, and one was nicked because he allegedly had a knife.

Officers pinned the young thug up against a shop window before dragging the massive 'shank' out his joggers

The officers pinned the young man against a store window, before pulling the massive “shank” out of his joggers.

Another of the suspects was pinned by two officers facing away from the camera (pictured)

Two officers placed another suspect in a pinned position (pictured).

Video footage of the arrests shows masked officers seperating the youths while they conduct their searches.

As they stood in front of a shop, the thugs shouted at and scratched at police officers.

One shouted: ‘What the f*** have I done? What the f*** have I done? “I have done nothing wrong.”

He was criticized by one officer for his loud voice, before he explained why he had been picked up.

Two officers pinned another suspect, while the young man holding a crutch and sitting on a bench with three other policemen was done.

But then, the youth began screaming again and the cameraman heard him shout: “Oh my god!”

Meanwhile a young man with a crutch sat on a bench with three policemen (pictured)

A young man with crutches sat with three officers on a bench (pictured).

And a fourth suspect was spoken to by officers before being arrested too (pictured)

Officers also spoke to a fourth suspect before he was arrested (pictured).

The young man said ‘get off my n**’ while one of the officers frisked him and pulled out the huge weapon from his trousers.

The person recording the arrest said: ‘Oh my f***ing God. I knew it, I f***ing knew it. Jesus Christ. Take a look at this shank man. Look at this f***ing shank.’

Before two officers could move him, he walked up to the massive knife and zoomed in.

He said that they had a right for him to film. They granted him permission, but asked him to go further back.

After the November 30th incident that occurred at 6pm, the video was posted to the Protect Our Children Patrol Facebook Page on December 3.

The video was shared on the Facebook page Protect Our Children Patrol on December 3 following the incident at 6pm on November 30

After the November 30th incident that took place at 6pm, the video was posted to the Protect Our Children Patrol Facebook Page on December 3.

This caption read: “Check your kid’s bags. Check your kids rooms. Check your knife block/ drawers.’

British Transport Police spokesmen said, “Officers were dispatched to Woolwich Station station just before 6PM on 30/11/2011 following reports about an attempted robbery.

“Fourteen young men were taken into custody on suspicion that they attempted to robbery. One was also searched and found out to be in possession of an offensive weapon.

“They have been released by police on bail and investigations are continuing.”