Royal Navy Serviceman Died at UK’s Faslane Nuclear Submarine Base on the Clyde, Police Investigate

  • At 12.30 yesterday, the emergency services arrived at the base.
  • Royal Navy stated that they were aware of an incident but refused to comment.
  • The police stated that a post mortem would be performed to confirm exactly what took place 

Police investigate the mysterious death of an officer from Royal Navy at the UK’s submarine base.

After the tragedy, emergency personnel were called to Faslane-on-the Clyde around 12.30pm yesterday.

Sky News reports that the Royal Navy acknowledged being aware of an incident, but did not comment on it further.

Police are probing the 'unexplained' death of a Royal Navy serviceman at the UK's nuclear submarine base

The mysterious death of a Royal Navy officer at Britain’s nuclear submarine station is being investigated by police

Emergency services were scrambled to Faslane on the Clyde at around 12.30pm yesterday following the tragedy

Following the tragic incident, emergency services scrambled for Faslane On The Clyde yesterday at 12.30pm. 

Police Scotland has launched an investigation into the matter and will conduct a post mortem to confirm what actually happened.

A spokesman said: ‘Around 12.30pm on Thursday, 9 December, officers were called to Faslane naval base following the death of a man.

“A post-mortem examination will take place to determine the cause of death. At this time, it is being considered unexplained.

“A report will now be sent to the Procurator Fiscal.”

The base on the west coast of Scotland is home to the UK’s nuclear submarines, but ‘senior officials’ recently suggested they could be moved to naval bases in the US or France if Scotland votes Yes in a second referendum on independence. 

Faslane was established and first used in World War II. Four nuclear submarines were then built following negotiations between the USA and Faslane for the acquisition of a missile-defense system.

The base was selected because of its remote location that allowed for easy navigation and deep water.

It also inspired the fictional base used in hit BBC drama Vigil, starring Suranne Jones and Martin Compston.