For a routine check, police pull over 55-year old woman motorist to see if she had a valid driver’s license.

  • Wiltshire police stopped a female motorist as part of a routine check
  • They discovered 55-year-old had been driving without a full licence since 1983
  • A truck called A350 close to Melksham in order to tow the car. It was also advised that the woman arrange for a home lift.

Police in Wiltshire pulled over a woman 55 years old for routine checks. They were stunned to discover that she hadn’t had a full license since 1983.

She was on the A350, near Melksham, when officers stopped her to conduct checks.

However, the police discovered that she has been driving with a valid license since she was 17.

Traffic police in Wiltshire who pulled over a 55-year-old woman motorist in a routine check were shocked to find she had been driving without a full licence since 1983

Wiltshire’s traffic officers pulled over 55-year old woman driver in routine checks.

The woman admitted how she learnt to drive as a schoolgirl when Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister and before rear seat belts were compulsory, but never took a test to gain a full licence.

Wiltshire police told her to get a ride or to walk home. She was not allowed to travel further and called for a recovery truck to seize her vehicle.

Wiltshire Special Ops posted a picture of a silver Citroen Pablo, thought to belong to the woman, being loaded onto a recovery truck. 

The woman had been travelling on the A350 near Melksham when she was stopped by officers who were carrying out checks in the area

Officers were conducting checks around the area and stopped the woman, who was travelling along the A350 in Melksham.

A driving without a license can result in penalty points, fines or imprisonment of up to six month.

Wiltshire Police tweeted that they were checking the A350 in Melksham. Although the driver, 55 years old, of this vehicle has been driving it since she was 17. She has not had a full-time licence.

If you don’t have insurance or a license, there’s a recovery vehicle waiting for your car.

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