Video of a car crash: After several reckless drivers were convicted of motoring violations, police released heart-stopping footage from a dashcam.

  • Police released heart-stopping dashcam video of  near-misses on UK roads
  • This comes just after several reckless drivers were convicted of motoring offenses
  • Footage shows Northamptonshire chaos is narrowly avoided by dangerous drivers

The footage shows police capturing a sequence of near misses and terrifying moments after motorists have been convicted for dangerous driving.

A shocking dash cam video captures drivers narrowly avoiding traffic accidents on Northamptonshire’s streets, motorways, and dual carriageways.

A huge HGV is seen overtaking another car, pushing it off the road. In another clip, a driver went down the wrong road and drove onto a slip road.

One BMW driver was captured doing 60 mph on a residential street while another motorist was seen weaving across the lanes.

Many clips depict other members of society being forced into evasive actions to avoid collisions due to reckless driving or excessive speeding.

Northamptonshire Police released the footage after nine drivers were sentenced to a total of seven-and-a-half years of driving bans and £2,334 of fines and costs.

Five defendants were required to pass extended driving exams, along with unpaid work or community orders.

Footage release by police shows a series of heart-stopping moments on British roads

Police have released footage that shows several heartbreaking moments in British roads 

In one  clip a drive of a large lorry dangerously overtakes a car that catches the manoeuvre on camera

In one  clip a drive of a large lorry dangerously overtakes a car that catches the manoeuvre on camera

Northamptonshire Police released the string of clips after a number of drivers were convicted for motoring offences

Northamptonshire Police has released the video clips following a string of motorists being convicted of motoring violations

Other members of the public were forced to dodge the reckless dirvers in a bid to save themselves

Others were made to avoid the dangerous dirvers by the general public in an effort to save their lives.

Dash-cam video shows drivers narrowly avoiding carnage on the streets, dual carriageways and motorways

Drivers narrowly avoid carnage in the streets, on dual carriageways or motorways by using dash-cam footage

This driver wove around a car and overtook it on the inside line, which is against the law

A driver wrapped around a car and took it over the line. This is illegal.

Each incident was caught on camera and compiled by the police to show the chaos dangerous driving can cause

Every incident was captured on video and compiling by police shows the chaos that dangerous driving can create