Three men are being sought by police in relation to violent clashes among hunt supporters and animal rights activists that took place during a Boxing Day riding.

  • At the Avon Vale Hunt meeting in Lacock, Wiltshire, a few scuffles broke out 
  • Social media users shared a lot of footage showing punches being thrown. 
  • Wiltshire Police has arrested three people aged 18, 26, and 30, on suspicion of affray 
  • The couple is now looking for three additional people and have released images of them on New Year’s Day

Three suspects in violent clashes in Wiltshire’s annual hunt have been captured by police.

At this year’s Boxing Day Avon Vale Hunt meet in Lacock (December 27), anti-hunting activists and their supporters got into an argument.

The footage of punks being thrown, and someone getting hit with a placard was widely shared via social media.

Wiltshire Police arrested three Wiltshire males aged 26, 30 and 26 on suspicion for affray. Now they are looking to arrest three others.

Police have released images of three men wanted in connection with violent clashes at an annual hunt in Wiltshire. Scuffles broke out between anti-hunting protesters and supporters at the Boxing Day meet of the Avon Vale Hunt in the village of Lacock, which this year was held on December 27

Three men were arrested in relation to violent clashes during an annual Wiltshire hunt. Police released photos. At the Boxing Day Avon Vale Hunt, Lacock on December 27, 2017, anti-hunting supporters and protesters got into a scuffle.

A white male wearing a black beanie hat and dark glasses was released by the police on New Year’s Day.

Second suspect, who is white and bald, was wearing dark clothes, blue hoodie and black gloves, and large black mask on his face.

Last man, a white male with greying short hair wearing a Berghaus jacket.

Anybody who recognizes one of these suspects is asked to contact Wiltshire Police at 101, quoting reference 54210125809.

According to the force, all three of those previously detained have been released after an investigation.

The violent scenes, which saw around 100 saboteurs surround the pack chanting and screaming, marred one of the staple days in the country calendar

A total of 100 people were saboteurs who surrounded the group screaming and shouting, making it one of the main days in the country’s calendar.

There have been complaints about the conduct and professionalism of the officers who policing this event.

The Office of the Wiltshire Police and Crime Commissioner stated previously that they were evaluating the complaints.

A spokeswoman for Avon Vale Hunt stated that they were aware of an altercation between hunt protesters and members of the Avon Vale Hunt. It took place at Lacock, on December 27th.

“Any correspondence regarding the conduct of Wiltshire Police in relation to this incident has been received by the OPCC complaints group. This provides investigative autonomy and oversight.

“All correspondence will receive an honest, fair and transparent treatment. The outcome will be communicated to the correspondents.

“Should you file a legal eligible complaint, the official complaints procedure will be used.

This shocking video shows the fights that took place outside Red Lion in Lacock.

The Avon Vale Hunt was surrounded by around 100 hunt saboteurs, who are hunters trying to stop hunting as legal.

The pro-hunter defended himself as others tried to round on him, with one demonstrator trying to choke him from behind during the vicious attack in Lacock, near Chippenham, in Wiltshire

The Pro-Hunter stood firm as other demonstrators tried to surround him. One attempted to choke him in the vicious attack at Lacock in Wiltshire, close to Chippenham.

They shouted repeatedly “shame on YOU” at huntsmen and their horses, and wave banners at riders.

A countryman held onto his hands as he tried for reason with the mob. He slowly moved between them, pleading to be calm.

When the huntsman had blown his horn, the pack moved to the field. But violence broke out between the groups that were still at the bar.

Some of their supporters attempted to direct the protesters away from oncoming horses by trying to lead them, but the overwhelming force of protesters resisted.

The middle-aged man reached for his elbow and wrapped it around one of the pro hunter’s necks before trying to headlock him. Another punched him in the face.

Although the victim attempted to strike back, he and another man pushed them away before Wiltshire police arrived.

Later footage captured one huntsman talking calmly with a female officer, while the anti-hunt protester shouted at her. She was then told to be quiet.