Today, detectives investigating the finding of a body believed to be the missing nurse Petra Srncova have revealed they believe the death not suspicious.

Ms. Srncova (32), a senior nursing assistant was last seen on her way back home, after she had finished her shift at Evelina London Children’s Hospital in Westminster.

Her bus journey to Camberwell from south-east London took her there.  

Camberwell Police were dispatched to Brunswick Park on Sunday to inquire into the disappearance of her mother. A group of children were reported to have found the body in this area around 11.40am.   

The body may not be Ms Srncova, however detectives say they will conduct a formal post-mortem examination in the near future.

Scotland Yard claimed that Ms. Srncova was informed by her family back in the Czech Republic. 

Jakub Kulhanek, Czech Foreign Minister, stated today that Ms Srncova’s body was confirmed by the Met.

A body has been found in the hunt for missing nurse Petra Srncova (pictured) at a south London park, close to where she vanished two weeks ago

In the search for missing nurse Petra Srncova, a body was found at a South London park. It is close to her disappearance two weeks ago.

The South London park is in lockdown after the discovery of the body this morning

Following the finding of the body today, South London’s park has been placed under lockdown 

Today’s detectives indicated that the initial investigations they made suggest they are not suspicious of the murder of Brunswick Park resident, but did not suspect it. 

Police had previously been believed to be investigating reports of an odd guy’ stalking employees at the hospital where Ms. Srncova worked. 

Met Police spokesperson stated that they are appealing to the public for any information regarding missing senior nurse assistant Petra Srncova, Camberwell. 

Police were summoned by the public at 11:40 on Sunday, December 12, to investigate reports about the remains of a body found in Brunswick Park (SE5). 

“Officers arrived and discovered a deceased woman. While her death has been ruled unnatural, preliminary inquiries indicate that it is not suspicious. 

“A postmortem examination will take places in due course. While formal identification awaits, Petra’s family have been informed of this development.’ 

Yesterday was a day of rest for the victims. During the night, forensic investigators built a blue tent to protect the site.

An NHS worker responded to an appeal for more information regarding social media. A nurse had informed her that she was being monitored as she left the hospital.

“I called her and she said she didn’t want me to end the call. She pretended that she was going to meet me at the station as she had an unusual man following.” The paediatric nurse sent a tweet to the Met. 

This health worker was contacted by the force, who said that investigators would be interested in receiving any additional information from the public.

Harriet Harman (Miss Srncova’s MP), was seen giving out posters missing on Saturday.

She stated, “Body found near Petra’s home in a small park.” It was so, so tragic.

Missing person posters were placed around London in a desperate bid to find the nursing assistant after she was last seen 2 weeks ago

Yesterday MP Hsrriet Harman spoke in Camberwell as she headed a search party and handed out missing person posters

Following her disappearance 2 weeks back, posters identifying missing persons were put up in London. MP Harriet Harman spoke yesterday about the situation. 

Pictured: Police at the scene in Brunswick Park

The park has been closed while police make investigations

She was becoming increasingly anxious about her safety and police issued an appeal for any witnesses to contact them. Pictured right: Brunswick Park Police officers on the scene

According to reports, Miss Srncova was wearing a green jacket and carrying a backpack as she left the hospital at 7.45pm on Nov 28. 

The police said that she had taken money from a bank before getting on a bus to Elephant and Castle.

The bus then took Miss Srncova southbound to her house. 

After her failure to show up at work on the 3rd of December, a colleague called the police.

Police have informed Ms Srncova's family of the development but formal identification has yet to take place. Pictured: The police cordon at the scene in Brunswick Park today

Although Ms. Srncova was informed by the police, formal identification is still to be done. Pictured: Today’s police presence at Brunswick Park.

Selda Kayam, 36-year-old mother-of-two, told MyLondon she was a resident of London and that her friend had found the body in the park.

She explained that it was quite frightening for her, and she felt unsafe.

I don’t really feel at home. It’s not clear if my children would like to go back to the park.

“When my friends’ kids ran around in the park, that was when they noticed it.” It is truly shocking.

Fred, a local resident said that he felt ‘unsettled.

He said that there had been a crime in the vicinity about one month before this incident.

Investigations are ongoing by forensics (pictured) but many residents have been questioned by police

Forensics have been at the scene since lunchtime investigating (pictured)

Police have questioned many people and are continuing investigations using forensics.

According to the man, he said he’s not been in trouble but that it has left him feeling uneasy after a body was discovered near his house.

Evelina, the trust’s representative, tweeted that yesterday’s developments were very concerning and alarming.

Our thoughts are with Petra’s friends, family and colleagues during this extremely difficult time.

London: The Czech Embassy expressed its deepest sympathy to the family members of the Czech citizen who died.

The man who was arrested in relation to the disappearance of her daughter has been released on bail pending further investigations.