Stickshift! Vauxhall Astra is taken by police as a death trap by learner drivers. The Vauxhall Astra was being held with DUCTTAPE

  • The car of a learner driver, which was only held together by duct tape, was taken into police custody
  • Yesterday, officers pulled the Vauxhall Astra grey Vauxhall Astra over in Telford (Shropshire). 
  • The motorist was not insured and had been reported for driving offenses

A police officer seized the car belonging to a driver who was learning how to drive. It had been held together by duct tape.

The grey VauxhallAstra was stopped by officers in Telford, Shropshire yesterday. It turned out that the driver didn’t have any insurance.

Also, the vehicle’s front was covered in ducttape. It was scattered across the bonnet as well as the driver’s front headlight.

Police have seized a learner driver's 'death trap' car which they found held together with just duct tape. Officers pulled over the grey Vauxhall Astra yesterday in Telford, Shropshire and found the driver had no insurance

The car of a learner driver was found to be a ‘death trap,’ and police have taken it into custody. They only used duct tape to hold it together. Yesterday, officers pulled the gray Vauxhall Astra over in Telford (Shropshire) and discovered that the driver did not have insurance.

According to West Mercia Police, the car was seized. The motorist was then reported by the police for driving violations.

Telford Cops posted images of their car to Twitter: “Can anyone guess what caught our attention with this vehicle?”

The front was held by ducttape, and the driver chose not to pay insurance.

Sharing images of the car on Twitter, Telford Cops said: ¿Can you guess what caught our eye with this car?'

Telford Cops shared images of the vehicle on Twitter and asked: “Can you guess what caught your eye with this car?”

West Mercia Police said the car was seized and the motorist reported for driving offences

The West Mercia Police reported that the vehicle was taken and that the driver had been charged with driving offenses

Insurance is required by law. However, insurance would not have covered the cost of a repair. Reported and confiscated.

One user on social media tweeted, “I hope that you can prove him wrong.”

One sarcastically added: “Yeah that looks safe to drive.”

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