Boris Johnson is now AHEAD OF Keir Starmer in a new poll about who would be the best prime minister – the first time a Labour leader beat a Tory premier since 2008. – while the Opposition chief gets ready to address the nation via BBC TONIGHT @ 7pm

  • Boris Johnson scores 13 points more than Keir Starmer on the’most capable PM?’ question 
  • This is the first time since 2008 that Labour leaders have led this debate. 
  • Survey conducted during, after and before row about No10 Christmas Party 

According to a new poll, Sir Keir Sterner is ahead of Boris Johnson in the race for the title of most competent prime minister. This marks the first appearance of a Labour leader before a Tory premier. 

Ipsos MORI conducted a survey and found that 44% of Britons believed Sir Keir would be the most successful PM, while 31% chose Mr Johnson. 

It is the lowest percentage of support for Johnson since his July 2019 election as Prime Minister. 

Sir Keir’s 13-point lead is unprecedented since Gordon Brown was David Cameron over ten years ago.    

This survey covered the time period between December 3rd and December 10, which included the periods before, during, and after the dispute over Downing Street’s Christmas celebration.        

As he responded to Johnson’s last night announcement to speed up the booster jab program, Sir Keir received a boost before addressing the nation. 

BBC One is scheduled to play Sir Keir’s pre-recorded speech at 7pm.    

A new poll has put Sir Keir Starmer ahead of Boris Johnson on who would make the most capable prime minister - the first time a Labour leader has been in front of a Tory premier since 2008

New polls have shown Sir Keir starmer leading Boris Johnson as the best prime minister candidate. It is the first time since 2008 that a Labour leader was in front of a Tory premier.

A survey conducted by Ipsos MORI found 44 per cent of Britons believe Sir Keir would make the best PM while 31 per cent chose Mr Johnson

Ipsos MORI conducted a survey and found that 44% of Britons think Sir Keir is the best PM, while 31% prefer Mr Johnson.

Ipsos MORI found that PM Johnson’s approval has dropped to the lowest level in five years since Johnson was appointed. 

28% of respondents said that they were satisfied with Johnson’s job, while 66% said they weren’t.

His net score of minus37 is 10 points lower than what he recorded in November, and it is his worst performance as premier. 

According to the poll, the Labour Party has a lead of five points over the Tories in general election voting intentions. 

Labour gained 39%, an improvement of three points, while Conservative Party got 34%. This was down by one point. 

This poll shows the Liberal Democrats at 11%, an increase of 2 points. The Green Party is down 4 points to 71%.

Gideon Skinner from Ipsos MORI was the head of politics. 

‘Of course it is still only mid-term and things can change, but people told us they cared about the Downing St Xmas party, and the last few weeks have all added up to the Prime Minister’s personal brand taking a hit.’