You can enjoy fizz, movies, four inches of snow, two films and games… just make sure that you get up at 8am. Our perfect Christmas Day: Poll results

  • According to a poll, the ideal December 25 is for every nation.
  • The survey asked 2 000 people about Christmas. 
  • A perfect day might include waking up at 8.30am and having lunch at 2.30pm. There would also be four inches of powder.
  • Also included would be fizz, board and card games, mince pies, gifts, and presents 

You could have a morning glass of bubbly or cracker jokes, or sprouts along with your roast dinner.

Christmas Day is unique for every family.

A poll now shows what the ideal December 25 should look like for the country as a whole.

The survey asked 2,000 people what they all did at Christmas to work out what the ideal day would look like in a typical household (stock image)

To find out how Christmas would be in your household, we asked 2000 respondents (stock photo)

To find out how Christmas would be in your household, we asked 2000 people to share their experiences. 

You would need to get up at 8am, eat your lunch at 2.30pm, and then cover four inches with snow.

At 10.28 am, a glass of fizz will be offered. Board games begin immediately after the main course and there are at least two films that the family has seen during the day. 

The poll revealed that 13 presents would be ideal and there should have been at least two mince pies.

The perfect day would involve waking up at 8am, sitting down to lunch by 2.30pm, and four inches of snow (stock image)

A perfect day might include waking up at 8.30am and having lunch around 2.30pm.

Nearly four in ten (38 per cent) adults said Christmas was their favourite time of the year (file image)

Close to four out of ten adults (38%) said Christmas was their favorite holiday (file photo)

A little over four-in-ten adults (38%) said Christmas was their favorite holiday.

But planning the perfect Christmas can take a lot of preparation, with us spending an average of £547 on expenses, including gifts, decorations and food shopping.

Ideal world: We’d spend only two hours and 45 minutes Christmas shopping.

In an ideal world, we would spend two hours and 45 minutes doing our Christmas shopping for the big day (stock image)

If we had a perfect world, it would take us two hours and 45 seconds to do our Christmas shopping (stock image).

33 percent of respondents prefer a Christmas tree that is real.

OnePoll conducted a survey and found that 25% of respondents felt more pressure this Christmas to give the best. These concerns included preparing food, entertaining loved ones and getting the best gifts.

Nearly 4 out 10 people feel pressured by Christmas. This is due to the lockdown disruption last year.

Vivien Waterfield of the Family Support Charity Home-Start UK stated that for many families, Christmas can be a very difficult time in the year. Many are faced with difficult choices when it comes to fuel and food, due to the rising cost of heating and other living expenses.

It can be especially hard during festive seasons, when parents want to give their children a touch of Christmas magic.

The survey, carried out by OnePoll, found a quarter of people were feeling more pressure to deliver the perfect Christmas this year (stock image)

OnePoll’s survey found 25% felt pressured to make Christmas perfect this year. Stock image