What is the future of pornstar martini drinking? The bar chain that has more than 1 million customers a year, dumps the passion fruit of Britain’s favorite cocktail because they believe it is too dangerous for the environment

  • Revolution Bars announced that it would no longer be serving passion fruit in its pornstar martinis
  • Fruit is often thrown away, has no flavor and isn’t environmentally friendly.
  • According to company, edible rice paper will be served with pornstar martini and edible rice paper instead of fruits

Traditional pornstar martini, one of Britain’s most beloved cocktails is now going green. The iconic passion fruit topper will go away in favor of something that is more eco-friendly.

According to The Times, Revolution Bars will not serve half of a passionfruit on its pornstar martinis at any one of their 66 locations in the UK. Instead, they will garnish the drinks with edible rice paper.

According to the company, it sells over one million pornstar martinis each year. They also said that half a million passion fruits are used annually and they ship them approximately 6,000 miles from South America.

It costs the company £130,000 to ship them over and causes more than 100 tonnes of carbon emissions.

Revolution’s chief executive stated that fruit adds no flavour, and is often lost by customers. So they were replaced with rice paper.

A pornstar martini

Passion fruit have to be flown in from South America to garnish cocktails at Revolution bars in the UK

Traditional pornstar martini, one of Britain’s most beloved cocktails is changing to something that is more sustainable. It will no longer have its passion fruit topping and it will be replaced with something else.

The Pornstar Martini was, in August this year, revealed as the World's most popular cocktail, based on Google search data with 18.4 million searches worldwide and was top in the UK

In August, The Pornstar Martini was named the most loved cocktail worldwide, according to Google search data, which had 18.4 millions searches around the globe. It was also tops in the UK

How to make traditional Pornstar Martini 

Pornstar Martini

Pornstar Martini


  • Vanilla Vodka – 30ml
  • Passoa – 30ml
  • Passionfruit Juice – 10ml 
  • Lime Juice, 10ml 
  • A half-cup of Passion Fruit, a shot Prosecco

Here are some recipes

Use a cocktail shaker:

  1. Mix Ice, Vanilla Vodka and Passoa with Passionfruit Juice or Lime Juice in a cocktail shaker
  2. Well shake
  3. Strain into a Cocktail Glass
  4. Serve with half a Passionfruit and Prosecco.


  1. To make a cocktail glass, add Ice, Vanilla Vodka and Passoa to the mixture.
  2. Add half of a Passion Fruit to the bowl and add a splash of Prosecco.

Traditional cocktails include a combination of fresh passion fruit, passion liqueur and vanilla vodka. A shot of Prosecco is added to the mix. 

Douglas Ankrah, who was 51 years old when he created the traditional pornstar martini.

Ankrah’s name was firmly etched in history of cocktailing when he made the Pornstar Martini at Knightsbridge bar Townhouse, in 2003.

Ankrah claims that he came up with the name of the cocktail after visiting a Cape Town gentlemen’s club. Master of Malt 2019 reports: “The cocktail looked so sexy, it was like something a pornstar might drink.” 

He also added: ‘When I first made it, I had no idea it was going to be neo classic’, but he later created a  bottled version, because he was fed up of tasting badly-made versions of his tipple.

Ankrah launched his line of Pornstar Martinis, which has become the world’s most loved cocktail.

Pornstar Martini was first created in 1993. It has featured on many top cocktail lists. According to Google search data, this cocktail was named as the “World’s Most Popular Cocktail” in August 2012.

The figures revealed there were more than 18.4million searches worldwide for Pornstar Martini, with the Pina Colada – top in America – ranking second with 10.5million searches and the Aperol Spritz in third with more than 8.2million registered searches. 

Data also revealed that the UK was one of the countries in which the Pornstar Martini has been most popular and most desired cocktail in Africa.

In 2018, Marks & Spencer was accused of sexism for selling £2 ‘Porn Star Martini’ cocktails.

Women’s rights activists and shoppers claimed the high street firm was “normalizing porn” with the tinned drink. 

After a decision by The Portman Group, an alcohol watchdog, the supermarket giant had to change its name to Passion Star Martinis. 

Ankrah the Creator insists there is nothing sexual.

“The drink is extremely evocative, and it’s very tantalizing.” It was named Pornstar by me because it was something a pornstar would drink. There’s nothing sexual about it, Ankrah explained to The Buyer during a 2019 interview.

Speaking at a Zero Carbon Forum event, Revolution Bars CEO Rob Pitcher said the decision was made to remove the passion fruit because it was often taken off by customers anyway.

He explained that it was only getting in their way of drinking. They bang on their noses [them] — we fly it all the way from South America to do that.’

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