Six women were attacked by a sex predator days after being released from prison for similar offenses. He was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Joshua Victorin was 24, and was expected to be under control when he began a 12 day terror attack during the holiday season.

Inner London crown court heard that he attacked four women in one day.

Victorin had previously been slain a prisoner and also a worker in the drug and alcohol industry.

In December, he was freed and attacked the next victim. She got off a Peckham bus on December 23, 2020.

Claire Harden Frost, the prosecutor at an earlier hearing stated that these offences could be seen in conjunction with a campaign against rapes and sexual assaults of women who walk alone on London’s streets.

“This is, honestly, the worst thing that can happen in such a situation.”

Joshua Victorin (pictured), 24, was supposed to be under supervision when he embarked on a 12-day spree of terror during the festive season last year

Joshua Victorin, 24, (pictured), was supposed to have been under surveillance when he went on the 12-day terror spree during last year’s festive season

Judge Silas Reid stated to him that he had grabbed his victim with both hands and made her scream. She screamed as you pulled her legs to the ground with your both hands.

“A passerby observed her holding your hands tightly around her waist. That night, the second victim was returning home from Elephant and Castle.

“You wore dark clothes. She grabbed you and pulled down her pants, causing her fall.

“You pulled up your trousers. She was on your back. Each of her legs was held in your hands.

“When challenged by security guards, you did not immediately stop what you were doing but you pulled her to the side so she could continue.

“You tried to rape your victim with what was called a neutral expression. This is what you came close to doing. [this victim’s]Life and relationships

“She was planning to have a child with her husband before this attack, but she has not been able to because of the things you did to her.”

The victim later said that the worst thing could have happened. I could not have held him back for more.

“He could have cut my throat or choked on me. If my head hit the ground in another way, it would have left me six feet below.

Victorin's previous victims included a prison officer as well as a drug and alcohol worker

Victorin was previously a victim of both a police officer and drug and alcohol workers.

She was on her way to a shop on Sunday when the attack occurred at 7.30pm.

On January 4, Victorin committed four sex attacks in Bermondsey and Elephant and Castle.

Victorin sat behind each woman, grasping their legs and waists.

The sixth victim’s trousers were taken down by him. He then pulled them up and pulled her toward himself so her groin was in front of him, panting.

Victorin was brought to trial three days later.

Officers asked him if he would be allowed to leave immediately. He explained that he had done too much contemplation and was sorry.

Judge Reid stated that there is no evidence to support the claim that you are a threat for a long time. Charming and even a bit sincere can make you seem genuine.

“Understanding you do not have any real comprehension of the consequences of your actions or are just unaware of their impact.

Laura (not her real name), pictured, was saved from the rapist by a security guard who witnessed the attack near her home in London. She is one of seven women attacked by the same man

Laura, not her real name, was saved by the security guard who saw the attack at her London home. This is the seventh attack on a woman by the same man.

You disguised your self to be invisible, but you were determined each day to get a victim.

You were not discouraged by being interrupted at the same time on both the first and second occasion by members the public.

“I refuse to believe that you are capable of genuine repentance.” In the past, you claimed that victim awareness was something that you had done many times.

“These actions show that those words are not true at this time.”

Stephen Akinsanya, the defense, stated that his client had earlier indicated remorse. He added: “This young man is unable or has not been able to control sexual urges. It is an area where he requires help.” 

Victorin was sentenced to a life term with a minimum of 8 years and 8 months. He will also be released from custody after 334 days for two attempted rapes.

Concurrent sentences of three years, two months each were given to him for his sexual assaults. There was no separate sentence for possessing cannabis.

Vitorin was a Southwark resident who admitted to having attempted rapes twice, and that he had four sexual assaults. Vitorin also confessed to possessing cannabis.