Florida librarian 35-years-old is killed in an accident involving road rage. She ‘intentionally’ drove her Kia through a motorcycle rider, who then followed her home. He fired back at her as a retaliation.

  • Sara-Nicole Morales (35), was gunned down in Florida after a road rage incident. 
  • Police say Morales, a pregnant mom-of-one librarian, intentionally hit motorcyclist Andrew Derr with her car and fled 
  • Derr, along with other witnesses, called the police to follow her home.
  • Morales went in and came back pointing a gun. She could be heard on 911 calling Derr and other men telling her to go home.
  • Derr has a valid concealed weapons permit. He pulled his gun and shot multiple shots, hitting Morales
  • Morales, five months pregnant, had her second baby at the time. She was unfortunately not saved.
  • The police detained Derr, who told them Morales attempted to kill him. Derr then reacted in self-defense  

Florida librarian, five months pregnant, was shot and killed by police after she allegedly intentionally struck a motorcyclist in the head with her vehicle. This led to an argument outside her house that eventually resulted in her death. 

The Orange City Police Department reports that the incident started just before 5:14 pm on Saturday. Cops were called by 911 to report a hit and run accident.

According to investigators, Sara-Nicole Morales, 35, intentionally struck Andrew Derr (40), while riding her motorcycle in a blue Kia. She then ran from the scene. 

Derr, who wasn’t hurt, followed Morales and witnesses to stop her escaping, until she was stopped by police. 

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Pregnant Florida librarian Sara-Nicole Morales, 35, was shot dead after a road rage incident in which police say she was the aggressor

Pregnant Florida librarian Sara-Nicole Morales, 35, was shot dead after a road rage incident in which police say she was the aggressor 

Motorcyclist Andrew Derr, 40, shot and killed Morales after police say she pointing a gun at him because he followed her home

Andrew Derr, 40-year-old motorcyclist, killed Morales when she pointed a gun towards him, police said. He was following her home, according to the officers.  

Derr, along with the other officers, tried to stop Morales at making a turn at an intersection nearby. The officer told Morales to keep her there until the police arrived but she declined and drove off.   

Morales eventually pulled in front of the home of Derr in the 1000 block East Wisconsin Avenue. 

Morales called 911 to inform a dispatcher that she was under threat from aggressive men. 

‘You’re three men. You followed me. Morales shouts “Leave Me Alone” on the 911 call.  

Morales intentionally hit Derr's motorcycle (pictured) with her Kia and tried to flee the scene, according to police in Orange City

Police in Orange City claim that Morales hit Derr’s motorcycle with her Kia, and then tried to flee. 

Derr and witnesses followed Morales home after calling the police. The woman went inside and then re-emerged with a gun

Following the call to police, witnesses and Derr followed Morales home with their witness list. Following the call to police, witnesses and Derr followed Morales back home.  

Body camera video shows police ordering Derr to lie face down on the ground and not move

Video from a body camera shows Derr being ordered by police to remain face-down on the ground.

Derr, who holds a Florida concealed weapons license, pulled his pistol and began firing multiple rounds. Morales was struck. 

Witnesses were talking to a dispatcher on 911 when gunfire broke out, and then there was screams. 

Derr, according to the witness, shot the woman “in self-defense.”  

Morales’s mother was taken to Halifax Health Medical Center where she was declared dead. Fox 35 reported that her family believed she was five-months pregnant. The child did not survive. Morales also leaves behind an 11-year-old daughter and a fiancé.

She worked as a librarian at the Pierson Public Library since 2019. 

The police released body camera footage that showed Derr being ordered by officers to lay face-down on the ground. 

Morales worked at the Pierson Public Library to support her 11-year-old daughter

Morales was a Pierson Public Library employee to help her daughter, 11 years old.  

“I am not moving.” Derr pleads with the officers not to shoot her, then unprompted, he adds: ‘That girl tried and killed me. I was pointed at by her gun. “… I am so sorry.”

Derr demanded that police officers release him from detention by handcuffing him.  

Derr is believed to have cooperated with law enforcement. He was not charged with Morales’ murder as of Tuesday.