Premier League clubs will hold crunch discussions over festive firebreak. Top-flight executives are expected to discuss stopping games at Monday’s meeting after Covid destroyed the weekend fixture list.

  • Covid led to the cancellation of six Premier League games this weekend.
  • You could postpone one round from December 28-30 to allow for more time.
  • Summit meeting will discuss protocol for calling off matches. 
  • Players without vaccinations are also welcome to participate in the event.

Premier League clubs may consider Monday triggering an emergency summit Christmas circuit-breaker.

Covid is continuing to tear through the fixture calendar with six of 10 Premier League games being cancelled. Senior representatives from all top-flight sides are now meeting for what’s been called a festive firebreak’.

One option is to discuss a short break. This would mean postponing one set of fixtures between December 28 and 30, but it’s not clear if it will be supported by 14 of 20 clubs. Some, such as Tottenham, already have an enforced rest.

Newcastle duo Jacob Murphy (L) and Karl Darlow (R) show their Covid passes at St James' Park

Jacob Murphy, a Newcastle couple (L), and Karl Darlow (R), show off their Covid passes in St James’ Park

Expect to see the financial implications of cancelling television contracts and the lack of space on the calendar due to the disruption caused in Qatar by the winter World Cup. 

It will also discuss the implications for player welfare. The agenda will include players who are not yet vaccinated. However, it is unlikely that anyone refusing the vaccine will be excluded from training or travel.

Fans have complained that late calls are making them feel lost and will be discussing protocols for calling off matches. Two hours prior to kick-off, Aston Villa’s match against Burnley was postponed.

Premier League uses a “matchday minus one” PCR testing method. It is understood that results can take up to 12 hours. That leaves little for maneuverability.

Man City manager Pep Guardiola stressed that the Covid spread was not just football's issue

Pep Guardiola, Man City’s manager, stressed that Covid was more than just a football issue.

The rescheduling and reorganization of a meeting with players and captains that had been set for Monday was also controversial. It had been moved due to the summit. Some feel that the meeting should have taken place and had all opinions considered by board members.

An insider stated that it didn’t make sense. It is the managers and players who are most affected by this. Why would they allow you to their meetings? It would make sense that their input would be one of the most critical factors to take into consideration.

The top flight has been heavily criticised by some, and there are still many people who don’t like it. Pep Guardiola said that Covid spreading wasn’t just a football issue after Sunday’s win against Newcastle United by Manchester City.

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp warned Premier League clubs will need help to continue playing

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp warned Premier League clubs will need help to continue playing

His response was: “It’s not an issue with the Premier League, it is a problem in society.” There are people on the streets. I don’t see anyone wearing masks. Because of the risks, we strive to make our employees and players feel safe. This problem is worldwide. This is the new version. The Premier League will be supported by us.

Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool manager said: “If we continue, we cannot just keep on doing the same thing as before. Before coronavirus, we said that football is extremely popular and that people cannot stop consuming the wealth they receive. Coronavirus is a new problem. Nobody has retreated so far.

“If we’re able to get through it, tomorrow we could wake up and discover that there are many cases we need and cannot play.” Although we would rather play, then we will need to get help.

Aston Villa postponed their clash with Burnley after suffering a Covid outbreak

After suffering from a Covid epidemic, Aston Villa decided to postpone their clash against Burnley.