Premier League leaders will be confronted by furious managers and players during Zoom calls, as many are worried about their health due to playing in the midst of a surge in Covid cases

  • Premier League bosses and top-flight players are ready to voice their dissatisfaction at the Premier League’s decision to continue with the busy winter schedule
  • The Premier League was forced to postpone its games due to an increase in Omicron Covid cases 
  • Playing on is putting players at risk, they feel. 

Premier League players and managers are anticipating an angry outpouring from them on Thursday, as the fall-out of the decision not calling a festive minibreak continues.

Two zoom calls will be held between top-flight officers to talk to managers and captains from each club to explain why the Covid surge has not caused a temporary break in the season.

On Wednesday night, meetings had been scheduled to continue despite doubts from certain clubs about whether they will actually be held.

Players and bosses have already decided to hold the meetings in order to vent their frustrations about the festive calendar being pushed ahead despite having received 90 positive results from their previous round of testing.

A number of club personnel are concerned about scheduling and feeling like their health may be at risk by continuing to play.

The Premier League are preparing themselves for an outpouring of anger from players and managers over the decision to press ahead with the hectic festive schedule

Premier League managers and players are bracing for a storm of fury at their decision to continue with the busy festive season. 

That view is expected to be emphasised during both calls on Thursday, with the tone of the meeting set to make uncomfortable listening for Premier League officials, who pushed back against calls for a festive ‘circuit-breaker’ during an emergency meeting of all clubs on Monday. 

SportmailThis has brought out the concerns of many players. Many are angry at their clubs executives for not pressing hard for a Christmas hiatus.

Jurgen Klopp is the Liverpool manager and has advocated strongly for players welfare. Covid has become more prevalent in recent weeks.

Premier League players believe their health is being put in jeopardy by continuing to play on

Premier League players feel their health is in danger by playing on.

Indeed, the German is likely to make his feelings crystal clear during today’s scheduled talks.

Similarly, his captain Jordan Henderson said yesterday that the issue of player welfare isn’t taken seriously.

Aston Villa boss Steven Gerrard admitted he fully understood the apprehensions of players, adding: ‘We had a situation at the weekend where one of the players was reluctant to get out of his car because he had some symptoms and he’s got a young family, and you can totally understand his view in his situation.

‘This is a guy who’s got a young family, it is Christmas time, and that’s the situation everyone is in.

Top-flight players and bosses are set to use the Zoom meetings with the Premier League this week to vent their huge frustrations at the decision

Zoom Meetings with Premier League players and managers will be used this week by top-flight stars to air their frustrations over the decision 

‘No-one wants to get this virus. All people want to safeguard their family. This is our job, and you should always remember that your family is your first priority.

‘Thankfully he was tested after and he didn’t have a situation, but that player would not have been available for me on the day, and these are the little situations that people don’t see.

‘We’ve got a major responsibility to listen to the players and deal with every situation as it comes your way.’