Shelter is a homelessness charity that expressed disappointment at Premier League refusing to let its clubs wear their kit next month. This was in an effort to raise funds and awareness about those who live on the streets. 

As SportmailThis week’s exclusive reveal reveals that the charity is asking home teams for their support by playing in away kits December 26-27. Many clubs have approached the Premier League this week in order to be allowed to join the project.

Premier League leaders said the proposal violated regulations and that they could not allow clubs to alter their kits. In the meantime, EFL gave its support. 

And Shelter’s director of campaigns Osama Bhutta has hit out at the Premier League for being ‘perfectly placed’ to help out via the kit swap, but thanked those clubs and players who want to help out for giving their support to the cause.  

Bhutta stated that the Premier League had made a decision to not give any flexibility for making this as large as possible. 

Homeless charity Shelter has slammed the Premier League for not allowing home clubs to wear home kits over Christmas in a bid to support homelessness (pictured: Liverpool away kit)

Shelter is a homelessness charity that has criticised Premier League over not allowing home teams to wear their home kit during Christmas. This was in an effort to assist homelessness.

Shelter wanted teams like Manchester City (above) to wear away kits at home on Boxing Day to raise awareness and funds for homelessness

Shelter asked Manchester City teams (above), to give away boxes at home for Boxing Day in order to increase awareness and raise funds to help those experiencing homelessness.

‘But we hope as many different teams, players and fans – from the grassroot community clubs to the very top – will still get involved in whatever way they can to help fight homelessness with us this Christmas.

‘People should have a safe home, and far too many don’t – that is the biggest rule that has been broken here. Because of the value of the word “home”, the football community has the perfect opportunity to assist.

‘We are excited and encouraged that so many people and clubs have already pledged their support and will be wearing their away kits on Boxing Day – and we know more will follow.’ 

Shelter — who campaign to end homelessness and bad housing — wanted clubs to make the festive fixtures ‘the annual event where football fights homelessness’. 

Premier League clubs expressed their desire to help out, but the league rejected the idea

Premier League clubs offered to support the League, but it was rejected by the league

In an effort to get support they sent out a broad-ranging presentation. They informed clubs that there were 280,000 registered homeless people in England before the pandemic and more than 130,000 families made homeless by it.

They believe that switching from away to home jerseys is a small act of solidarity in a nation facing a housing crisis. Fans are encouraged to change their colours and ditch their home-shirts. 

As SportmailThe Premier League’s refusal to approve the amended kit has been revealed for the first time this week. This triggered widespread protests and at the meeting of top flight clubs this week the matter was discussed under the heading of ‘any other businesses’. Sources claim that the Premier League decision was accepted by clubs.

At the EFL, Cardiff, Portsmouth and London have both been given permission. Two more teams, however, have now followed the lead of the EFL. There are 19 other teams that expressed an interest in wearing the No Home Kit change kits. SportsmailCoverage 

The EFL have given their support to the cause, with 19 teams expressing an interest in the project

EFL supported the cause with support from 19 teams.

Some people have questioned the Premier League’s position. Gary Neville (ex-Manchester United defender) was one of those who spoke out.

He wrote, “Imagine not accepting a request to fund awareness and money for homelessness,” If clubs are persistent, they can make a Johnson-like turn.

According to the competition, rule M.22.1 says “the home strip will be home club’s first priority”. The M section states, however that each club shall assign a shirt number for each player of the first squad. 

Stuart Latimer, from Newcastle United’s group, urged the Premier League to have a change of heart. It would be simple, he stated.

A Newcastle United fan group joined Gary Neville in urging the league to reconsider its stance

Gary Neville joined a Newcastle United fan club in asking the league for a change of heart.

“People will naturally ask their teams why they are wearing the away team strip instead of their home. This raises awareness for Shelter, a charity that helps those who are homeless at this special season when many of us feel safe and warm, surrounded with family and friends, and is a time to celebrate. The Premier League should reconsider this, I believe.

After signing from Juventus, Edinson Cavani wore the No 7 shirt for Manchester United this season. However, the Premier League granted the club permission to give the number back to Cristiano Ronaldo.

Boxing Day is home for Liverpool, Wolves (Burley), Manchester City and Norwich as well as Tottenham, West Ham, Aston Villa, Tottenham and Tottenham. Manchester United will be hosting Newcastle on December 27.

Shelter may also allow them to choose to help in some other way, like wearing warm-up t-shirts.