Rob Crilly, Senior U.S. Political Reporter

According to’s list, five Mi-17 helicopters were sent by the Biden government, as well as more than 21,000 Javelin antitank missiles, 70 Humvees and 40 million rounds ammunition to Ukrainian fighters. There have also been hundreds and hundreds small arms.

It is clear that the Pentagon has already provided military assistance to Ukraine, as they are desperately trying repel Russian invasions.

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden presented a new package for Ukraine, which included 9,000 drones and 7,700 small arms. However, he is still under intense pressure to deliver more assistance to Poland’s MiG-29 fighter planes.

Other nations may have proclaimed their arms sales, but the Pentagon is still cautious to avoid revealing too much information about Ukraine’s capabilities.

A list was circulated to Congress and published later by the White House. It details all the U.S. assistance received so far.

There are more than 600 Stinger antiaircraft systems

Stinger missiles have helped prevent Russia claiming air superiority over Ukraine. Instead, its air force has launched cruise missiles inside Russian air space rather than risk being shot down

Russia has been unable to claim air supremacy over Ukraine thanks to the Stinger missiles. Instead of risking being shot down, Russia’s air force launched cruise missiles into Russian airspace.

According to senior Pentagon officials, Russia is not able to assert air supremacy over Ukraine. They are also launching cruise missiles within their airspace to avoid being in range of Stinger missiles.

There are surface-to-air infrared homing missiles which can be carried on the shoulders.

This explosive warhead is capable of accelerating to two times the speed sound’s speed and hitting targets up to three miles away.

Since 1981, they have been in production. 

They came to worldwide prominence in the mid 1980s when the Afghan Mujahideen credited them with downing hundreds of Soviet aircraft, hobbling Moscow’s war machine and forcing the eventual Soviet withdrawal. 

There are approximately 2,600 Javelin antiarmor system 

A Ukrainian service member carries a Javelin missile system at a position on the front line in the north Kyiv region. Javelins have helped halt a Russian armored advance on Kyiv

At a front-line position in north Kyiv, a Ukrainian soldier carries a Javelin Missile System. A Russian armoured advance on Kyiv has been stopped with the help of Javelins

Mobile Ukrainian squads with Javelin anti-tank weapons have been able to stop armored vehicles in their tracks, like this burned-out APC in Kharkiv

Armed with Javelin antitank weapons, mobile Ukrainian units were able to stop armored cars in their tracks. This is the case for this APC that was destroyed in Kharkiv. 

Effective hit-and-run strategies have been developed by mobile Ukrainian units against Russian armor and tanks. 

They are agile and fast, but part of this is because they use Javelin rockets.

The rocket’s fire-and forget design allows the operators to hide behind cover, while infrared technology pinpoints its target. The rocket can also reach high above tanks, which have the thinnest armor. 

Its impact has been so great that the Javelin is featured in a viral meme depicting it as ‘Saint Javelin’, protector of Ukraine, as well as as an icon carried by Mary Magdalene.

Five Mi-17 helicopters

Five Russian-made Mi-17 helicopters have been transferred from the defunct Afghan Air Force to Ukraine, probably for use as transports

Five Mi-17 Russian-made helicopters were taken from the Afghan Air Force and transferred to Ukraine. They are likely being used as transports.

These Russian-made helicopters have been in production since 1975 and can be found around the globe.

Five were used by Afghan Air Force, while five others were pulled last year as part of the U.S. drawdown and shipped to Ukraine where they were familiarized with Soviet-era aircraft.

The top speed is 280 miles an hour and it can work at heights as high of 22,000 feet. 

Although it is primarily used as a vehicle, there are also armed gunship variants.   

Three patrol boats

Three Island-class former U.S. Coast Guard patrol boats have been delivered to Ukraine

Ukraine received three ex-Coast Guard patrol boats of the Island class from the United States.

To support Ukraine’s Navy, we received two refurbished U.S. Coast Guard Patrol boats last year.  

Two Island-class cutters can reach speeds of nearly 30 knots. Reuters reports that Ukrainian sailors were already trained in America on these vessels. 

Biden said Wednesday that they had been armed.  

Counter-artillery radars for four counter-unmanned aerial systems and tracking radars for counter-unmanned aerial systems  

Depending on the weather conditions and terrain, counter-battery radar is able to locate hostile batteries approximately 30 miles from you. 

Other than the fact that these systems include anti-Russian drone devices, there were no further details. 

Klein arms 

In addition to larger weapons, the U.S. sent 200 grenade launchesers with grenades, two hundred shotguns and 200 machine guns.

It has shipped almost 40,000,000 rounds of ammunition for small arms and over a million mortar, grenade and artillery shells.

70 Humvees and various vehicles

70 Humvees have been sent to Ukraine, along with dozens of other vehicles as Ukraine mounts hit and run defenses of its major cities

As Ukraine builds hit-and-run defenses in its main cities, 70 Humvees were sent to Ukraine along with many other vehicles.

High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV) is an air-droppable, highly mobile family of tactical vehicles. You may know it as the Humvee.  

This vehicle is in active service with the U.S. Army since 1983. It can travel at 55 MPH fully loaded.

A total of 70 Humvees, including at least 35 that arrived last year in a shipment to Ukraine, were shipped. 

Lists of fact sheets are available in the Fact Sheet Many other aids are available, including helmets and body armor, demining and medical supplies, secure communications equipment and medical supplies. 

It also suggests intelligence sharing by listing “s”The ability to analyze and see satellite imagery.

The U.S. is already providing $1 billion worth of aid – there are more.  

The Russians have been accused of deliberately targeting civilian areas with missile and artillery attacks as President Vladimir Putin doubles down on his assault

As President Vladimir Putin intensifies his offensive, the Russians are accused of intentionally targeting civilian areas using missile and artillery strikes.

According to the fact sheet, ‘Deliveries for security assistance continue’. We are also working hard to speed up delivery of more equipment.

“The United States delivered over $250 million in security aid to Ukraine within the last two weeks. The administration is prepared to approve additional support to Ukraine’s frontline defenders in the coming days.’ 

Biden also signed the funding bill for Ukraine that contained $3 billion more in arms and military support. 

He also described Wednesday the effect of the weapons he sent.

He stated that 350 million was provided to the military immediately after the conflict began.

“And it has clearly helped Ukraine inflict drastic losses on Russian troops.” 

Earlier Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky delivered a heartfelt plea to Congress for more help, saying his country was  going through its own version of September 11th and Pearl Harbor every day.

He demanded President Joe Biden be the “leader of the Free World”, by increasing sanctions against Russia and sending fighter planes.

I am speaking to President Biden. Your great nation is led by you. Your leadership is a great honor. He said, “To be the leader in the world is to lead peace.”

As lawmakers rallied around Ukraine’s brave fight against Russia, it was a bipartisan issue to supply arms to Ukraine.

Republicans as well as Democrats sometimes called on the Administration to move faster and further, by making a no-fly area or providing jets. 

Senior Republicans asked Biden Tuesday to immediately transfer critical weapons systems from Ukraine to them. 

“Immediately deliver additional Stinger missile system and munitions for the Ukrainian Armed Forces, engage with allies to deliver Soviet-or Russian-made strategic or tactical air defense and radar systems to Ukraine,” they stated.

“This should be followed with discussions about near-term U.S. forces posture moves to minimize air defense shortfalls among such allied or partner countries, and eventual backfilling with similar capabilities.”  

Republicans have asked the administration to think again about helping Poland send its MiG-29 fighter jets to Ukraine, after Washington vetoed the proposal last week

After Washington’s rejection last week, Republicans asked the Administration to reconsider its offer to help Poland to send fighter jets MiG-29 to Ukraine. 

Zelensky’s government repeatedly called for the N.A.T.O. Russian bombing attempts are being stopped with a no fly zone.

Biden, however, has rejected such an idea, warning that it could pit N.A.T.O. pilots against Russian fighter pilots.

The signatories, Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe and Florida Senator Marco Rubio and Idaho Senator James Risch, outlined a priority shopping list in their letter. 

Priority should be given to small drones, grenade launchers and rangefinders as well as thermal imaging cameras and thermal imaging binoculars. Secure communications such first aid kits, artillery and mortar rocket systems, protective chemical clothing and gas masks are all important. 

They claimed Ukraine had had success with weapon deliveries so far. However, the Pentagon stated that much of Russia’s advance was still stalled. 

“This was particularly apparent for anti-tank or anti-air weapon systems,” they said.

“The cost of such munitions can be high. 

“Russia will continue to drag out the invasion and reorganize its force, supply its troops, consolidate them, as well as modify its tactics, in order to accelerate its advance violently. 

‘Ukrainian forces will likely have to expend munitions from these and other weapons at an increasing rate—meaning the need for restocking will only grow more urgent with each passing day.’ 

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