Where is the dress? PrettyLittleThing is mocked for £11 tie-side, extreme split maxi frock, as shoppers joke they’d be ‘arrested for indecent exposure’ if they wore it

  • PrettyLittleThing are advertising a ‘string dress’ for £11 and shoppers are baffled
  • It is simple to imagine the result, and all you need to do to keep it in place is to tie it with a string.
  • One person said that the tie-side extreme cut dress looked like a sheet string apron. 

After PrettyLittleThing’s string dress, online shoppers were left confused.

A UK-based fast fashion shop posted the image of the influencer in the dress to Instagram, where it was shared with 17.3 million followers. 

Gabby Epstein is an Australian model who was seen standing on the shore with a glass white wine in her hand and her hair down. She stares into the ocean, while the front panel of her black dress floats upwards.

There are three sets of connecting points – one on each side of the body and one in the back. Gabby has only the two top ones in a bow in the photograph.

This shocked social media users, who began to mock the online retailer and asked, “Where is that dress?”

PrettyLittleThing shared a picture of influencer Gabby Epstein wearing a 'tie-side extreme split maxi dress' on its Instagram page to its 17.3million followers

PrettyLittleThing shared a picture of influencer Gabby Epstein wearing a ‘tie-side extreme split maxi dress’ on its Instagram page to its 17.3million followers

PrettyLittleThing describe it as a 'floor-sweeping dress' that is 'sure to have all the attention on you', and to pair it with 'barely-there heels for your next big event'

PrettyLittleThing describes it as a floor-sweeping gown that will’surely have all of the attention’ and can be paired with “barely there heels” for your next big event.

Gabby posted a caption to her post: Watching the sunset @prettylittlething. The shop also said that their post was entitled “Ocean view-@gabbyepstein had us feeling in the Shape black Slinky tie Extreme Split dress”.

However, social media users quickly mocked the dress. It is now available only in sizes 10-12. This shows the legs right up to the waistline.

One person said she ‘would get arrested for indecent exposure’ if she wore the number, which comes in black and brown and is reduced from £22 to £11 in the sale. 

Another one said that it was cute, but what about the rest?

One person compared Gabby the “average girl” wearing it to Gabby the influencer. He said: “Being realistic, picture an average girl in that, and I’d look just like a spiderweb.”

One added, “I don’t know what the point is of wearing that dang thing.”

“It’s strings and a cover on the front!” It’s the hail. 

One woman said, “What do you think it looks like from the back?” She was asking about the model’s pose that reveals her hipbone and appears as though she is wearing nothing under it. This may be because it would not show the full extent of her dress.

Another funny saying was: “This is like sheet string apron.”

Social media users were quick to mock the dress, with most people asking 'where' the rest of the dress was

Many people asked where the other part of the gown was. This quickly led to social media users mocking the dress.

PrettyLittleThing claims that the dress was made for women in Shape who are hourglass-shaped.

It is described as a floor-sweeping gown that will be admired by everyone. They recommend pairing it with “barely there heels” for the next event. 

However, some didn’t enjoy the selection of the model to wear the gown on the Instagram account.

A number of users expressed concern about how this was bad for self-confidence. One user laughed and said: “This improves my self-esteem with belly hanging out. Cheers PLT Huns xx.”

Another commented: “So there’s probably about seven people who’d wear the monstrosity that you’re calling dress, and this model is one.

However, most comments were focused on the material of the gown and the ‘extreme’ split at the thighs.

Just one person stated: “Dress …?’.”

One more: “That’s not an outfit, but what’s Pretty Little Thing wearing?”  

The almost-sold-out dress, which is now only available in sizes 10 and 12, reveals the legs up to the waistline

The dress is advertised on the PrettyLittleThing website as being designed for women with an hourglass figure, in their Shape range

Only sizes 10-12 are available for this almost-sold out dress. It shows the leg up to the waistline.