The Mail today can confirm that Boris Johnson’s 6-week-old daughter, Caroline Johnson, was severely affected by Covid.

Downing Street reported last week that someone in his family was positive for the virus. Although it did not specify who the relative was, Romy is believed to have been affected.

Sources said that she suffered from the virus “quite badly” for the first five weeks of her life, but is now recovering.

Mr Johnson did not appear in public for several days after last week’s announcement, reappearing only on Tuesday when he gave an interview to Sky News about ‘Partygate’ revelations engulfing the Government. 

Downing Street announced last week that a member of Boris Johnson's family had tested positive for Covid. It is understood to be his daughter Romy (pictured with Carrie and Wilf, left)

Downing Street revealed last week that Boris Johnson’s daughter Romy had test positive for Covid. His daughter Romy, pictured left with Carrie (and Wilf) is believed to have tested positive for Covid.

He appeared emotional and downcast – potentially partly explained by the personal strain on his family.

Yesterday’s appearance of Mr Johnson was ebullient as he confronted rebel Red Wall MPs.

Despite the defection of one MP to Labour, the coup attempt – dubbed the ‘Pork Pie Putsch’ – seemed to crumble yesterday. 

Downing Street insisted that Johnson would win any threat of leadership and contest the next election.

Romy Iris Charlotte was born December 9, at University College Hospital, London. She lives with her mother Carrie (33), and Wilfred (20 months) in the apartment above Number 11 Downing Street.

On Thursday last week, the Prime Minister cancelled a trip to Lancashire. Downing Street said only that “a family member tested positive for Covid”, without providing any details.

A source said Romy (pictured with her brother Wilfred, 20 months) had suffered with the virus 'quite badly' aged five weeks but was now 'on the mend'

According to a source, Romy was pictured here with Wilfred (20 months), who had been affected by the virus for five weeks. She is now “on the mend”.

At the time, a spokesperson from No10 stated that Prime Minister will ‘follow the guidance regarding vaccination close contacts, including daily tests and limiting contact to others’. 

He stated that meetings would be held as usual, but that the majority of his work will now take place virtually.

Children who are infected with the virus generally are not as severe as adults. However, very young children should be concerned because of their vulnerability.

They have a weak immune system, so newborns often lose weight in the initial days before gaining it back. 

Johnson (57), who was close to death from the virus during the first weeks of the pandemic. He followed the advice to isolate the most possible, while his daughter was still unwell.

NHS advice regarding coronavirus infection in babies states that “Newborns are not at risk” of contracting the virus.

Mr Johnson did not appear in public for several days after the announcement, reappearing only when he gave an interview to Sky News about 'Partygate' revelations

After the announcement Johnson didn’t appear publicly for many days, he only returned to Sky News when he spoke about ‘Partygate’ revelations.

“Bitter hygiene must be observed, especially when there are family members living in the house. 

“Anyone coming into the home must take the necessary hygiene measures, such washing their hands. Also, be aware of your baby’s symptoms, especially if there is a coronavirus.

Johnson was infected with the virus during April 2020’s first lockdown. He fought to save his life. After catching the virus, Johnson spent several days in intensive medical care. 

Carrie was pregnant and also became bedridden around the same time. 

At the close of this month, their son was born.

Mrs Johnson miscarried in 2021. She said it left her devastated. After becoming pregnant with Romy, she was able to have another child.

Johnson revealed her pregnancy to the world by saying that she was ‘hoping for our Rainbow Baby this Christmas’. 

Rainbow babies are a baby who was born into a stillbirth, miscarriage or neonatal death family.

After her daughter’s birth last month, Mrs Johnson shared this message on Instagram: “Thank you so much UCLH maternity staff for taking such good care of us.” We are truly grateful.

In a secret ceremony held at Westminster Cathedral in May 2013, the couple were married. This made Mr Johnson the first Prime minister to marry while still in office for nearly 200 years.