Prince Albert of Monaco ensured that his children were supported at royal engagements when Princess Charlene wasn’t there, according to body language experts. 

Albert, 63-years-old, made two public appearances alongside six-year old twins Jacques & Gabriella, after Charlene, 43 was admitted into a treatment facility. She paid close attention to the children at each of these events.

‘It wouldn’t be unusual for a father to step up to the plate with his children while a mother is unwell or absent like this but for a royal male of Alberts generation this tactile and very focused behaviour might not have been a given,’ body language expert Judi James told FEMAIL. 

Charlene was able to seek treatment for her ’emotional, and physical exhaustion within days after her return from Monaco. This followed a 10-month absence in South Africa.  After a solo charity visit to Monaco, Charlene became ill with a sinus infection. Later she needed surgical treatment which delayed her return.

Today, Page Six reports that Charlene almost died after she had surgery for swallowing problems due to a serious throat infection. She has also lost half of her body weight. 

Protective: Prince Albert of Monaco has ensured his children feel supported and protected at royal engagements in the absence of their mother Princess Charlene, a body language expert has claimed. Pictured, placing a hand on Gabriella's back during an engagement this week

Protective: Prince Albert of Monaco has ensured his children feel supported and protected at royal engagements in the absence of their mother Princess Charlene, a body language expert has claimed. Pictured is Prince Albert holding Gabriella’s hand during an engagement.

By their side: Albert joined his six-year-old twins at a tree-planting event in Monaco this week and stood behind them in a show of support, body language expert Judi James noted

They are by their side: Albert joined six-year old twins, Judi James, at the Monaco tree-planting competition. He stood beside them as a sign of support.

Albert said that he has taken on more responsibility in the lives of his children as Charlene continues to struggle with her health. 

After having been removed from their classrooms due to Covid, Gabriella & Jacques have started homeschooling at the palace

‘For me, it’s pretty simple – my priority is my family,’ he said in an interview this month. He added, “Ofcourse, without neglecting the state affairs… It is my hope that everyone can understand this. If I have the opportunity to spend time with my family, it is without reservation.

‘This is an extremely important time in their life – the way they grow up helps them see the world.

“And if one parent is absent for medical reasons the other parent needs to be there. Too many of my friends and acquaintances have said to me they wish they could be there at certain ages for their children. These regrets are not something I want.

At Wednesday’s tree-planting event, his body language reflected this commitment to his kids. 

Undivided attention: His behaviour was similarly attentive at the Monaco National Day celebrations last Friday. When Gabriella spoke to him, he ensured he only had eyes for her

Undivided attention: His behaviour was similarly attentive at the Monaco National Day celebrations last Friday. Gabriella said to him that he had only eyes for Gabriella.

Watchful eye: Albert paid close attention to his children at the National Day celebrations. Jacques and Gabriella held up heartbreaking notes to their mother Princess Charlene

Albert was attentive to the children’s needs at the National Day Celebrations. Jacques and Gabriella wrote heartbreaking letters to Princess Charlene 

Leaning down to speak to them: Judi explained small signals like this show a deep connection

Judi explained that small signs like these show a deeper connection.

Albert joined Jacques, Gabriella and other children to plant a tree to mark the centenary of Soroptimist International, a women’s organisation promoting peace and working to improve the lives of women and girls around the world. 

While his two children waited to plant the tree, the father of two stood by them. Gabriella was at one point leaned down to talk to him and to place a comforting hand on his back. 

At the Monaco National Day celebrations, last Friday, his behavior was similar. 

As Albert watched the celebrations from his balcony, he was supported by Caroline and Stephanie, who were there to support him.  

As they stood before their father, the twins displayed heartbreaking signs that said, “We miss you Mommy” and “We love you Mama.” 

Tactile displays: Gabriella reached out to touch her father ahead of the National Day celebrations. Judi said such affection is not a given for a male royal of Albert's generation

Gabriella reached out and touched her father before the National Day celebrations. Judi explained that this affection isn’t a given for Albert’s male royals.

Playful moment: The bond between the father and his children was also evident on the day Charlene returned from South Africa. The royal couple invited photographers to capture her arrival at the palace. The children hung onto Albert like he was a 'human swing' to play with

Playful moment: The bond between the father and his children was also evident on the day Charlene returned from South Africa. They invited photographers to take pictures of Charlene arriving at the palace. Albert was held by the children like a human swing to be played with. 

Changing feelings? This is a shift from the body language demonstrated earlier this year when Albert and the children flew to South Africa to visit Charlene, when they 'clustered' around their mother (above). In Monaco last week they 'clustered' around their father

Are you changing your thoughts? It is quite a change from what Albert and Charlene did earlier in the year, when Albert flew to South Africa with the children to see Charlene. They clusted around their father in Monaco last week

Charlene and Albert went solo to South Africa and Monaco ten months apart 

January 27,Charlene and Albert are pictured together at the Sainte Devote Ceremony, Monaco.  

March 18 – Charlene is pictured at the  memorial for the late Zulu monarch, King Goodwill Zwelithini at the KwaKhethomthandayo Royal Palace in Nongoma, South Africa 

April 2, –Charlene uploads an Instagram photo of Albert, Charlene and their twins Jacques & Gabriella to celebrate Easter.

The exact location of the photo is not known.

May 8 – Albert (with Jacques) and Gabriella are at a Grand Prix Event in Monaco, without Charlene

May 10, 2010 –Albert and Charlene attend the Monaco Gala Awards in Monaco

April 18 Charlene shares her first picture from her conservation trip in South Africa  

June 1 – Prince Albert II, Jacques and Gabriella attend event at Oceanic Museum in Monaco 

June 5- Charlene puts on a united front as she shares a photo with her family to mark her niece’s fifth birthday with her brother’s family and Albert and the twins in South Africa

June 7 – Albert and the twins attend the World Rugby Sevens without Charlene 

June 18 – Prince Albert appears alone Monte Carlo TV Festival 

June 24  – Charlene’s foundation releases a statement saying the royal is unable to travel and is undergoing procedures for an ear, nose and throat infection   

July 2, Albert and Charlene celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary in a separate ceremony. In a statement, Her Serene Hness Princess Charlene wrote that this year would be their first anniversary without me being with him.

July 3 – Albert appears with glamorous niece Charlotte Casiraghi  at the 15th international Monte-Carlo Jumping event, which is part of the Longines Global Champions Tour of Monaco,

July 27 – Prince Albert  attends Olympics alone in Tokyo

August 13Charlene is subject to a 4-hour surgery. It is unknown why. 

August 25, – Charlene shares photos of Prince Albert, Gabriella and Jacques visiting her in South Africa 

August 31,The media is abuzz with speculation regarding the couple’s relationship

September 1, 2009 – Charlene was admitted to Netcare Alberlito Hospital under a alias after her sudden ‘collapsing.

September 2 – She is discharged, with a statement from the Palais Princier reading: ‘Her Highness is closely monitored by Her medical team who said that Her condition was not worrying’

September 23rd – Prince Albert is present at the Monte Carlo Gala for Planetary Health 2021

September 29, – Prince Albert is joined on the red carpet by actress Sharon Stone for a first look at the eagerly anticipated James Bond release 

September 30, – Charlene releases a stylish video promoting her anti-poaching campaign from her South African bolthole 

October 3, – Princess Charlene shares a photograph of herself smiling in front of a bible in her first snap since being discharged from hospital following her health scare

October 5, – Prince Albert attends  Sportel Awards Ceremony in Monte Carlo with nephew Louis Ducruet

October 6 – Albert tells RMC radio Charlene is ‘ready to come home’ 

October 8 South Africa: Princess has surgery

November 8, 2008 – Charlene arrives back in Monaco. Prince Albert stated that Charlene was back in Monaco after it became apparent she was unwell within hours.

November 13, 2013 – Prince Albert attends Expo 2020 in Dubai without Princess Charlene 

After his return from the trip Prince Albert hosts an intervention with Charlene’s siblings and a sister in law. Charlene confirms that she will seek out’real medically-framed treatment’ beyond Monaco.

November 16  – Royal household confirms Princess Charlene will not attend National Day celebrations on November 19

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene attend a Monaco Red Cross event

November 17 Prince Albert tells Princess Charlene that she has fled Monaco, and is currently recovering at a secret location 

November 19, After a family intervention, Prince Albert revealed that Charlene was in an asylum ‘elsewhere’ in Europe.  

He leaned down at different times to talk to his children and engaged in their questions. 

Judi said that he seems to put his children first at all formal events, standing behind them and then moving to their level in order to express and give the children more control and care.

Charlene, who had just returned from South Africa with her husband and father, was also able to see the bonds between them. They invited photographers to take pictures of Charlene arriving at the palace. 

Judi analyzed one of the photos and said that he was a very playful father.

‘The children seem to lean towards him to play and when he has both children’s hands they do appear to be using him as a human swing.’

“This picture of the parents together is very telling. It shows that they are able to provide support and emotional balance.  

Charlene walks her dog with Charlene, and the children feel more at home walking alongside their father.

It is quite a change from earlier in the year, when Albert and his children flew to South Africa for Charlene’s birthday. 

Judi stated that the couple were photographed in South Africa with their mother, which might have been cause for concern. However, they seem equally at ease here clustering with dad.

At the weekend, Prince Albert revealed his wife has been admitted to a ‘treatment facility’ where she will remain for ‘at least several’ weeks.

After he had staged an intervention in her family with his brothers and sister, the royal said that his wife has become increasingly fragile.

Albert didn’t reveal any details about her condition, but she ruled out Covid and cancer. 

His comments made reference to mental health issues, stating that the woman was unable to face her official duties or family obligations and has been suffering from exhaustion.

Albert spoke to People magazine and stated that the Monaco family reunion two weeks ago went “pretty well” in the initial hours. However, it became clear that Charlene was not feeling well.

According to him, the ex-Olympian had’realized she needed assistance’ and added: “She couldn’t handle official duties, family or general life.

According to the Prince, treatment decisions were made in an intervention style meeting. He explained that she sat down with her siblings and her sister-in law. The decision was already made by her, so we asked that she confirm it before us. She was keen to do this.

“She knew that the best thing was to take a break and get a medically-framed treatment. But not in Monaco. It would need to be somewhere else than Monaco for privacy reasons.

He also revealed to Charlene that Gabriella, Jacques and Jacques would visit’ her once the’medical go ahead’ was granted. According to the twins of six years old, ‘they knew she was tired’ but ‘not quite themselves’.

French magazines like Voici reported that Charlene had traveled to Switzerland where there are many private clinics for specialist medical care. 

Albert stated, “I think I’m going to say that several times. However, this does have nothing to do our relationship.” Let me be very clear. These problems aren’t in our marriage; they don’t affect the husband-wife relationship. They are of a different nature. 

Albert said, “She wasn’t sleeping well for a few days and wasn’t eating well.” Her weight loss made her more vulnerable to potential illnesses. The flu or a cold, or God forbid COVID. 

In another interview in Monaco-Matin, translated from French, he said. He said, “There is fatigue, and not just physical. That can only be managed with rest and supervision.”

“She’s not here in the Principality, but she will soon be available for us to see her. You will not be able to tell me more because I am too private. 

Claims she will stay in Swtizerland were backed up by a source who knows the couple well, who said: ‘The South of France is too close, but Switzerland has superb private medical facilities, and Charlene will be well looked after there.’        

Albert answered the question “Were the children more protected” during the mother’s absence? They had plenty of distractions, and they had a circle of family members that ensured they received affection. 

Charlene was forced to leave following new allegations that Albert, an ex-swimmer for South Africa and Charlene had a child with a Brazilian woman.