One close friend of Prince Andrew claims that he can have his royal patronages restored to him if the civil case against The Queen is won while The Queen remains alive. But, this would not happen if Charles were the monarch.

The Times spoke with a source who questioned why The Duke of York wouldn’t be allowed to take part in royal duties, if Virginia Giuffre, Jeffrey Epstein’s accuser of rape/sexual assault has defeated his claims.

Andrew’s ‘HRH” styling could be used again. They also suggested that Andrew’s military titles should not be lost.

If his brother, Prince of Wales, were to return, however, it would make a difference. 

The close associate of the Duke of York claimed that The Queen could allow Andrew to regain some of his patronages if he won his legal battle with Virginia Giuffre. Pictured: Andrew and ex wife Sarah Duchess Of York leave Royal Lodge today

A close friend of the Duke Of York said that Andrew could regain his patronages from The Queen if he wins his legal battle against Virginia Giuffre. Pictured: Andrew and ex wife Sarah Duchess Of York leave Royal Lodge today

Andrew has been banned from styling the name ‘HRH,’ and is facing an embarrassing court battle in New York. 

Judge Lewis Kaplan earlier this month sensationally ruled that the Queen’s second son can be tried over claims he sexually assaulted Ms Giuffre when she was 17 — allegations which Andrew has categorically denied. 

Andrew has been confined to Windsor while his legal team fights his case in America. He was seen today driving through Windsor with Sarah Ferguson, his ex-wife who lives at the Royal Lodge.

'I think if the Queen is still alive and his name is cleared I would say that at that point what reason would there be for him to be barred from taking part in royal duties?' they said

“I would think that, if the Queen was still alive and his names are cleared, then I would suggest that he be permitted to participate in royal duties.” They said

However, any potential return would be a different matter if his brother, the Prince of Wales, had ascended to the throne, they suggested

But, they said, any possible return to power would be different if his brother the Prince of Wales had ascensioned to the throne.

However, the anonymous friend who keeps in touch with Andrew stated that speculations that the duke wouldn’t resume royal engagements were ill-informed. 

“I believe that if Queen Elizabeth is alive, and his name has been cleared, I would suggest that he be allowed to take part in the royal duties. The publication was informed by them. 

“If he is cleared, then why shouldn’t he be able to participate in royal duties and become HRH again? And have his military titles?” He has already served his country in the military. 

Charles was asked about how it would change if he were King. He replied that it is a different decision maker and has different influencers, so the outcome of Charles’ reign will be slightly different. 

Andrew is currently facing an embarrassing court battle in New York against Virginia Giuffre (pictured with her legal team) as a private citizen after being banned from using the styling 'HRH'

Andrew faces an embarrassing court case in New York with Virginia Giuffre, (pictured with her legal staff) after she was barred from using the styling “HRH”

Sources said that Andrew preferred to go into court with Ms Giuffre than settle and get his “name cleared”.

Ingrid Seward was a Royal commentator, and Majesty magazine editor. He agreed with Andrew’s idea of The Queen welcoming Andrew back. But he also questioned “what the hell is he doing?” 

Andrew’s round-the clock protection could end as soon as next month. This is despite reports that he has been exiled from his role as a frontline royalty. 

 Andrew, who remains ninth in line to the throne, has so far been allowed to keep his taxpayer-funded police bodyguards at a cost to the public purse of an estimated £2-3million a year.

It has caused intense public debate because Harry’s nephew, Prince Harry was taken from him by police protection after he quit his job as working royal and moved to America in 2020.

It is understood that the Royal and VIP Executive Committee is now carrying out a review of whether Andrew’s situation is tenable – particularly in light of the Duke of Sussex’s lawyers seeking a judicial review of the Home Office’s decision.

Harry demands that his family be protected by Scotland Yard officers, even though he has to pay for it.

A source said to the Mail that despite no public comment, the issue is being actively discussed by the Met’s Royal and VIP Executive Committee.

Andrew will enjoy round-the-clock protection from a Royal residence because he lives in the 30-room Royal Lodge, Queen Elizabeth’s Windsor estate.

After public outrage over their globetrotting behavior, the official security of their royal children was taken away.

Although Sarah, the Duchess, is still living with him, she has not been officially provided any security by the government since their divorce in 1996.

He has lost all of Prince Andrew’s patronages and titles

Buckingham Palace confirmed that the Queen had stripped Duke of York from his honorary military positions and royal patronages.

Andrew will be facing a civil sexual assault court fight after an extraordinary New York judge ruled the case can proceed.

Andrew’s military honorary titles

United Kingdom

  • The queen’s personal aide-de camp; 
  • Colonel of the Grenadier Guards 
  • Colonel-in–Chief, 9th/12th Royal Lancers. (Princess of Wales). 
  • Colonel-in-Chief, Royal Irish Regiment (27th Inniskilling) and 83rd (Ulster Defence Regiment) 
  • Colonel-in Chief of the Small Arms School Corps 
  • Colonel-in Chief of the Yorkshire Regiment (14th/15th/19th and 33rd/76th Feet); 
  • Royal Colonel of Royal Highland Fusiliers 2nd Battalion Royal Regiment of Scotland 
  • Royal Air Force Lossiemouth, Honorary Air Commander 
  • Commodore of the Fleet Air Arm 
  • Admiral of Sea Cadet Corps


  • Colonel-in-Chief, Queen’s York Rangers (1st American Regiment);
  • Colonel-in-Chief of Royal Highland Fusiliers of Canada 
  • Colonel-in–Chief for the Princess Louise Fusiliers 
  • Colonel-in-Chief, Canadian Airborne Regiment (disbanded).

New Zealand

Colonel-in-Chief, Royal New Zealand Army Logistic Regiment.

Andrew’s patronages

  • Alderney Maritime Trust 
  • Army Officers’ golfing society; 
  • Army Rifle Association
  • Participate (National Association of Hospital and Community Friends); 
  • Berkshire County Cricket Club
  • British-Kazakh Society; 
  • Commonwealth Golfing Society 
  • Constructionarium; 
  • Fire Service Sports and Athletics Association 
  • Fly Navy Heritage Trust 
  • Foundation for Liver Research 
  • Friends of Lakefield College School 
  • Friends of the Staffordshire Regiment (The Prince of Wales’s); 
  • Greenwich Hospital; 
  • Grenadier Guards; 
  • H.M.S. Duke of York Association 
  • Horris Hill School 
  • Hunstanton golf club 
  • Interfaith Explorers
  • Inverness Golf Club 
  • Killyleagh Yacht Club;
  • Lakefield College School 
  • Lucifer Golfing Society 
  • Maimonides Interfaith Foundation 
  • Maple Bay Yacht Club; 
  • Port of Dartmouth Royal Regatta 
  • Quad-Centenary Club; 
  • Queen’s York Rangers 
  • Robert T. Jones, Jr. Scholarship Foundation; 
  • Royal Aero Club of the United Kingdom 
  • Royal Aero Club Trust; 
  • Royal Air Force Golfing Society 
  • Royal Air Force Lossiemouth; 
  • Royal Alberta United Services Institute
  • Royal Artillery Golfing Society 
  • Royal Ascot golf club 
  • Royal Belfast Golf Club
  • Royal Blackheath Golf Club
  • Royal British Legion Scotland, Inverness Branch; Royal Cinque Ports Golf Club; 
  • Royal County Down Golf Club 
  • Royal Free Charity 
  • Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust 
  • Royal Guild of St Sebastian (Royal Guild of Archers of St. Sebastian – Bruges); 
  • Royal Highland Fusiliers Of Canada 
  • Royal Irish Regiment, 27th (Inniskilling), 383rd, 87th and the Ulster Defence Regiment; 
  • Royal Jersey Golf Club 
  • Royal Liverpool Golf Club 
  • Royal Montrose Golf Club; 
  • Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital 
  • Royal Navy Golf Association; 
  • Royal Navy Golfing Society; 
  • Royal New Zealand Army Logistic Regiment (The Duke of York’s Own); 
  • Royal Norwich Golf Club; 
  • Royal Perth Golfing Society and Country and City Club 
  • Royal Portrush Golf Club 
  • Royal St David’s Golf Club 
  • Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies 
  • Royal Victoria Yacht Club, British Columbia; 
  • Royal Winchester Golf Club 
  • Royal Windsor Horse Show 
  • Ryedale Festival; 
  • SickKids Foundation 
  • Small Arms School Corps 
  • Sound Seekers;
  • St Helena National Trust 
  • Staffordshire Regiment Trust 
  • STFC Harwell and Daresbury Science and Innovation campus; 
  • Sunningdale Ladies Golf Club; 
  • Association of Royal Navy Officers 
  • The Colonel’s Fund, Grenadier Guards 
  • Trinity House Corporation 
  • The Duke of York Young Champion’s Trophy 
  • Community Initiative of the Duke of York 
  • The Entrepreneurship Centre at Cambridge Judge Business School. 
  • The Fleet Air Arm 
  • The Association of the Fleet Air Arm Officers
  • Gordonstoun Association 
  • The Helicopter Club of Great Britain 
  • The Honourable Artillery Company 
  • The Honourable Company of Air Pilots 
  • The Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn 
  • Institution of Civil Engineers 
  • The Ladder Foundation 
  • The Northern Meeting 
  • Omani Britain Friendship Association 
  • The Princess Louise Fusiliers 
  • The Returned & Services League of Australia Limited;
  • Royal Air Squadron 
  • Royal Commonwealth Ex-Services League 
  • Trust for the Royal Fine Art Commission;
  • The Royal Highland Fusiliers 2nd Battalion of The Royal Regiment of Scotland
  • Royal Household Golf Club 
  • Royal Institute of Navigation 
  • The Royal Lancers (Queen Elizabeth’s Own);
  • The Royal Regiment of Scotland 
  • The Royal Society 
  • The Royal Thames Yacht Club; 
  • South Atlantic Medal Association (SAMA82); 
  • Worshipful Company of Shipwrights
  • University of Cambridge Judge Business School 
  • Wellington Academy; 
  • Wellington College International Tianjin;
  • Westminster Academy 
  • Yorkshire Society