After Jeffrey Epstein revealed that he had flown four times on his private plane, Prince Andrew took another ride with Windsor Castle’s pony riders.

As he rode out on his horse with a lady this morning, the Duke of York, now 61, was dressed in a wax stockman jacket.

He drove his Range Rover along with his security past the members of the public to the grounds earlier.

It comes after an investigation found flight logs that show the Duke of York flew on Epstein’s jet at least four times – and possibly many more.

The flights included flights from and to Little St James on his private Caribbean island. This island is known now as the ‘paedophile’ island because of the horrible abuse that was allegedly committed.

This revelation raises doubts about the Duke’s judgement and his friendship to Epstein. Epstein took his life in New York in 2019 in prison. Maxwell was also in New York.

Prince Andrew has gone for another pony ride at Windsor Castle after it emerged he took four flights on Jeffrey Epstein's private plane

After Jeffrey Epstein revealed that he had flown four times on his private plane, Prince Andrew took another pony ride to Windsor Castle.

Earlier he was pictured in his Range Rover with his security driving past members of the public towards the grounds

He drove his Range Rover along with his security past the members of the public to get to the grounds earlier.

The Duke of York, 61, donned a long wax stockman coat as he took his steed out with a woman this morning

This morning the Duke of York, at 61, was dressed in a long, waxy stockman coat while he took out his horse and a woman.

Prince Andrew admitted to visiting Little St James, but insists that he didn’t see anything unusual. 

Sarah Ransome – one of Epstein’s alleged victims – has described the island as ‘hell on earth’ and claimed she tried to escape by swimming through shark-infested waters, only to be ‘dragged back to Epstein’s lair’ by security staff. 

It is not possible to prove that Prince Andrew was present at the time. In a 2019 interview, Ms Ransome stated that she was raped three more times in one night. 

“A shark would have made a great friend for me at that time.” It was not something I thought about. I just wanted to get away.

Surprisingly, she spoke of “orgies” on the Lolita Express.

“Many of the flight stewardesses dressed very sexy.” She said that they always smiled. “Nothing was too bothersome.”

“One of them started to have full-on, intense sex while on board a plane. It was all in public. They performed it right in front of everybody.

“From the moment I arrived on the island, that’s when the abuse started. Some days, I was raped at least three times per day. Ghislaine was the socialite. Jeffrey was made to look great by her.

Epstein owned four executive helicopters and four jets, which were used for transporting underage girls to various luxurious homes where they were sexually assaulted. 

The pride of his £62 million fleet was an £8 million Boeing 727, which was dubbed ‘The Lolita Express’ – though the nickname was also used to describe the smaller Gulfstream jets that were also used to traffic underage girls.

Andrew revealed that Epstein had taken him on a private plane in November 2019 during his BBC Newsnight interview. However, he did not give any details about which aircraft or how often.

An MoS investigation has discovered flight logs that show the Duke of York did indeed fly on Epstein's private jet at least four times – and possibly many more

An MoS investigation has discovered flight logs that show the Duke of York did indeed fly on Epstein’s private jet at least four times – and possibly many more

They included flights to and from Epstein's private Caribbean island, Little St James (pictured), now known as 'paedophile island' because of the horrific abuse that took place there

These included flight to Epstein’s private Caribbean Island, Little St James (pictured), which is now called a ‘paedophile’ island because of the horrendous abuse that occurred there

But flight records seen by the MoS suggest that the Duke’s first flight – on board Epstein’s black Gulfstream II jet – was to the billionaire’s private Caribbean island in the US Virgin Islands on February 9, 1999. The flight logs show that Epstein and Maxwell were both aboard. One of the Duke’s personal protector officers was also present.

Before they could be transferred to Little St James, the group flew on Epstein’s black helicopters.

Epstein’s 75-acre island is surrounded coral reefs. It was initially a paradise for the super-rich, with an estate and string luxury villas.

 The estate included a Japanese bath house, movie theatre and a blue and white-striped building with a golden dome mysteriously referred to as ‘the temple’. 

An employee once described Little St James to him as a Zen-like retreat where Epstein would wear flip-flops with meditation music playing, and the women would sunbathe topless.

Epstein welcomed a number of prominent guests to the island. These included Stephen Hawking, theoretical physicist and theoretical physicist. But the exotic surroundings masked a dark secret: it was the centre of Epstein’s international child-sex-trafficking ring. 

The 2019 images revealed condoms in Perspex boxes kept in guest bedrooms. Epstein could be seen on one picture riding his quadbike across the island. He used it to ferry topless teenage girls to and from the shore.

The flight logs show that after spending three nights on the island, Prince Andrew returned to West Palm Beach, where Epstein owned a £15 million home, on the Gulfstream, along with a Russian model called Anna Malova. 

Malova was jailed for violating a US court order regarding prescription painkillers.

Not only was she a colorful character, but so were many others on board. Clare Hazell was onboard as well, later becoming the Countess de Iveagh. According to flight records, she flew 32 times on Epstein’s planes from 1998 through 2000.

It is not clear that she knew of or was involved in any wrongdoing. She resigned in July 2020 as the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children’s Patron after Epstein’s links were exposed.

Andrew was reportedly told by a source that the Duke had ‘no recollection of’ being on the 1999 flight. 

Also, the records of Andrew show that he flew from Teterboro Airport in New Jersey on May 12th 2000 to West Palm Beach using Epstein’s Gulfstream. 

And on September 1, 2006 – six weeks after Epstein was arrested for sex offences – the Prince took a flight on the Gulfstream with Maxwell from London Luton to Edinburgh.

Each of the four flights has the word ‘Prince Andrew” clearly written in logs. However, Epstein may have offered the Duke more flying time on his private aircraft fleet. 

Because of the confusion in how passenger information was recorded, it is difficult to determine exactly what number.

Epstein owned four jets (pictured with a Gulfstream G2B) and a helicopter, which were used to whisk under-age girls to his various lavish homes, where they were sexually abused

Epstein owned four planes (pictured together with a Gulfstream G2B G2B) as well as a helicopter. These were used to transport under-age girls from his lavish homes to where they were sexually abused.

Investigators were told by David Rodgers, one of Epstein’s ex-pilots, that he had annotated Prince Andrew’s name as ‘AP’ on a ‘unknown’ number of occasions. It is likely that Epstein’s passenger ‘AP’ has been recorded more than 100 times. 

But, the pilot said that he had used those initials in order to call Epstein friends. Andrew has been listed at least thirteen times on the Court Circular. This is Buckingham Palace’s official registry of Royal engagements.

Jane is confirming Rodgers’ sensational claim she flew on the same flight as Andrew during her sworn witness in an earlier civil case. 

A 2016 deposition taken by Rodgers, in which he stated that Jane was in a flight together with Andrew Epstein Maxwell, Maxwell, and Epstein. The flight log shows the initials AP.

The flight records indicate that the flight took place on one of the billionaire’s Gulfstream jets, but Jane isn’t allowed to see any further information because Jane is private. Andrew Rodgers is not listed in the Court Circular.

According to a source familiar with the matter, Prince Andrew is not looking good. You now have the victim who claims she flew to Epstein while Epstein was abusing her. She also has a pilot supporting her claim.

“Jane” was last week the second witness in the Epstein trial for the alleged “madam”, Ghislaine Maxille. Maxwell, who is 59 years old, could face six charges, including child abuse, and child sexual trafficking. She may be sentenced to up 80 years in prison if convicted. 

She has pleaded guilty to all charges and denied them.

“Jane”, a mother of two aged 41, claims Maxwell groomed and sexually abused her.

Her devastating testimony revealed that she refused to identify herself by her true name as she is an actress in Hollywood and fears Epstein may damage her career.

Maxwell’s lawyer asked Jane if she had any recollection of Prince Andrew riding on Epstein’s plane. Jane replied, “Yes.”  

Larry Visoski of Epstein, another pilot, said to the court that Andrew was among a few high-profile individuals who flew on the paedophile’s planes, but that he did not know of any sexual activities.

Prince Andrew spokesmen declined to comment.