Prince Andrew was seen driving a new Range Rover in his multimillion-dollar legal battle against Virginia Roberts.

The Duke of York has taken the £80,000 Sport PHEV around the grounds of Windsor Castle since it was issued last month.

The royal opted for a green hybrid model with a 2L engine and 25 miles of range on the electric plug-in – about the distance from his home to Buckingham Palace.

The incident comes just as Ms Roberts’ legal dispute heats up. A judge has denied his motion to halt proceedings while an issue regarding where the accuser lives is addressed.

Andrew’s lawyers were not granted by Judge Lewis Kaplan. Ms Giuffre’s legal team will respond to Andrew’s request for information on her domicile no later than January 14.

Despite the scandalous lawsuit, the Prince faces calls to resign from his military titles as well as charities.

The Royal household is also rumored to be considering other options, such as sending the Duke in an ‘internal exile.

The Duke of York has been driving the £80,000 Sport PHEV around the grounds of Windsor Castle since it was issued last month

The royal opted for a green hybrid model with a 2L engine and 25 miles of range on the electric plug-in - about the distance from his home to Buckingham Palace

A green hybrid vehicle was chosen by the royal, with a 2L engine as well as 25 miles on the electric plug in. This is about how far he lives from Buckingham Palace.

The Royal, who usually drives while his security sit in the passenger seats, last took a trip in it on New Year's Eve

While the Royal drives, his security is in the front passenger seat. The Royal last made a New Year’s Eve trip in it.

Range Rover Sport Electric PHEV available in numbers

  • Price: £78,035
  • Power: 398bhp @ 5,500rpm
  • Torque 472 lb ft @ 1,500-4,000rpm
  • Kerb weight 2,539kg
  • Maximum trailer weight: 2500kg
  • Max boot capacity: 1,413 litres
  • Speed record: 137mph
  • Acceleration: 0-62mph – 6.3sec
  • The electric range is 25 miles
  • Official consumption: 73.0-88.3mpg
  • CO2 emissions 72-87g/km 

Over the past few weeks, the Duke was seen gliding around Windsor Castle in his Range Rover.

Last year, the Royal took a ride in his car while his security sat in the passengers seats.

To see Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle, he led a convoy consisting of his Land Rover Discovery and his car from Royal Lodge.

Range Rover’s private number plate is based on the Royal title. It comes in dark green and has tinted windows.

The first issue was in December. It was also insured that month.

The luxury car is worth about £80,000 but his may have been more depending on the extras included.

These cars can travel up to 137mph, and they also have the ability to accelerate in just 6.3 seconds from 0 to 60 mph.

A combination of electric and gasoline engines are used in the off-roader. This allows it to switch to diesel or petrol when the battery runs low.

These will allow the vehicle to get approximately 73 MPG, before he needs to top it up.

However, the cars are slow to charge. It takes about 7.5 hours for a standard home cable to be fully charged. For comment, the Duke’s team was reached.

He led a two-car convoy of his car and a Land Rover Discovery from his home at Royal Lodge to see the Queen at Windsor Castle for lunch

To see Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle, he led a convoy consisting of his Land Rover Discovery and his car from Royal Lodge.

The Range Rover, which has a private number plate based on his Royal title, is dark green with tinted windows

Range Rover has a private numberplate based upon his Royal title. The Range Rover is dark green with tinted glass

Pictured: Prince Andrew, Virginia Giuffre and Ghislaine Maxwell in 2001

Pictured in 2001: Prince Andrew and Virginia Giuffre with Ghislaine maxwell


Andrew was charged with what?

These formal accusations are battery and intentional injury to emotional distress. Virginia Roberts, who is bringing the New York case as her married name Giuffre, alleges that she was forced to have sexual relations with Prince Andrew at 17 years old. She was also a sex slave to Jeffrey Epstein’s friend and paedophile Jeffrey Epstein. It is not a criminal case like the GhislaineMaxwell Manhattan trial. Miss Roberts is seeking damages that could amount to millions of pounds. Andrew should not be in prison.

We are where we need to be.

Although the case was started in August, it is still being worked on. The judge will decide on Tuesday whether to grant an Andrew request for dismissal. If it continues there will be the taking of depositions – formal statement given under oath.

Who might be deposed

David Boies, Miss Roberts’ attorney has stated that he would like to see the duke deposed and perhaps his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson. Andrew will be on her side, along with her associates and possibly her lawyers.

Then what?

The tentative trial date has been set by Judge Lewis Kaplan for September. A jury of twelve members of the public will decide the case.

Will Andrew testify?

However, he could refuse to depose but this can lead to a default judgement against him. He can either decline to testify in person or “take the fifth”, refusing to answer any questions to protect himself.

Which evidence is being heard?

Miss Roberts is expected to tell the story, and will bring in witnesses who can verify her statements. She is expected to use Epstein’s flight logs to show where she was flown. Maxwell’s trial evidence could also be used, with testimony from Carolyn, a woman who claimed she was pulled into Epstein’s circle by Roberts.

How about Andrew being contacted by the FBI?

This is apart from the case. Andrew has been a potential witness in the FBI’s investigation of Epstein’s global sex rings for at least two years. An application for Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty protection to the Home Office is still pending and hasn’t been processed.

Andrew’s lawyers demanded earlier this week that the US case against Ms Roberts be dropped because she is “actually domiciled” in Australia.

Andrew is being sued by Ms Roberts for sexually assaulting and torturing her as a teenager.

However, Judge Lewis Kaplan in New York denied Andrew’s request. In his ruling, the judge stated that Andrew’s lawyers had received at least one complete request for documents regarding Ms Giuffre’s domicile. These responses were expected by January 14.

Judge added that his decision was made “without determining merit, or absence of merit” of Ms Giuffre’s assertion that Andrew’s lawyers’ motion was “a transparent attempt delay discovery into his documents and testimony”.

Ms Giuffre says she was trafficked to Andrew by Jeffrey Epstein, a disgraced financier.

She was seen with Ghislaine and the Royal during the period of alleged infidelity.

Ms Giuffre claimed that Andrew had previously sex with her in New York and London when she was 17, and she also sex again in 18 years on Epstein’s private Caribbean island where an orgy occurred.

Andrew denied the allegations.

The US will host a video conference to allow for oral arguments on Monday regarding the request of the Prince to dismiss the case.

Maxwell, 60 years old, was sentenced in the US for helping to attract vulnerable teenage girls to Epstein’s property, which Epstein used to abuse her between 1994 and 2004.

The prosecution called her ‘dangerous’ and she will spend the rest of the life in prison.

Andrew and her friendship have been the subject of renewed scrutiny. Ms Giuffre has filed a civil suit against Andrew for damages.

Andrew, who was driving a Range Rover towards Windsor Castle for the first time after Maxwell’s arrest, was captured on Friday lunchtime.

However, Sunday’s sex assault scandal brought new pressure on him to cut ties with charities and the military.

In November 2019, the Duke of Edinburgh resigned from all public duties ‘for foreseeable future’ due to his friendship with Epstein.

Source: “If [Prince Andrew]The case is lost. Now the question becomes, what to do with the man?

“You cannot force him to resign as you would with a normal individual, but he would be asked for his dukedom in abeyance.”

Insiders close to the Royals claimed that it would prove difficult to convince the Queen of the removal of the title Duke of York, as it is held by George VI before she became king.

Buckingham Palace spokesmen said that the claims against the Duke of Edinburgh could lead to him losing his title. The Duke of Edinburgh is currently a legal issue that we cannot comment on.

Royal courtiers are said to be discussing plans to strip Prince Andrew of his Duke of York title if he loses the lawsuit brought by sex abuse accuser Virginia Giuffre. Other ideas allegedly being considered by the Royal household include sending the Duke into some form of 'internal exile' and asking him to relinquish any links he still has to charities. And in a further blow, the Duke is said to be under pressure to give up his nine military roles, according to defence sources

If Prince Andrew loses his lawsuit by Virginia Giuffre, royal courtiers may be considering plans to remove him from the Duke of York title. The Royal household is also said to be considering other options, including sending Prince Andrew into an ‘internal Exile’ or asking him to give up any charity links. Defence sources claim that the Royal household is putting pressure on the Duke to give up nine of his military positions.

The decision to remove the military titles would need come from the Queen and Buckingham Palace officials but defence sources said 'there would be no objection from the armed forces'. (Above, members of the Royal Family in 2019)

Buckingham Palace and the Queen would need to approve the removal of military titles. However, sources within defense said that the army would not object. (Above: Members of the Royal Family 2019

Which military titles holds Andrew?

  • Vice-Admiral-Personal Aide-de Camp to the Queen
  • Colonel – Grenadier Guards 
  • Colonel-inChief: 9th/12th Royal Lancers(Prince of Wales’s); Royal Irish Regiment (7th (Inniskilling); 83rd, 87th, and Ulster Defence Regiment); Small Arms School Corps. Yorkshire Regiment (10th/15th (19th) and 33rd/76th Feet). 
  • Royal Colonel – Royal Highland Fusiliers 2nd Battalion Royal Regiment of Scotland 
  • Royal Air Force Lossiemouth – Honorary Air Comodore 
  • Commodore-in-Chief – Fleet Air Arm 

According to defense sources, there is also pressure on the Duke to give up his nine roles in the military.

The Sunday People reported that military leaders hope he will quit so that Queen Elizabeth doesn’t lose his honorary titles.

Senior Army commanders feel it’s not possible for Andrew to continue his position as colonel in chief of the nine military units, regiments and corps, due to the Duke’s friendship with Epstein, Maxwell and Maxwell.

These roles include: Vice-Admiral – Personal Aide de-Camp to Queen; Colonel – Grenadier Guardians; Colonel ­ Colonel ­ 9th/12th Royal Lancers(Prince of Wales’s); Royal Irish Regiment (227th (Inniskilling), 83rd, 87th and Ulster Defence Regiment); Small Arms School Corps (14th/15th/19th and 33rd/76th foot); Royal Colonel — Royal Highland Fusiliers; 2nd Battalion Royal Regiment of Scotland, Royal Air Force Lossiemouth, and Commodore-in­Chie-in­­­Air Arm

Privately, senior military leaders called Andrew ‘toxic’. A source said: “Even though Andrew has been completely cleared of any wrongdoing, he is still regarded as toxic.” He is likely to do the right thing and resign.

Officials at Buckingham Palace and the Queen would have to make the decision, but sources in defence told Sunday People that the military would not object.

Ex-royal Protection Expert says Duke’s security must be reviewed urgently as many could get fixated on him after Maxwell conviction.

Because of the potential for people to become obsessed with Prince Andrew after Ghislaine Maxiwell’s conviction (a former protection chief, Queen and Royal Family) it is imperative that security measures be taken immediately.

Dai Davies told the Sun: ‘Prince Andrew has not been convicted of anything — but the Maxwell verdict is a game-changer.’

He made these comments after a security incident that occurred recently for the Duke.

Prince Andrew was given a shock in early December after a woman ran up to his Range Rover and shouted 'Andrew, Andrew!' through the window

Prince Andrew got a shock when an unidentified woman ran upto his Range Rover shouting, “Andrew!” Through the window

After a woman ran up and shouted Andrew, Andrew! at his Range Rover on December 17, Prince Andrew received a surprise. Through his car window.

When the Duke of York made his short commute from Windsor Castle, his Royal Lodge, to Windsor Castle, to ride horses, a woman appeared out of nowhere.

Photographs showed her smashing glass on the Prince’s car and shouting at him. Later, she was questioned nearby by police.