Prince Andrew’s ex girlfriend Lady Victoria Hervey has insisted ‘very private’ Ghislaine Maxwell was a ‘victim’ of Jeffrey Epstein. 

The 44-year-old socialite is the daughter of 6 Marquess of Bristol, and was once the love interest of Duke of York. The couple first met 20 years ago, but she previously stated that she doesn’t know what their secret activities were. 

Lorraine was her first appearance today. She said that the pair are ‘a double act’, but she “sees the Ghislaine in a victim.”

Lady Victoria said to the morning presenter that she was a victim right now. He is also being held accountable for his actions. Some may argue that it isn’t as fair as it should be.

Maxwell (60) was found guilty of helping Jeffrey Epstein to sexually abuse minors. Her sentence is 65 years, and she may spend the rest her life in jail. 

She was found guilty on five of six counts of sex trafficking – a spectacular downfall for the former London society girl who later moved into the highest circles of New York’s social scene. 

Prince Andrew's ex girlfriend Lady Victoria Hervey, 44,  has insisted 'very private' Ghislaine Maxwell was a 'victim' of Jeffrey Epstein

Prince Andrew’s ex girlfriend Lady Victoria Hervey, 44,  has insisted ‘very private’ Ghislaine Maxwell was a ‘victim’ of Jeffrey Epstein

Lady Victoria said: ‘I mean to be honest I think Ghislaine was a victim and is a victim.

“She was the victim, but she became an accomplice when her part in their relationship ended.

“She switched sides. She is a victim to me.

Lorraine questioned Lorraine over her personal connections to the two, and she said: ‘Why would you think that if you were an average girl without any connections, did you believe that she wanted you there?

Victoria said, “I was London’s IT girl at the time. Everyone knew me and I was there every meal. 

The daughter of the 6th Marquess of Bristol and the former love interest of the Duke of York, first met the pair 20 years ago but has previously said she has no clue what they had been secretly up to (pictured together in 2004)

The former lover interest of the Duke, the daughter of 6th Marquess Royal of Bristol, met her parents 20 years ago. However she claims that she does not know the truth about what the two were up to. 

“It was great to be on her invitation list. It made the event more exciting for all of her guests. 

“Obviously, you desire to be attracted girls that are hot in London.”

She said that Jeffrey and Ghislaine were “definitely a dual act”, adding: “It wouldn’t have worked for him alone. 

“It was much easier for her, being a woman, to approach other females. 

Lady Victoria told the morning breakfast presenter that she feels Ghislaine is 'a scapegoat' and is 'being taken down' for Epstein's crimes

Lady Victoria said to Epstein that Ghislaine is her’scapegoat and she is being taken down for Epstein’s crimes.

The article states that girls would be less intimated and more scared of men than women. This would have been much less evident in this respect.

Lady Victoria admitted that she was ‘used’ to the pair, but said she had ‘a lot of fun’ at the time.

She replied, “I was so naive. My situation was not unusual for people who were young. We were sure to be taken advantage of. 

“We just wanted to be a nice face and entertain people.” I was lucky and I am aware.

Lady Victoria confessed she felt 'used' by Ghislaine and Epstein, but added she 'had fun at the time'  (pictured in 2002 with Prince Andrew)

Lady Victoria confessed she felt ‘used’ by Ghislaine and Epstein, but added she ‘had fun at the time’  (pictured in 2002 with Prince Andrew) 

According to her, she didn’t know anything amiss at parties with the group. She stated that, besides the feeling of being insecure about the apartment’s video camera, there was also the possibility of dinner parties and social gatherings. All of it seemed to be very enjoyable at the time.

“This was the beginning of 2000s. People wanted Ghislaine to attend all their events. They were always invited. 

Lady Victoria stated that she had ‘followed some of the trials’, but was “a little disappointed”.

She said that she had no new knowledge and felt detached because of the fact that it was not televised.

Ghislaine Maxwell could spend the rest of her life behind bars after a jury convicted her of recruiting and grooming young girls to be sexually abused by the late American financier and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein last month

Ghislaine Maxill could be locked up for the rest of her adult life after she was convicted by a jury of grooming and recruiting young girls to sexually abuse Jeffrey Epstein, an American financier and pedophile. 

She replied, “She hasn’t really named any other names yet. It is my hope that she will begin to give out names. We are not there yet, I think.

Meanwhile on her dinner with Ghislaine, Jeffrey, Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, she pondered: ‘Is it to make them feel important? That is what I thought. It was business, and it was done through the introduction of strong different people.

“So, I’m not sure what kind of business deals were made at these dinners. But, for certain, you’ll know that things did.

Lady Victoria said, “She’s unfortunately the scapegoat because no one is to be blamed.”

“So, unfortunately for her, she’s being taken down by him for the things he did as well. Some might say that’s not fair but this is what she’s in at the moment.

Lorraine, however, argued that Ghislaine was just as guilty for Jeffrey’s murder as Jeffrey.

Lady Victoria said, “That’s stupid!” when she saw the famous picture of Prince Andrew with Virgina Giuffre.

Lady Victoria answered the question, “No. She was quite private, but they were clearly good friends. It’s obvious by their bodies that they are close friends.

“I do not know how she will be sentenced, or for how many years.

Ghislaine, a disgraced socialite is due to be sentenced in June for her sex-trafficking crime.

Judge Alison Nathan decided Friday afternoon that the sentencing date would be set.

The delayed sentencing was based on the defense attorneys’ decision due to recent  ‘compelling’ evidence they say could overturn the trial, as well as Maxwell’s conviction. 

Maxwell was found guilty on five of six counts of sex trafficking - a spectacular downfall for the former London society girl who later moved into the highest circles of New York's social scene. Pictured: Maxwell with Epstein

Maxwell was found guilty of five out of six charges of sex traficking. This is a devastating blow for Maxwell, a former London society girl who went on to become one of the most prominent figures in New York’s social circles. Maxwell and Epstein

 Maxwell’s lawyers last week demanded a new trial after a juror revealed he had helped convict the former socialite by telling fellow jury members about his experience of sexual abuse.

She was found guilty of sex trafficking of a minor, transporting a minor with the intent to engage in criminal sexual activity, and three counts of conspiracy. Her guilt of inducing minors to illegal sex was not proven.   

Maxwell was sentenced after a one-month trial. During that time, prosecutors claimed Maxwell recruited and trained teenage girls for Epstein’s sexual abuse between 1994 and 2004. 

Maxwell was once in a relationship with Epstein. However, Maxwell became Epstein’s employee at one of five homes, including the Manhattan mansion and the large Palm Beach estate.

Maxwell, who is said to have been Epstein's madam as well as his one-time girlfriend, is seen posing with the pedophile in evidence photos shown in court

Maxwell is shown in court photos posing as a pedophile with Maxwell. Maxwell is believed to be Epstein’s one-time partner.

Epstein committed suicide in a Manhattan federal prison while awaiting a trial for sex trafficking.

Maxwell’s attorneys argued that Maxwell made Maxwell a scapegoat after his death by claiming she was used as a weapon of mass destruction by federal prosecutors. 

Meanwhile, Prince Andrew is under severe pressure to settle with Virginia Roberts Giuffre after a New York judge refused to throw out her case – paving the way for a box office trial in nine months to examine claims she was repeatedly forced to have sex with him when she was a teenager. 

Prince Andrew is seen with his arm around Virginia Roberts while Ghislaine Maxwell stands in the background, in a now infamous photo from early 2001

Prince Andrew can be seen holding Virginia Roberts’ arm while Ghislaine Maxiwell is standing in the background. This photo was taken in early 2001. 

This is a terrible blow for the Duke of York. He now faces an expensive, reputation-shredding case in court next September. If he doesn’t try to pay Giuffre at least $5million. 

Andrew could face being interviewed in London by Giuffre’s lawyers if he refuses to settle or Giuffre declines offers. The videotaped interview in London may be used in court. However, the civil case in another legal jurisdiction cannot force Andrew to testify. 

He could also ignore the matter and allow the court to decide in his absence. However, this would likely further damage his reputation.