Prince Charles invited Prince and Duchess Sussex to visit him in the UK because he was concerned that their son’s “tell-all” memoir would be critical of the Duchess.

In the hopes of getting to meet Lilibet, his granddaughter Lilibet, Prince Harry invited Harry and his family over to stay at his residence.

According to reports, the offer was made during ongoing security concerns for the Queen’s Jubilee. 

It also comes amid claims that Prince Charles fears his son’s memoir will slam the Duchess of Cornwall and her relationship with the Prince of Wales during Prince Harry’s childhood.  

According to The Sun, a source said that Harry is fiercely loyal to his mother’s legacy and protects it. He didn’t like Camilla being the greatest love of his father’s life.

Prince Charles invited the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to stay with him when they visit the UK

Prince Charles invited Prince Charles to invite the Duke and Duchess Of Sussex to join him on his visit to the UK 

The invite comes amid claims Prince Charles fears his son's memoir will slam the Duchess of Cornwall and her relationship with the Prince of Wales. Pictured: Prince Harry with Princess Diana and Prince William in 1992

Prince Charles claims that he is worried about his son’s memoir referring to the Duchess Of Cornwall and her relationship the Prince of Wales. Pictured with Prince Harry, Princess Diana, and Prince William in 1992

“Understandably he was incredibly troubled in those early years, and Camilla might be publicly blamed for much of his trauma and what went wrong during that time.”  

Charles is extremely protective of Camilla. The last thing he needs — especially in a year of celebration that should be all about the Queen — is an excoriating takedown of Camilla at a time when people have finally taken her to their hearts.’

The 37-year old Duke of Sussex lives in Montecito (California) with Meghan Markle, 41, their four children.

But, their return to security was questioned after a row with the Metropolitan Police. 

Sources told The Mirror that Prince Charles and his son, Prince Charles, have been communicating via several ‘good-natured’ phone calls in recent months.

One stated that the Prince of Wales was saddened to not have had time to spend quality time with his grandchildren. This is something he truly misses.

“He’s a wonderful grandfather who loves the role and it’s fair to say that he doesn’t feel complete without Harry and his children.

“This is something that he hopes to fix, which is why he made the gesture to Harry, Meghan, and the children to remain with him, whenever they might come home for some time.    

This comes after reports that Prince Harry wanted a judicial review to the UK Police Protection Team’s decision to detain him. The claim was that it would be too risky to travel to Scotland Yard without Scotland Yard guards.

A former head of royal protection advised the prince that the UK was not a place he can pick from if he wishes to be protected.

A source claimed that Prince Harry (pictured with his mother Princess Diana and Prince William in 1987) 'might publicly blame Camilla for much of what he believes went wrong in his childhood'

According to a source, Prince Harry was pictured in 1987 with Princess Diana and Prince William. He allegedly’might publicly fault Camilla’ for many of the things that went wrong during his childhood.

Claims have emerged that Prince Charles fears his son's memoir will slam the Duchess of Cornwall

According to some reports, Prince Charles is worried that his son’s memoirs will cause a rift with the Duchess.

The source claimed that Prince Charles is

According to a source, Prince Charles was ‘deeply protective of’ the Duchess Of Cornwall

Dai Davies suggested that the Duke should not expect to have bodyguards provided to him when returning home.

Anger at the unusual legal threats against the government erupted earlier this month. Sources responded by saying that Scotland Yard was not available for rent.

GMB spoke with Mr Davies, Operational unit Commander for Royals in 1995. He said that Davies chose to visit America because it was his right.

“And it is our prerogative, to ensure that when we examine any aspect of security, any member or the Royal Family, we actually assess it through different security agencies. Here’s what matters most.

“And it has been determined in this level one, one they won’t supply him protection because of the low risk at this stage.

“However, should there be an imminent danger when he approaches then the Metropolitan Police would have to perform their duty.”     

The ongoing row comes as Prince Harry prepares to release his $20million tell-all memoir.

Published by Random House last year, a statement stated that Prince Harry would share the complete account of his life experiences, loss, and lessons learned.

“Prince Harry’s life in public, starting from his childhood, to today, will be covered. It will give a candid and compelling portrait of Prince Harry, which shows that there is a powerful, brave, and inspiring human story behind all they believe they know. 

Prince Harry said in a statement that he was writing the following: “I’m not writing this as the prince to whom I was born, but as the man who I am.”

“I have worn many hats throughout my life, literally and metaphorically. I hope that by telling my story, including the lows and highs, as well as the mistakes and lessons learned, that it will help to show people that we all share more than we realize.

“I am deeply grateful to have the chance to share the lessons I’ve gained over the course my life. It’s a great opportunity for others to see a personal account that is accurate and truthful of my life.  

Angela Levin, a royal expert author and historian, wrote last year Harry: Biography and Life of a Prince: I’ve been told that Harry’s memoir would focus heavily on Princess Diana’s death, which he then blames.   

Prince Harry stated that he was’very disappointed’ in his father Prince Charles. He accused him of not answering his calls, and then “cutting off” his finances when he and wife fled to the United States.

Harry answered a question about Prince Charles’ relationship and said that they had been speaking once again. He added, “There are a lot of things to be done there. Because he has been through something very similar, I feel truly let down.

Archie, his great-grandson, knows how pain feels. Although I love him forever, there has been a lot of pain. It is something I intend to continue making a priority to heal this relationship.

He replied that he loved William and was close to him when he was asked about Prince William. He is my brother. Together, we’ve seen all the good and bad things. You can say that we share the same experience. However, we are on separate paths.   

Prince Harry is promising readers an accurate and truthful book, written “not as the prince that I was born but rather as the man who I have become”.

Harry claimed that his memoir to Penguin Random House will not portray him as a prince, but rather as the man he had ‘become’.

He stated, “I am writing this letter not to be the prince that I am born as but the man that I have become.”

‘I’ve had many hats in my lifetime, both literally as well as figuratively. My hope is that I can tell my story and show you that, no matter our origins, we share much more in common than what we might think.

“I am deeply grateful to have the chance to share the lessons I’ve gained over the course my life. It’s a great opportunity for others to see a personal account that is accurate and truthful of my life.