After receiving permission from Queen Elizabeth in a last-minute telephone call, Prince Charles flew out to Middle East on a four-day trip.

  • Charles was understood to have spoken with Queen regarding the Jordanian and Egyptian trip
  • It is understood he was reassured by her that the official visit, should go ahead
  • It is hoped that this decision will help to reassure the public regarding the health of his mother. 

After speaking to Queen Elizabeth and receiving her blessing, the Prince of Wales flew out for a four day tour in the Middle East.

Charles, it is believed that he discussed the trip Jordan and Egypt for the British government. It is scheduled to begin today.

He was assured by her that the visit to the region would go ahead, as it is intended to improve bilateral relations.

Sources said that the conversation was over the phone and took place on Saturday.

The Prince of Wales has flown out on a four-day tour of the Middle East having spoken to the Queen and been given her blessing

After speaking to Queen Elizabeth and receiving her blessing, the Prince of Wales flew out for a four day tour in the Middle East.

A nervous public may feel reassured by the fact that the prince decided to tour the country with his wife, The Duchess Of Cornwall.

The 95-year-old Queen was not seen at an official engagement on Oct 19, and she has had to cancel all public engagements since being taken to the hospital for what Buckingham Palace describes as preliminary tests.

Following being advised by her doctor to rest, she only performed ‘light duty’.

But, she indicated that her intention was to attend Remembrance Sunday’s official commemorations. One royal aide described it as her’most written in’ promise.

Charles is understood to have discussed the trip to Jordan and Egypt on behalf of the British government - which is due to start today - following his mother's recent ill-health and after her last-minute decision to pull out of attending the Cenotaph on Sunday after spraining her back

Charles has been reported to have discussed the British Government’s visit to Jordan, Egypt. It is expected that Charles did so following the recent illness of his mother and her decision to cancel Sunday’s Cenotaph attendance after she had injured her back.

It is understood that he was reassured by her that the official visit, which has been designed to strengthen bi-lateral relations in the region, should go ahead. Above: Charles and the Queen in April

According to reports, he felt reassured that the official visit was going ahead, as it is intended to improve bilateral relations within the region. Above: Charles and Queen during April 

Buckingham Palace made it clear that she regretted having to withdraw after she injured her back and arrived less than 2 hours earlier than expected.

This was her sixth absence from the event, the other ones were due to being pregnant or on tour. It also marks the first appearance in 22 years.

The Palace staff stressed that the Queen’s condition wasn’t related to her hospitalization last month. No-one was more shocked than her at this unexpected outcome.

Charles and Camilla are due to arrive at Amman on today’s first leg of the trip. They want to draw attention the close relationship that exists between Britain and Jordan.

Charles and Camilla (pictured together at the COP26 climate summit earlier this month) will arrive in Amman today on the first leg of their trip to highlight the close relationship between British and Jordan

Charles and Camilla, pictured at the COP26 Climate Summit earlier in the month, will be arriving in Amman today for the first leg. This is to emphasize the strong relationship between the British and Jordan

The celebrations will be held to mark its centenary and also highlight the importance of trade, economic and culture links and the impact of climate change on the kingdom.

Jordan is a country that has stability throughout the region, and where religion tolerance flourishes.

Charles’s Jordanian visit will strengthen security cooperation and long-standing relationships between the two royal houses.

At Al Husseiniya Palace, King Abdullah will receive the newly engaged couple on their first day.

Charles, aged 73 and Camilla, 74 will travel to Egypt later in the week to enjoy a tour of the pyramids.

During the four-day journey, they will pack more than 30 formal engagements together.