Prince William said goodbye to his beloved former polo coach at her funeral, following the death of her aged 77.

Claire Tomlinson is a former England captain who was also coached and taught Prince Harry and Prince Harry how to play Polo at Beaufort Polo Club, Gloucestershire.

Yesterday, William was joined by at least 200 relatives and friends at the service for remembrance held at St Mary’s Church Tetbury. It is situated in the Cotswolds just a mile from Prince Charles’s Highgrove estate.

While the Duke was accompanied by a royal protection officer to attend the funeral, there were no signs of Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, his children who would likely have been at home or school.

After a lengthy battle with dementia, Mrs Tomlinson died at home January 13. Charles requested that she teach William and Harry at the club’s polo league when they were young.

William and Harry were good friends of Luke and Mark, her two sons. They also served as guests at the Windsor Castle weddings in May 2018 and Westminster Abbey in April 2011. Emma was also her daughter.

The Duke of Cambridge (pictured in Edinburgh last May)

Claire Tomlinson (pictured in Chippenham in 2014)

The Duke of Cambridge (left, in Edinburgh last May) attended the funeral for Claire Tomlinson (right, in Chippenham in 2014)

William kisses Claire Tomlinson at the Beaufort Polo Club in Gloucestershire in 2000, where she taught him as a youngster

Claire Tomlinson and William are kissed at Beaufort Polo Club (Glouchshire) in 2000. Claire was his teacher as a youth.

Prince William with Claire Tomlinson and his father Prince Charles at the Beaufort Polo Club in Gloucestershire in 2009

Prince William and Claire Tomlinson with Prince Charles, at Beaufort Polo Club in Gloucestershire 2009

Prince Charles asked Claire Tomlinson to teach his two sons how to play polo. They are pictured together at Beaufort in 2009

Prince Charles asked Claire Tomlinson for help in teaching his sons polo. The two of them are shown together in Beaufort, 2009

Both Harry and William enjoyed playing polo like their father Charles, and grandfather Prince Philip. The Daily Express reported that Harry and William had both been keen players of polo.

William was born left-handed, so Mrs Tomlinson taught William how to play it. The brothers compete in charity races against each other. 

The mourners at yesterday’s funeral at the 18th century church included many players Mrs Tomlinson had taught as children, and those leaving the ceremony described it as an ‘amazing’ and ‘beautiful’ tribute to her.

At the age of 15, she learned how to play Polo from her father. She joined the university team as a player. He had to approve her entry because it is so uncommon. 

Mrs Tomlinson’s three children, all of whom are senior polo players and coaches, is the best-rated British female player in polo. She was also the first woman to face male competitors at high-goal or top-level polo.

This trailblazer was also part of the Oxford University team. She won the County Cup in 1972 and the Queen’s Cup in 1979.

Claire Tomlinson speaks to Princess Anne at the funeral for Rosemary Parker Bowles in Malmesbury, Wiltshire, in 2010

Claire Tomlinson talks to Princess Anne during the Rosemary Parker Bowles funeral in Malmesbury (Wiltshire), in 2010.

was the first woman to win the County Cup, in 1972, and the Queen's Cup, in 1979,

The trailblazer Mrs Tomlinson became the first woman in history to win both the Polo County Cup in 1972 and the Queen’s Cup in 1979.

Mrs Tomlinson still holds the women's high-goal handicap record, while she also captained the England national team

Mrs Tomlinson is still the female high-goal handicap record holder, and she captained England’s national team.

Mrs Tomlinson is still the female high-goal handicap record holder. She also captained England’s national team and coached them until her retirement. She was the Beaufort Polo Club’s chair for her final years.

Luke, her son, was also educated at Eton, like Harry and William. He previously stated of his mother, ‘She was an innovator as a person, as well as in Polo. Her impact was huge on many people’s lives.

“A strong character. Her character was strong. She was tough on herself. You were tough with others, and you didn’t play games. It’s rare to see her with such high standards these days.

Marcus Armytage, a former National Hunt jockey wrote an obituary last week in The Daily Telegraph. It included a description of Mrs Tomlinson’s rigorous tuition methods and stated that she did not take fools lightly. One of the ‘pupils’ returned to school one winter, but he didn’t put a rug down on his horse immediately after washing it. 

She told him to get down to his waist. Then she hosed him and tied him to the wall. Although you are not permitted to do this these days, it’s not something he did twice.

Prince William and Prince Harry on opposing teams during a polo match at Billingbear Polo Club in Wokingham in July 2019

Prince William (left) and Prince Harry (right), during the polo match at Billingbear Polo Club Wokingham, July 2019,

Harry and William are keen polo players and are pictured at a charity match at Cirencester Park Polo Club in July 2017

Harry and William love polo and were pictured together at Cirencester Polo Club’s charity match in July 2017.

William and Harry were keen to play polo from a young age - seen here playing with the equipment at Cirencester Park in 1990

William and Harry both loved to play polo as children. This is Harry playing with the Cirencester Park equipment in 1990.

In Mrs Tomlinson’s honor, the family requested that donations be made to The Alzheimer’s Society. The charity spokeswoman said that Claire’s charity Polo Days helped to raise vital funds and awareness. 

According to a spokesperson for Hurlingham Polo Association in Britain, the governing body of polo, Claire became the first female player ever to score five goals and is a role model for all women players. 

“She was an ingenious and inspirational coach for many generations, coaching England team at all levels, and she also trained polo horses and was a trainer of immense fame.

“She will be missed greatly by everyone who knew her, but her legacy will continue through her children at Beaufort Polo Club. We are thinking of the family.