Prince William, who was unable to maintain a straight face while he was seated next to his cousins at Sandringham’s Christmas Day service, reportedly had the giggles “many times” during Christmas Day.

  • Prince William stated that he had giggles while attending a Christmas Day Church Service.
  • At five years old, the Duke of Cambridge was invited to attend his first Sandringham ceremony.
  • His cousins were always a challenge to him, he said.

Although it is intended to highlight family unity and Queen Elizabeth’s role as Supreme Governor of Church of England, Prince William revealed that Sandringham’s Christmas Day worship service was not always as serious as one might expect.

As he begins his walk, he states: “So we are right outside St Mary Magdalene Church. Now the flag is up, and I am directly beside the door that we use to enter as families.

“And the best thing about it? It’s that we sit beside each other as families. Growing up, I found it difficult to be straight when my cousins were sitting next me.

Prince William revealed he has gotten the giggles 'many times' during the Sandringham Christmas Day church service. He took his children for the first time in 2019 (pictured)

Prince William said he had giggled’many’ times during Sandringham’s Christmas Day service. Pictured: Prince William took his children to the Sandringham Christmas Day service for the first-time in 2019.

The Duke of Cambridge attended his first Sandringham Christmas Day church service in 1987, aged five. He is pictured at the Sandringham service with his cousin Zara Phillips in 1988

In 1987, at the age of five years old, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge went to his first Sandringham Christmas Day service. He is pictured at the Sandringham service with his cousin Zara Phillips in 1988

“I had the giggles many, multiple times during the service. The best part is that no one has the right to film it. You can do it and it is okay to laugh and have fun on Christmas Day.

William, five years old, attended the Sandringham Christmas Day service as a child. He also took Princess Charlotte and Prince George, his two oldest children, to attend. 

The lure of many Royal Family members together draws large numbers of people, in addition to TV crews and photographers.

William, looking ahead to Christmas without Prince Philip speaks fondly on his grandfather, who was 99 in April. 

William says that his family spent Christmas in Norfolk at Sandringham. The large pine trees are a symbol of this area. The winter smell of pine is a wonderful scent. It can be very soothing.

“As my family walks along this path, I am reminded of the Christmas Day walk we did many, many times with our families.

“I still have vivid memories of my grandmother walking down this street, and I can also recall his speed. There would be giant gaps between us all, with our grandfather at the front trying to catch up.