Prince William refused to respond today when a reporter asked him if he had supported Prince Andrew, his uncle who was disgraced. This came as Prince William was on the first engagement of his year with Kate.

When the Duke of Cambridge was about to leave London’s Foundling Museum at Brunswick Square Gardens, when Sky News’ journalist asked him: “Your Royal Almness, may I ask, would you like to support Prince Andrew?”

William, who was wearing an eye mask, stopped and pointed towards his ears, telling the journalist: “Sorry, but I don’t understand you.” Next, the journalist asked William if he supported Prince Andrew. Are you a recent contact? 

William just smiled, spoke a few words but then he put his arm behind Kate’s back and left the building. One woman said, “We have to move on now” and another one apologized to the Duchess.

He was in the Museum of Foundling Hospital’s History, which tells about the origins and development of this charity. It was established as an institution for the care and support for young children who were unable to keep their mothers.

William and Kate visited the Care Sector to learn more and meet well-known figures such as poet Lemn Sisson, Kriss Akabusi, and Allan Jenkins.

Six days ago, the Queen had removed Andrew’s honorary military duties in an dramatic Buckingham Palace statement. The Duke of Edinburgh was also reluctant to talk about Andrew and gave up using the HRH style.

Sources within Palace said that the Royal Family discussed the decision after Andrew tried unsuccessfully to get a judge to drop the civil lawsuit against him. He is charged with having sex in public with a victim of trafficking.

Prince Charles, William and their son William were believed to have played an ‘instrumental role’ in forcing him out. This was evident when the Prince of Wales called his mother from Scotland last week following the court hearing. 

Prince William is asked whether he 'supports Prince Andrew' while visiting the Foundling Museum in London this afternoon

Prince William is asked whether he ‘supports Prince Andrew’ while visiting the Foundling Museum in London this afternoon

After being asked the question today at the museum, William stops and leans back, saying to the reporter, ‘Sorry. I can’t understand you.’

Prince William and his wife Kate then leave the Foundling Museum in London following their visit this afternoon

Following their visit, Prince William (with his wife Kate) and the Foundling Museum in London are then taken home by Kate

A woman was heard saying: 'We've got to move on now' and another said 'I'm so sorry' to the Duchess as they left today

One woman said, “We have to move on now” and the other said, “I’m so sorry,” to the Duchess when they parted today

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge speak to Foundling Museum director Caro Howell outside the building today

Today, the Duke and Duchess Of Cambridge meet Caro Howell (foundling museum director) outside of the building.

Prince William and Kate smile at each other as they leave the Foundling Museum in London this afternoon

As they depart the Foundling Museum, London today afternoon, Prince William and Kate look at one another.

William visited Windsor Castle on Wednesday, the day Andrew lost his titles. He was there to perform an investiture for his grandmother.

Sources close to the palace said that last week, ‘It’s a quick and brutal decision which was recommended by Prince of Wales and Duke of Cambridge and approved by the Queen.

Prince Andrew’s mysterious disappearance: Duke wipes his Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as he drops in profile 

As pressure mounted on Prince Andrew, the Twitter account of the Queen has been removed. This is one week after she removed him from her honorary military positions.

Users who used social media to visit @theDukeofyork’s official twitter page today received a message saying “This account doesn’t exists – Try searching for another” just hours after the original one was live.

The Duke’s Facebook and Instagram accounts – which both have the handle @hrhthedukeofyork – were still live this morning, six days after Andrew lost his titles and gave up his use of the HRH style last Thursday.

However a source close to Andrew told MailOnline today that all of his social media channels had now been removed and were no longer live, but some of them were taking longer to filter through. 

According to the source, “The modifications have been made in order to reflect Buckingham Palace’s recent statements regarding The Duke Of York.” 

Andrew, who was born an HRH in the UK, has decided not to use the style and was stripped of all his royal patronages. This was a complete stripping him from formal royal life.

After Andrew was dismissed in New York, a judge rejected Andrew’s motion to dismiss his sexual assault case and declared that it could proceed to trial.

Today, Armed Forces Minister James Heappey said Andrew had ’caused enormous challenges for the royal family’, kept ‘horrifically ill-advised’ company and his civil sex case risks overshadowing the Platinum Jubilee. 

But he refused to answer whether or not it was appropriate for Queen Elizabeth to remove her son’s military role and said that, as minister, he would not comment on further because he “might be too colourful”.

LBC was informed by Andrew that Andrew had caused enormous problems for the royal family during a time when it should have been celebrating Her Majesty’s extraordinary service to the Queen, as she approaches her Platinum Jubilee.

Andrew, who is currently in the US for a civil sexual case, received the news as the trial was scheduled to begin between September and December. 

Virginia Giuffre has sued the duke over alleged sexual assaults she suffered as a teenager.

Ms Giuffre, formerly known as Virginia Roberts, claims she was trafficked by Andrew’s friend, the late convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, to have sex with the duke when she was 17 and a minor under US law.

The allegations have been vigorously refuted by the Duke.

Ms Giuffre alleges Andrew had sex in her place at Ghislaine’s London house and Epstein’s Manhattan mansion.

Maxwell was Epstein’s ex-girlfriend and friend and was found guilty in the US of purchasing teenage girls to Epstein. He will be sentenced next summer.

Also, Ms Giuffre was allegedly abused by the Duke on another occasion, during Epstein’s visit to Little St James’ private island and at Epstein’s Manhattan mansion.  

Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Andrew on the Buckingham Palace balcony behind the Queen on June 8, 2019

Prince Charles, Prince William, and Prince Andrew on Buckingham Palace balcony in front of the Queen.

Prince Andrew and Virginia Roberts stand together with Ghislaine Maxwell in the background in London on March 13, 2001

Prince Andrew and Virginia Roberts are seen together with Ghislaine maxwell, in London, March 13, 2001.

Yesterday was the revelation that York Racecourse would rename the Duke of York Stakes, in an attempt to separate itself from Queen Elizabeth’s controversial second child.

The prestigious, six-furlong sprint is named after Prince George of York. He was King George V’s Duke. Officials will try to explain the course’s history. 

Andrew has also had calls to request the loss of his York dukedom which was gifted to him by his mother at his 1986 wedding.

James Brennan of the Racecourse, Head of Marketing and Sponsorship, said to The Yorkshire Post, “It was named for Prince George, who later became King George V.”

“It was never about Prince Andrew. We are now going to look at how to make it more clear about the history of the name, and to show that it refers to a different Duke.

As a substitute, the current favorite is currently the 1895 Duke Of York Stakes. The European Pattern Committee regulates Group races and any changes will need to be made.