Named this year’s most hardworking royal, her Prince Charles was closely behind. This is after the Royal Family resumed a normal work schedule in 2020.

The crown was taken by the Princess Royal at 71 with 387 official engagements. This is two less than Charles (73), who had 385. 

In recent years, the siblings took on more responsibility as Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh began to reduce their workload. 

These are followed by The Duke and Cambridge with his 235 official duties.   

At 95 years old, Queen Elizabeth still managed to manage 184 engagements. The majority were conducted via video or phone link so that she could remain in Windsor Castle during much of the year. 

Princess Anne has been named this year's hardest working royal, followed closely by her Prince Charles as the Royal Family returned to a more normal schedule after 2020

Charles carried out carried out 385 engagements in 2021

Named this year’s most productive royal is Princess Anne (left), followed closely by Prince Charles. The Royal Family has returned to normal after 2020.

This is less than half of her 295 engagements in 2019, which proves the monarch’s dedication to her role despite her ageing and the deep personal losses she suffered following the April death of The Duke of Edinburgh.

Unveil: Princess Anne beat Charles to be the most hardworking royal

Princess Anne: 387 engagements 

Prince Charles: 385 engagements

Prince William: 235 

The Earl of Wessex:

The Countess and Countess at Wessex: 194

The Queen: 

Tim O’Donovan is a royal watcher who monitors the family’s activities and keeps track of how many engagements each member has. 

The Times first reported the story. 

Anne is long remembered as being the most dedicated royal. However, Charles was the winner in 2019 and 2020.

Both performed more engagements during 2020 lockdowns, which restricted their access to work on the ground.

These numbers, however are far less than what they were in 2019 when Prince Charles had 521 and Princess Anne 506.   

The Earl and Countess were both 308 and 236 respectively in that year. 

One reason the numbers are lower is because of restrictions that continue to be placed on international travel. This makes it more difficult for royal visits. 

The number of official visits to the country is often high due to the many engagements. 

Following the retirement of Prince Andrew and the Duchess and Duke of Sussex, Sophie became a trusted confidante and has gained prominence in the Royal Family.    

In third place is the Duke of Cambridge, with 235 official duties

At the age of 95, the Queen still managed 184 engagements, the majority of which were carried out by phone or video link, allowing the Queen to remain ensconced in Windsor Castle for much of the year

The Duke of Cambridge is third with 235 duties. The Queen, who was 95 years old, still manages 184 engagements. Many of them were conducted via video or phone link. This allowed the Queen to continue living in Windsor Castle during much of the year.

The Duke of Edinburgh died in weeks and the Countess was especially visible. 

With Lady Louise Windsor as her companion, she spoke with staff at the palace and expressed deep sorrow about Prince Philip’s loss. 

When the Queen was allowed to step out, she would often be accompanied by one of her relatives, including Prince Charles and Princess Anne, Prince William, Prince William, Prince William, Prince William, Prince William, Prince William, Prince William, Prince William, Prince William, Prince William, Prince Charles, Prince Charles, Prince Charles and Princess Anne.

Important occasions were also important to the Queen. She visited Cornwall in June to meet with leaders of the G7 summit. On October 2, she hosted at Windsor Castle a reception in celebration of the Global Investment Summit.

There were concerns about Her Majesty’s wellbeing and health in the second half of the year.   

The Earl of Wessex carried out 204 engagements and the Countess of Wessex 194. Pictured, the couple on a visit to Forfar Golf Club, Scotland in June

The Earl and Countess were engaged in 204 affairs, while the Countess was involved in 194. The couple visiting Forfar Golf Club in Scotland, June 2009.

From October 19 to November 17, Queen Elizabeth II resigned from several engagements. These included the Church of England national assembly, and Remembrance Day commemoration in the Cenotaph. 

Mr O’Donovan, of Berkshire, uses the Court Circular — the official daily list of royal engagements — to compile a tally of every single duty undertaken by each member of the family, be it the Queen opening Parliament or the Duchess of Gloucester at an exhibition of basket-weaving. 

These are all noted down and he produces a quarterly total. Come the year end, Mr O’Donovan produces an annual table of results, which he then sends to the editor of The Times.

While some engagements may be as simple as turning up, others require a lot of preparation and a lengthy journey. 

The Court Circular does not mention illness, pregnancy or red boxes. It also doesn’t address the private meetings and paperwork that fill each royal diary.