After being in the same Olympics team, Princess Anne knights Brendan Foster 45-years later

  • Veteran track runner, said that it was an honor to be awarded the Royal Honour
  • Sir Brendan took home bronze in 10,000m at the 1976 Montreal Olympics
  • Princess Anne participated in Eventing, but didn’t win any medals 

Princess Anne knighted Brendan Foster, a veteran track runner who was part of the same Olympic team 45 years ago.   

According to the veteran track runner, it was an honor to be awarded the royal honour at Windsor Castle where Anne was also present.

In 1974, the 73-year old became European Champion at 5,000m and was named BBC Sports Personality in that same year.  

Sir Brendan from Hebburn in South Tyneside won bronze 10,000-metre at the 1976 Montreal Olympics while Princess Anne took part in eventing.

The 1976 Sir Brendan Olympic Medal was the sole one awarded to Great Britain’s team for track and field. He was also awarded gold at the 1978 Commonwealth Games.

For his services to national and international sport, and culture in North-east England, he was knighted.

Princess Anne has knighted veteran track runner Brendan Foster, 45 years after they were in the same Olympics team together

After 45 years of being in the same Olympics team, Princess Anne has made Brendan Foster a knight.

He stated, “It is a great honour to be knighted today.”

It was a great thrill to get it from Princess Anne.

“We are a family that goes back many years. Both of us were on the 1976 Olympic team, and we both were BBC Sports Personalities of the Year during the 1970s.

“It was wonderful to meet her, and it was a great honor to be given the honor from her.

He was asked about their conversation and replied: “She told me that I deserve it for the things I’ve done for sport and more than just how many miles I’ve run.” It’s almost like we go back 50+ years.

She was part of the Montreal 1976 Olympics showjumping squad, while I was on their athletics team.

The veteran track runner said it was a 'real honour' to receive the royal accolade at Windsor Castle, where he was reunited with Anne

He said that it was a real honor to receive the royal honour at Windsor Castle where Anne and he were reunited.

“She’s been an Olympic mover, a brilliant member of the Olympic Committee and was instrumental in the bringing the Olympics in London in 2012.

“She is a sporting icon, having done incredible things for British and her sport.

Sir Brendan said that his greatest sporting achievements were the 1976 Olympic gold medallist, Commonwealth champion and European champion.

“The sport is a far better place than it was back then,” he stated.

Princess Anne competed in showjumping at the 1976 Montreal Olympics but did not come close to winning a medal

Princess Anne participated in showjumping during the 1976 Montreal Olympics, but she didn’t win a medal.

Brendan Foster of Great Britain on his way to winning the 10,000 metres in the official trials for the 1976 Summer Olympic Games at the Kraft Games on 12th June 1976 at Crystal Palace, London

Brendan Foster, Great Britain’s Olympic Champion on the way to the victory of the 10,000 meter in the official trials at the Kraft Games 1976 on 12th June 1976 at Crystal Palace London

It has evolved tremendously since it was an amateur sports. It is now a professionally-run sport.

“The London Marathon, the Great North Run and the London Marathon didn’t exist in my time of running. They are now the foundations for the sporting world.

“More people do the sport. Millions of people take part in the mass running events all over the globe. That’s the greatest change, and it’s the one that has been most rewarding.”

Foster has been a respected commentator as well as an entrepreneur. He founded the Great North Run 1981, the largest half-marathon event in the country.